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  1. 26,320 Mastery of the maze continues to elude!
  2. 13,457 So great to get the trackball back on the table! I will definitely be playing this all month 🙂
  3. 10,435 The control scheme on this game is really something crazy.
  4. Productive trip to a couple of retro stores in Germany (shoutout to 16-Bit Gaming in Augsburg who don’t seem to have a website)
  5. 49,470 travelling this week, so platform options are limited
  6. Just arrived in the mail: After a day or so of monkeying around I feel the console implementations are pretty impressive. I'm not yet convinced it can hang with my Analogue and RetroUSB devices, but it's well worth the money if you're looking to dive in to FPGA stuff. The Atari 800, Apple II, Atari ST, and Amiga cores are REALLY fun to poke around in.
  7. I'll kick this one off: 43,700 I forgot how much I enjoy this game -- it's goofy and repetitive, but it has tons of charm and really, really tight gameplay. Almost forgot, for 35,000+: Sweet!
  8. 31,060 No matter how I try, I just can't master the Pac-Man genre -- I feel like I'm just running around without a plan getting chased by ghosts. Surely there must be a mindset I'm missing... 77EEC057-8993-4446-BC52-7958F3DF54AD.heic
  9. 24,000 I may have another go at this. I played this a lot as a kid and I was trying to figure out why I would waste time on such a ridiculous game. After a couple of rounds I realised it had gotten in my head. I'm reliving those awkward jumps and ridiculous monkeys in my sleep.
  10. Greetings from The Future! This solved my issue, thanks guys.
  11. 52,600 This game is a carpal tunnel-inducing nightmare, but man it takes me back.
  12. 143,200 I never really was interested in this game as a kid, since I didn’t find Popeye that cool any more. Turns out, this is a great game! This is now my second-favourite platformer on the 5200 after Miner 2049er (which i also first played in the HSC)
  13. What's up with that little ❤️ to the right of the stargate? I don't recall ever seeing that before, does it always do that on yours?
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