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  1. The Videopac G7000 (the European, version of the Odyssey 2) has both version: removal and non removal controllers (as far as I remember, we can find both DIN and DB9 controllers). The Videopac+ (like G7400) version always has removable DIN controller.
  2. One more Vectrex saved The details given about the power switch in this thread made the repair of the power-switch itself relatively easy. Thanks ! What I found more difficult was to get access to the power switch. It requires removing the logical board, what IMO is not very simple for the Vectrex.
  3. I was looking at a web page about Vectrex text generation: http://vectrex.malban.de/preliminary/a1c5ac89.html It seems that the text is generated in raster mode, and that the way the bios does it is "vulnerable to vectrex drift, the longer the text the more 'italic' it gets". Does anyone know how we can re-calibrate correctly the Vectrex for text generation ? Which part of the motherboard needs to be looked at ?
  4. Well, I didn't notice any issue with original games. The text is just fine. We can see also on my picture that arrows are OK too. Only the text has an issue, and the smaller, the worse. Does the Vectrex have a specific process for generating text, with for instance the usage of a line synchro signal (like on non vectorial CRTs) ?
  5. I have the same issue , but I need to find the European correspondence. - 3/4" Length, I can translate - Type B, #4-24 : what does it mean ?
  6. Very nice ! Personally, if I like to repair low voltage circuits, I'm still very hesitating touching anything related to the high voltage part of CRTs. As far as I understood, we need to be very careful discharging the circuit and the tube. I also guess we need to wear special gloves when probing the circuit with a high voltage scope probe. Do you know a good website that summarizes the state of the art way of doing maintenance with CRT and high voltage parts ?
  7. Hello, I just acquired a set of multi-cart cartridges (one from the US, the other from the UK) that I want to use with my french Vectrex. Both have the same issue in the menu: game titles are sometimes so much in italic that they become barely visible/readable. I guess it's not what the authors intended to do. Note that games look fine, and the problem is with text only. Since there is the same issue with the 2 different cards, my interpretation is that there is a compatibility issue somewhere. Did someone already experience such issue ? Does it mean that Vectrex from different countries are not 100% compatible ?
  8. I'm currently also looking for a Multicart for my Videopac. Could you please tell from where we can get/order this menu based Multicart 213 in 1 ? Thanks !
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