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  1. Never heard this too but I noted the brand Gradiente, which released 2600 in Brasil with official license by Atari.
  2. Thank you. Yeah, I was getting :20 all the time, when I made 16 I was satisfied, it seems random for me too.
  3. I pretend to try one more time today, so just to confirm now is 09:26 PM on EST, right?
  4. Very cool! I wonder if there is a Game Overall ranking (without duplicate users).
  5. Maybe I should request to be a guy with no Season 7 rank, cause then I can get 10 bonus point, since being new with so many people gave me only 4 points.
  6. Room of Doom, 4350 Reached Room 07 Ghost Manor Score upgraded - 24054 How do I kill Dracula? I used both my crosses with no effect on him.
  7. Ghost Manor (Game 1, B/B Difficulty): 12870 Game is from Xonox, not Xoxox.
  8. 6.830 Demon Attack - Game 7/A Stella 5.1.3 - Win10 x64 Nyko AirFlo EX - using Analog Sticks Fire Fighter - Game 8 - 00:16
  9. damm, I lost this week, but I found a bug on the ranking. 10990 - Gorfy +14 10680 - Youxia +13 10680 - AbleMv +13 10780 - GType +11 10770 - KaeruY +10 Is this correct?
  10. I cant get half of that. Yeah, it was not a smart choice to start participating for the first time with Dragonfire, I will get a double points from a very low score. ;(
  11. Yeah I hate those very little arrow, its spread on almost all notebooks, my Acer has all four arrows at a small size.
  12. I forgot to say on my post that I'm using Analog sticks of my Joystick, which resemble a little of the difficulty to play on a real Atari joystick. Which follow to my question to you, for curiosity, Keyboard, Digital D-Pad, Analog, other ? Cya
  13. I dont think only by emulators you get that advantage, I say cause I once participate on a Gran Turismo 4 Time Trial tournament, and it was proved that in the PAL game, you would get lower time reaching the same spot. Of course, clock time on Racing game its not the same as here, na Atari game. But, yes, at least on emulation participant we should set to only use the NTSC version. Unless if anyone shows that the game is faster on PC than the original hardware. Sadly I never played this game on my real Atari, and I 'felt' this game super fast.
  14. I'm not telling anything, just surprised, and made a nearly retoric question. Congratulations on your score
  15. First time in this tournament, and first time in this game. Stella 5.1.3 Dragonfire (1982) (Imagic) [!] Score 3670, the difficulty rises fast!
  16. I presume younger people will chose "gamer" right?
  17. Well, I lived all my childhood 83-91 with the VCS, and I'm 35, so I will propagate for a good amount of time (I hope) how good it was Atari. The fear we must have it just like the Genesis, if the new generation thinks those At&T garbages are true Genesis(Mega Drive) games.
  18. For me I can't see all the screen and became unplayable, my resolution 1366x768 and I can't change to a greater one. (Win10 x64) I could navigate and shot, the response is very good, but since I couldn't see the enemy didnt progress.
  19. It's so hard make these list, cause there is the games I loved in my childhood and the others I liked more as an adult. I'll try to equalize as this: 1-River Raid 2-Megamania 3-Worm War I 4-Demon Attack 5-Phoenix Feel bad for leave Space Invaders out, great feelings towards him in the 80s.
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