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  1. What update file did you use? I had similar behaviour happen when I used the Flashback Legends firmware update, and what eventually "worked" was using the update provided by this thread, though in the midst of it all, the end result was my system's default game library had been wiped.
  2. From my childhood with my dad's INTV II and whatever games (half sports), my and my sisters' faves have gotta be Frogger (no other version looks right to me), BurgerTime, and Shark! Shark! (which I still kick myself that I can't find the cart!). I'd say a runner up is whatever slalom skiing game we kept crashing into poles and trees on.
  3. At least after a botched and kinda rectified patching process, the Player 1 stick seemingly just stopped being recognized after I let it sit for several minutes. Also, on an unmodded unit, navigating the in-game menu has some instances of not performing inputs when entered, lagging or skipping around (the latter I assume from the unit catching up).
  4. Okay, then it is truly borked. My boss says we wouldnt be putting it back on the shelf, so this hiccup should pan out. For patching the fresh system, should I back up any save states and whatnot first?
  5. Wait, so is it expected behaviour for none of the preinstalled games to show after patching/hacking? Im aware of the SD Card menu option and why its grayed out, just I didnt think that would be the ONLY option for gameplay. Could someone post what their SD-less patched menu looks like at boot?
  6. Yeah, the firmware from this thread (Im not aware of one from AtGames site) did work, just theres no games shown. Didnt call the company, but did e-mail them. Theyll restore it if I send it off to their P.O. box, but Ive yet to check what that shipping costll be. Hoped thered just be some kinda .img file to restore it, but if our businessd just send it back to them, theeen... Ill make sure a modded dud doesnt set back onto our shelves.
  7. Seems a problem with asking after these things is there’s no marketed differentiation other than game counts, but I pick up the 80-game 2018 edition, so what am I looking at far as usability and modification?
  8. Yeeeaaah, since the Legends page had instructions that included renaming to atari_update.img and an instructional video titled solely as for the AT9, I assumed it was a universal patch. I have now Frankensteined a second purchase to have a content-complete unit and better feeling action buttons, and will be taking the remnants back to work as defective (and Ill stand by that, as it was the instructions unclear from the official site that did the damage), see if it can be sent back to the manufacturer. If not, eh, maybe recoup costs by selling a complete-yet-blank patched unit on eBay (or here, if anyone wants it for half-price).
  9. EDIT3: Well, even though it may’ve been their own update file to really mess me over (why mention “atari_update.img” and link an AF9 tutorial vid on the Legends page, anyway?), my only recourse without mussing about with my receipts would be to send my unit off to AtGames’ P.O. box. Think I may get with my manager tomorrow, see if the store’d send a (now) defective unit back to the manufacturer if I were to exchange. Unless, anyone here have, like, a backup of the AF9 initial state?
  10. Okay, so, got this "arcade_update_v2.3_1114.img" file from the Legends Flashback page on AtGames' site, and since the instructions included both "arcade_update.img" and "atari_update.img" directives, put in on a FAT32 4GB SD card (with about 122 MB available beforehand), but after the initial question, just keeps looping its update, "Error"ing when I try to interrupt or reboot it, and once got it to bring up an MS-DOS-lookin' menu. So, what's different between this file and the one in the OP that it would be giving me this hassle? EDIT: Weeellll, after applying the update provided by OP, I find there's just nothing on my system, now. How...do I repair this? Other than to exchange it, maybe, unless I wanna damn some poor soul to an empty gift. EDIT2: Also, the P1 joystick seems to go unresponsive if I idle about in the menus for too long (though maybe I'm just not recognizing where it's positioned). Shot an e-mail to AtGames, but...*sigh* we'll see.
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