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  1. 18,140 And another round of ColecoVision HSC comes to a close
  2. You've probably already noticed this, but jblenkle is on there twice, so Player One and below should get a +1 bump
  3. 39,800 Might be my last run with Junior. It's not good for my blood pressure...
  4. lol DKJR's not that bad, but man does it make me grumpy that I constantly miss those jumps! I stopped playing it in an emulator and found it much more playable with the CX52s! Maybe I should have done that with Donkey Kong last round as well, hm... 29,900
  5. 25,600 ever play a game that just ruins your whole day?
  6. Ah, good call -- I just looked at the thread title (doh)
  7. FYI the linked ROM is for Donkey Kong and not Donkey Kong Jr. I'm using one I found somewhere (can't remember) called "Donkey Kong Jr. (Conv).bin" (md5 ae5b9bbe91983ab111fd7cf3d29d6b11)
  8. 12,900 RECORD BREAKER! PRRSS * 👀 Remember the old days when we played 5200 games? Good times.
  9. It wasn't easy, but I managed to get my hands on the elusive Series X!
  10. First shot at this: Galaxian: 23,940 Megamania: 109,580 Space Invaders: 12,644 I will definitely to do another run: three FANTASTIC games 🙂
  11. As long as it's the Atari Track Ball it should be fine, as it qualifies as "Atari mfg controls"
  12. These two arrived today from Spain: A SCART and S-Video / Composite adapter for the MiSTer. I'm really excited to have FPGA flexibility on my CRT now! I won't have to sell a kidney to get that Nt Mini with analog outputs. If you're interested, head over to Antonio Villena's web shop. It was a pleasure doing business!
  13. Thanks @zylon for a great season, and congrats to @DamonicFury for a well-earned championship! Next year I shall redouble my efforts!! *shakes tiny fist*
  14. Super Breakout, Space Invaders, Galaxian, Star Raiders, and Missile Command. Not a dog in the bunch. Christmas morning my brother and I woke up, ran to the living room, and tore open our 4-port. After seeing the commercials, magazine ads, and store displays for months we were amped up like little berserkers to finally get our hands on it. -~-~ May all your Christmas mornings be as fun as Christmas 1982 ~-~-
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