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  1. One game for the Nuon I would like to try is Merlin Racing. I am a fan of Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing and felt like giving this knockoff a try.
  2. Can Nuon Games work on other systems? It is a DVD right? Wouldn't something like a PS2 or something else might work? Can somebody try ago find out if Nuon Games are comparable on other devices?
  3. Hello. So I bought these cartridges off of a guy on Ebay, who had bought it from Youtube Channel bgP (Who is the person who recorded the clip below). They are for a Canceled Atari Jaguar Fighting Game called "Thea Realm Fighters". It was a 1v1 Fighter which used digitized actors. Some of the Actors include Mortal Kombat Veterans such as Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub Zero etc.) and Ho Sung Zak (Liu Kang). I haven't been able to play them Yet because I don't own a working Jaguar, but I hope to get one and try these out. I have a Test Cartridge, and Alpha Cartridge and a Beta Cartridge. The game was about 95% complete until the project was canceled when Atari ceased supporting the Jaguar. Here are some gameplay clips. Let me know if you have any concerns or comments. I'd also appreciate it if someone could help me with acquiring a working Jaguar with two controllers (Also Kasumi Ninja, Ultra Vortek and Atari Karts). Thanks. P.S. NOT FOR SALE
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