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  1. Hey guys !! Ranger G, CPUWIZ, VGA and all !!!!!!! Well, I'm still around - kinda. I had a computer problem ALL summer, HD was/is still dying ! Being out of work and not a computer expert I couldnt fix it. She seems to be working now, for how long I dont know But everything is backed up to a new HD, whew ! Still need to finish installing it - later. I still dont have permanent residence either, so I'll be floating till then. I am also taking a road trip tomorrow [12/1] from AZ to FL. Gonna stop in Tx, Ms & Ga on the way. So I'll look in on things here, as I get a chance to hit the web. Most everything I have, has been in storage for the last 3-4 mos. I had to go get a few necessities: like my 5200 I couldnt take it any longer !!! and this clunker PC. Now I'm glad I did as I see there has been some interesting progress made on [5200] Donkey Kong ! I remember talking about that very thing- last year sometime ! Yah hoo.... Well, I ramble....... Anyway, thanks for the concern, it's nice to know I have friends that think about me on occassion. I'll also PM, as I need to update my email. Later dudes- Charles
  2. I have had good luck using a hair dryer for lifting labels. Try it out first, you got nothing to lose- other than the price of a heat gun, right. (if the glue is really dry/hard a BD wont work, but I doubt a heat gun would either) Later, Atari Dudes......
  3. Two movies I can think of not mentioned are: Airport '77 On the plane, a HUGE cocktail version of PONG is being played by and elderly woman and 2 small kids. Blind Date (1985?) (not with Willis and Bassinger) This one stars Kirsty Allie, and (Marta ?? / Counselor Troy from Star Trek NG) (Both who appear nude- BTW) Anyway, the main guy loses his sight and literally jacks a 2600 directly into his brain So he can see again using a B/W vector type graphic. I'm sure SuperBreakout is shown but cant recall if any others are. I have this RARE/VHTF movie somewhere, it shows the 2600 quite a bit. After Kristi hit it big she tried to bury this movie from video, but it is out there. Friends had a Pacman or Ms Pacman machine in a couple shows. Later dudes.......
  4. Thanks for the info guys- I am definitely going to check this out, it'll be killer to have 800 games avail too ! Hmm, I have Nero too, I just hope I can get everything to work right- lol Later dudes....
  5. Hi guys I have found a few DC consoles at a decent price ($25 ain't too bad) and was thinking of grabbing 1 for 5200 EM. But, IIRC the console has to have a certain MANUFAC date in order to work ? Is that right ? If so what is it? Also, can you point me to 5200/DC EMU software, or how I can get/put it on a cd. I certainly won't be replacing my 5200's, but I have heard good things about this set up and thought I'd give it a try.... Thanks any info is appreciated !!!!!!!!! Later Bros
  6. CPUWIZ- Looks Awesome dude !!! And is smaller than mine Way to go, is that a 2600 cart case ?? Calimari- Thanks for the comp- BTW- I am in PHX for now and the 5200 cases etc... I have for you are stashed at my Dads house. I'll send you that stuff to you as soon as I can but it might be another month. How is Solitaire coming along?? If you are ready now, let me know and I'll make the effort to get it to you sooner. Later-
  7. Whoa ! Harsh words about the 5200 IMO. It's ok tho'- He hasn't changed my mind ! I'll still enjoy my 5200's and will continue to do all I can to make it a better system. I think the rest of you 5200 fans will too. E-Troy, you are missing out on a great system ! Try not to be so short sighted ! Later dudes
  8. CPUWIZ I think the Regular (PC type) Male DB-15 plugs are a bit tight on the corners. You can square them up a bit with the needle nose tho'. Also, some folks might want/need to trim the 3 little tabs on the end of the CX52 cable for a nicer fit on the PC DB-15 plugs out there. So, using a real 5200 JS port as you plan- IS the best way to go. Later brother- PS- I sent the color code. :wink:
  9. Hey bro, I've made a few this way - http://personal.riverusers.com/~clghog/A52...0Y%20Cable2.jpg
