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  1. Nice! Vectrex is boss level, and that is a fantastic price for a working model
  2. Got a nice deal on a PAL 800XL, my first Atari 8-bit computer (not counting the 5200). I have no way to feed it software yet, but I fell in love instantly. Such a beauty! Honestly, just doodling in BASIC on a nice big CRT with this thing justifies the price so far 🙂
  3. I've checked, and the games on the Amiga seem to be mostly soccer- or snooker-related. Also, I've been led to believe that the Atari ST is the tool for music creation! (a disgustingly filthy ST 520 will definitely be my next purchase)
  4. I bought a filthy, nicotine-stained Amiga 500 off ebay and used it to practice de-yellowing. I think it turned out alright: I never had an Amiga and know nothing about them, so now I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.
  5. I got a 55" CX at the beginning of the year when my Series X showed up. No regrets, everything about the LG flagship sets is amazing. The Series X is a happy camper with these panels.
  6. 484,425 Hard mode is absolutely frantic, 10/10 will play again!
  7. 72,475 Single-controller run, back home to my 5200! I can't recall ever being more disoriented playing a video game, this was brutal! :-D
  8. 155,175 two controller game (still on the road)
  9. It’s a New 3DS XL; not so new nowadays, but still 3D and very much XL! I brought it on the road so I could finish off Link Between Worlds during quarantine, but then realised I wouldn’t get back in time to play in round 17 so I installed a 5200 emulator on it. Turns out, the emulator (A5200DS) is pretty good!
  10. 103,425 Two "controller" game. Not exactly my preferred platform for Atari 5200 games, but when you're away from home you take what you can get!
  11. aw man, I'm traveling and don't have access to my dual controller holder!
  12. 64 The screen flashed “MAGNIFICENT” as I dropped the last spooks off at the post office.
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