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  1. Chris2600

    z26 4.x

    Hi John, Thank you for these explanations. I understand now why the multiplaform side of this particular question makes the things more complicated. I really appreciate your work and I can't wait to see the upcoming versions. All the best. Cheers
  2. Chris2600

    z26 4.x

    Thanks for your answer John. I understand your point of view and we'll be patient about the extended features. In first intention, merely introducing the first suggestion (displaying the z26 directory content instead of the user directory) would make the life easier imho (and it's only a couple of lines of code in c). All the best! Cheers
  3. Chris2600

    z26 4.x

    Hi John, thanks for your work. I'am using windows 10 and there is a problem because the interface doesn't allows to navigate to the extra hard disks (my roms directory is located on hard drive E:) Starting from the user directory I can move through the local disk hierarchy but there's no drive letters available from the root dir to access other disk drives. Suggestions: - When launching the program will it be possible to display the content of the z26 directory instead of the user directory? - or Will it be possible to give a rom path as parameter to z26 (i searched ino the cli.c file but found nothing about it). Thanks
  4. Hi all, A new demo version (2018-10-04) is available: - Screen resolutions issues fixed: All screen sizes from 960 x 540 and above are now supported. - The window mode is now resizable (with aspect ratio preserved) - Key bindings added in menu (press esc for menu) - As suggested, Fullscreen option added in menu note: entering or exiting fullscreen can take 1 to 2 seconds to apply (dev engine built-in function) - some minor bugs fixed - demo restriction: 1 player only / 1 live / 4 levels are playable note: 1 Yar earned when the Swirl is destroyed in mid-air Enjoy! Windows 10 64 bits: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15OH1a-mRDoyZdjw_JByvZhm0UtggzhSx MacOS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E8_04UTSpK2JooF2BrxpwoydP4QjpSR_ virus free - checked with https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload Feedback is welcome.
  5. Simply because it's not only a simple port as mentioned above in the dev notes: what I planned for the advanced features is to use a 49 x 27 tilemap with 32 x 32 pixels tiles ( = 1568 x 864). This is maybe oversized, maybe not, I've got to check this point.
  6. Hi, Thank you for the feedback! This is the same problem than mentioned above. The native resolution I was using is too much high. I started to change the code to support dynamically lower resolutions (I wanted the minimal to be 1600 x 900). Anyway I tried compiling using yours sreen size and it seems to work partially as show below: As we can see on the pic, this is far to be perfect: the game items need to be resized but everything is displayed on the screen. I'll have a lot of work. Thanks!
  7. 1 - Spider Fighter 2 - Defender (it hurts the eyes but I love this version) 3 - Phoenix 4 - River Raid 5 - Centipede
  8. Thank you for your answers Karl! Ok, I think I figure out what is going on about the display issues on lower resolution. In fact the native game resolution is 1920 x 1080 as I told previously and if enlarging the display to fit the screen is not a problem on the contrary, it is not possible to shrink the graphics below the native resolution, this is the reason why the right part of the viewport is missing on the screenshots you took (in fact, the right side of the viewport exists on coordinates which can't be visualized). Making a lowest resolution version will fix the problem. I'll add the toggle fullscreen/ windowed mode to the menu, this is a good idea. ah ah, just the key I don't have on my PC ... half kidding, a look into the documentation should give the answer. Please expect the next version to be released within 7 to 10 days, depending the free time I will be able to spend for programming. Thanks a lot Karl!
  9. Thanks a lot for these precious informations! The game resolution is 1920 x 1080. Does the graphic issue occurs if you start the program directly using this resolution? Anyways, I've got to dig into the dodumentation related to the Mac display modes. Regarding the toggle fullscreen function, I have no idea, unless F12 is a special key for Mac? I'll check the system documentation about fullscreen mode too and try to bind this function to another key. and finally, please tell me which keys you'd like to use to control the yar (directions + fire), I'll use them in the next Mac version (until I wrote a key binding module). Thank you very much!
  10. Hi all, I didn' find a way to edit my previous post so I'm posting all the links and complementary infos here. The updated windows 10 - 64 bits version is available here (no installation required): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Cjy7o4krZfZjMBxScZS8kk0k-b12Dtz_ The MacOS version is available there (un-tested version): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ia7m0J1kYinjWi6S7r2QUAq0bLpkmwe2 Here are some screenshots: Please give me some feedback if ou can, I'd be glad to know if the MacOS version works fine too. Enjoy!
  11. Hi, Thanks! The windows 10 - 64 bits version is available here (no installation required): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jtxjvOxeJP33O76ae5Q-TyhsNaZkpx7- The archive file is virus free - tested with: https://www.virustotal.com/#/home/upload For safety, please check the files with your own antivirus before to launch the game. Dev Notes: The game development will take place in two steps: - Recreate the original game in the 16:9 format with some minimal modifications required to keep a dynamic game experience. - Extend the original game mechanisms with new features (mines, stealth missile, guardians...) Demo limitations: - 1 player mode only - only 2 levels are available - the game starts with 1 live intead of 4 Demo specifications (level 1 / level 2): Qotile and shield speed = slow, medium Swirl precision = average, average Swirl speed = slow, medium Missile speed = slow, medium * reference speeds are [very_slow, slow, medium, fast, very_fast] Keys: Menu: Esc Quit to desktop: F4 Toggle fullscreen: F12 Yar Controls : Keys: Arrow keys = moves Ctrl = fire or PC Joystick (tested successfully with a XBox 360 controller) Menu options: Bouncing Cannon : If the Ultimate Yars mode is enabled (watch below), once the cannon has bounced, it can be safely catched by the yar to get 4 trons. If the Ultimate Yars mode is disabled, the yar/cannon collision is fatal even if the cannon has bounced. Heavy Missile: When enabled, if a missile/cannon collision occurs, bothes are destroyed. Neutral zone: Toggle the neutral zone. Ultimate Yars: When this mode is enabled the zorlon cannon can be activated on the left side of the screen (if the yar has collected at least 5 trons.) Please refer to the original vcs 2600 game manual for more informations. OS note: I can compile the demo for MacOS and Linux too but as I don't use these OS I won't be able to test them, sorry. Despite this, if someone wants one of these versions, please tell me. Please report bugs- Questions, ideas and suggestions are welcome too. Enjoy!
  12. Hi all, Where is the best place to post about the remake of Yars' Revenge for PC / MAC and Linux? I'am asking here because Yars' Revenge was a VSC 2600 title but I'm not sure it's the best place because my program is for modern computers, not for the VCS. Please let me know, Thanks
  13. Hi all, I think the first game I bought was Haunted House (september or october 1982). Previously I received Combat (packed in) and Space Invaders as gifts.
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