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  1. Well crap. Not only did you pick three games I don’t own. But thee three are selling for a LOT of money so guess I will bow out of this round. Be nice to know which Homebrews are coming up so I can see if I Can find them out there somewhere. I only play actual cartridges so I won’t be downloading these games either. (No idea how to do it either) Have fun all
  2. 577.1. My hand hurts soooooo bad!!! Hours of this and I couldn’t make it to 5. Ughhh
  3. 412.3 Have No idea how I got there, I have not been able to get close since. And I need to get higher it appears UGH,
  4. Doubled my Score: 18129 This game wears my hand out.
  5. 9779 First time ever played, so hope to improve this weekend!
  6. Thought I would try it with the old joystick controller. But not too good. So went back to traditional 23740
  7. Picnic: 3030 Frogs: 32 Kool-Aid: 27400
  8. Kool-Aid - 17, 900 Frogs - 12 Picnic - 1340 Never played these, so Plan on getting Better!
  9. 4151 for my first, will try to improve tomorrow.
  10. Finally got a +5 Lives New High Score 54970
  11. Getting Better: 2182 on Game 1 712 on Game 8
  12. I seem to do better overall on the Faster Game : 532 Game 1: 1099
  13. Game 1: 663 Game 2: 372 I kind of stink at this game. Will have to practice more this week.
  14. Joust: 20050 Long stretch here, Fantastic Voyage. Space Ship has Wings.
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