  10. Hi guys- Well dont worry it's very simple- Just get a momentary pushbutton switch with N.O. contacts (normally open) I use - RadioShk # 275-1547C Then attach the red (vertical input) to 1 side of the switch and the other side of the switch to the blk wire (common) Note- either wire can go to either side of the switch, it wont make a difference. To use- Hold the button in for low gear, release for high gear. It works great ! I have always loved Pole Position and thought it would work better with a paddle, but had no way to shift !! But, after I gave it some thought I added the button and it solved the shift problem very nicely. Since then I have added this feature to all my CX52Paddles BTW- the paddle Atari2600.com had at PC4 was one of mine. Joe got it from me some time ago to be used to help in the controller scheme of Castles & Kings. C&K will definitely be THE best 5200 Paddle game there is !!! Lately, I have decided to just use a standard CX30 (2600 paddle) and rewire it to work on the 5200. I will begin to offer these seperately for use with my Digital Trak-ball J/S's. They will also work with a Wico Ycable or Keypad I'll post it on my site in the next week or so... Later-
  11. Fortunately, I found 1 on the net for $35.00, 2 or 3 yrs ago. I haven't seen another out there. I don't know what they're worth but they seem to be pretty scarce in the wild ! I don't want to part with mine either, but you guys will be the first to know if I do. Good luck on your search, hope you find 1. Later V3
  12. Digital only ?! This works too. IMO http://personal.riverusers.com/~clghog/52h...digitaldiag.jpg But you can't use the 2600/7800 JS unless you modify them. Using an 8-way self-centering JS with both N.O. & N.C. contacts will do the job much better tho'. Later -
  13. My heres my .02cents- I have a 4port PS (11.5VDC) running my 2port with no problem. There are 2 differtent ratings on 5200 PSs and either will run both machines. I agree with Phil.. as I recall from a long time ago..... (theory has it) any elecrical circuit will only draw the amount of power it needs. So hooking up a higher amp PS should NOT hurt anything. If it is a fusable PS, maybe put in a 1 - 2 amp fuse (but, not of the slowblow variety) we still can't guar they'll blow fast enough! As far as voltage rating I would stay right @ 12VDC and no higher. Some of these items are not as finicky as we might imagine. Ex: The PS I use on my 2port is rated 11.5VDC, but it actually puts out 15VDC according to my DMMeter. If you keep your voltage 9VDC-12VDC & you should be ok. But Phil, it isnt very tough to get a 5200 PS, so go ahead & get 1 if your unit does work... I might suggest to anyone using a (wall wart) replacement PS for anything- be sure & note the output, many PS have an AC volt output- and it may work, but you are going to have a much lower DC output and most likely damage your unit with prolonged use. Vice versa applies as well- it may or maynot work, but sensitive components ca be damaged using the wrong type PS. (polarity + & - should be considered too) I say this because the other day- I almost used a DC PS (wallwart) when I need an AC output........ duh ! Luckily I noticed ! Lastly, some PS have caps in them to provide a smoother DC output. This is needed for some circuits, others dont care. It depends on the app. If I am off base on any of this go ahead & correct me, but that is what I can recall after brushing out a few cobwebs Later
  14. Joey & Bob The CX52 pots are 500k most will read upto 600k, but it is designated as a 500k. If you could find some that would be cool. The most difficult thing I picture [in my mind] is having enough room for the springs ??? If the cx52 was a tad bigger inside it would be a lot easier to adapt something for self-centering. Good luck, I hope you find em'. Later-
  15. Dougy 76- As far as I know everyone likes Jr Pac-man. It's a great game IMO. If you want 1- email or PM. I have Seans MC too and it is a great item MegaManFan- Hmmm.. I dont know of any broken links on my site- but I have a piss poor server, so it is very possible to encounter trouble I have a problem with '404 not found' many times when I visit a fav- Twin Galaxies site. Most times I have to backup and try again and then the links will work, but I have to do it alot to nav their site. Is that is what you got on my site ?? Heck, my site ain't that big- is it ? Uh, Maybe somebody is just being a smart-el-eck I get really lost here on AA...... heh heh CPUWIZ - I know you got my back- thanks brother..... (that's funny as hell tho') Later, Studs !!
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