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  1. look at the side of the box. its a dead giveaway. also as per wd_gaster. adb debugging has been taken away. he seems dissapointed because there goes the opportunity to tap into it for homebrew it seems.
  2. i pmed him and he says he saw them at a few retailers as he was visiting CA.
  3. i got permission from wd_gaster at gbatemp to repost this. from his thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/atgames-sega-flashback-2018-edition-is-out-in-the-wild.522990/
  4. Bill, just wanted to make sure i understand the stance here from atgames in an official manner, does this mean they are ok with people documenting findings and sharing custom made firmwares? I just want to make sure as I am sure many people have interest in this but want to make sure that ATGAMES would be completely ok with this and is this something that they feel ok with the atari flashback and other items such as the arcade flashback legends and such. thanks.
  5. The sounds on ssf2 are off. Even when compared to mame or an actual cab. There inaccurate crackling and the music has a higher pitch than normal. Mine is brand new maybe I got a defective one but I have seen John Hancocks videos and the sound is off in some other games as well. As for what's wrong with it, it sounds like bad sound emulation to me
  6. I got the arcade flashback legends and I can say that there seem to be audio issues for sure. Super Street Fighter 2 audio is just awful sadly. * sigh* I was looking forward for at games to have a strong showing this year but so far it's not been good. I think I will not be buying more of their products until there is a strong consensus that they have a strong product
  7. cool. was just curious what type of emulation it was using but accurate sound is good. it was my biggest dissapointment with last years genesis. thank you. also just curious which retailer did you buy it from?
  8. a few questions: is it using android and is the sound atleast accurate on most of the games?
  9. :/ I had been checking every day for the arcade flashback legends. I think i will now wait for community feedback to come in first.
  10. the packaging was pretty deceptive. I bought the pacman one from walmart a few days ago and the screenshots do look like the arcade version. Nothing against bill, but this puts hurt in the trust with the consumer. also i am not thinking "gotcha" I am thinking I drove to a walmart 45 minutes away because it seemed interesting for the releases of this year only to be dissapointed when i fired my stick up when i got home. also proof that i am not some random troll on the internet:
  11. Thank you Bill. that clarifies it for me. Ill keep my eye out for the Legends Flashback this month then.
  12. Hi! new poster here. I registered because i was curious of a few things that maybe Bill could help clarify. will the 2018 version of the sega flashback still be released? A lot of sites on the internet keep saying that the megadrive mini was the iteration that was cancelled and that they are doing their own inhouse version which includes a genesis iteration stateside. I was just curious. Also i read the press release of the Arcade flashback boom! is that supposed to be out in stores now? I believe it said starting october 1st. I have seen no retailers carrying that in CA yet. Thanks in advance.
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