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  1. Is this the right page order? Filenames were a smidge goofy Atlantis.pdf
  2. Those are some impressive scans- thank-you, sir.. Now to find some time to work on things again 😡
  3. Atlantis should be it. Got sidetracked with a Super Nintendo project…
  4. I saw Human Cannonball pop up in Germany on ebay last summer(?), but by the time I got home to check my list for sure it had already sold 😡 And if you weren't 18 hours away, I'd have tucked my scanner under my arm and showed up on your doorstep for a scan of Flag Capture and that New Zealand color 3d-Tic-Tac-Toe by now. I saw one of those 3d-Tic-Tac-Toe for sale earlier this spring, but it was only for sale to fellow New Zealanders on their trading site 😡 You'd think there would be some Europeans out there with scanners..
  5. Oh, but I'm trying to The goal (hahahah) is to scan the "best" version available of every release variation. I'm trying not to get scary like Philflound with the variations, but I'd like to have a representation of each style as they appeared- so like for Space Invaders I'd like the old black versions- one with Taito Copyright, one without (don't need all 4), same for the 5x7 Whites (w/ and wo/ Taito), then the 1986(?) Corporate re-issue, the B&W re-issue, and the color International. Now like Solaris has 4 printings, but they are all the "same", just with year variations. Really only need 1 of those. For Ms. Pacman, will do the regular and fancy font gray ones, one of the B&W re-issues (1988 vs 1987), the international with the Atari 2600 and without the Atari 2600, and the B&W international. Somewhat related, was there ever a Corporate variation on that one? I don't think there was- just B&W copies of the gray versions. Here's the next set I'll put up for public consumption- which "later Atari Corporate" variations am I missing.. I also have a Basketball and Missile Command (haven't gotten to scanning yet)- still physically missing the B&W Crystal Castles, Moon Patrol, and Realsports Volleyball. The RealSports Volleyball makes me feel like there are more...
  6. Ok, so calling on the best and brightest here to verify/deny if the following Atari corporate manuals exists in multi-language form: [Bold I'm pretty sure.. but a 2nd set of eyes is greatly appreciated] Atari Video Cube: No Basic Math: No? Blackjack: No? BMX Air Master: No A Game of Concentration: No? Crazy Climber: No Crossbow: No Dark Chambers: No Defender II: No Desert Falcon: No Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr. [see CBS] Double Dunk: No Fatal Run: No Flag Capture: YES (need scan) Football: No? Fun With Numbers: No? Gravitar: No Gremlins: No Home Run: yes(?) (need scan) Human Cannonball: yes(?) (need scan) Hunt & Score: No? Ikari Warriors: No Jr. Pac-Man: No Klax: No Krull: No Midnight Magic: No MotoRodeo: No Mouse Trap: [see CBS] Off the Wall: No Oscar's Trash Race: no? Othello: YES (need scan) Pengo: No Q-Bert: [see Parker Bros.] Quadrun: No Radar Lock: No RealSports Boxing: No? RealSports Football [not Soccer]: yes(?)- coming in mail Road Runner: No Rubik's Cube: No Secret Quest: No Sentinel: No Slot Machine: No? Solaris: No Sprint Master: No Stargate: No Star Ship: No? Super Baseball: No Super Football: No Swordquest: Waterworld: No Taz: No Track & Field: No Xenophobe: No Venture: [see CBS]
  7. A quickee tonight. Centipede (USA).pdf
  8. Impossibull Mission. Page 12 took a little longer than expected. Turned out ok, though 😛 Impossible Mission (USA).pdf
  9. Ok, so I've sidetracked waaaaay too much with Impossibullsh*t Mission, back to our regularly scheduled programming.. BasketBrawl (USA).pdf
  10. After two weeks of playing the game just to get 3 puzzle piece sprites (which I still don't have), it probably would have been quicker to learn Atari 7800 ROM hacking 🤨 Amazing what we can (and can't) do with old games these days.
  11. Ok, so I am at a complete loss here. So I mapped out a good chunk of the NTSC version, then I mapped out almost all of the PAL version, now I've mapped out the "Possible Mission" version, and while grumbling that I suck at the game and cheats don't work on MAME- I finally take a good look at the above videos and the map screens are not even close to alike. In the ROM dumps I've been using in MAME, the buttons are all red and the "color" buttons are just circles of red, yellow, and green. In the videos posted to youtube, the buttons are blue and the "color" buttons look like actual buttons and are blue, yellow, and green. What is going on here??!!?
  12. Ahahaha. Played through the PAL version and those pieces from the manual aren't even in it. Sumbitch.
  13. Well, this has turned into a slight side mission Still haven't gotten the pieces, but I have managed to map out a little bit of the PAL rom via MAME. Oddly my first launch/initial load map doesn't match the one on the internet. Thought I'd share what I have so far...
  14. Thanks- I should be able to cobble something together from this
  15. Well, after 2 nights of playing Impossible Mission, I still haven't found the puzzle pieces on page 12 of the manual 😡 Beginning to think they are the ones that make it Impossible... (Any idea if the PAL version has them?)
  16. You are welcome! And on to tonight's.. Scrapyard Dog (USA).pdf
  17. A quick Galaga before bed. Galaga (USA).pdf
  18. Uno mas. Double tap and then move the joystick? How are you supposed to play this without reading the manual?? Ace of Aces (USA).pdf
  19. You wouldn't think it would take so long just just edit a corner of box art. Fun game for capturing screenshots, though... Dark Chambers (USA).pdf
  20. And this cleans out everything I had in the pipeline. I'm pretty proud of how Donkey Kong and especially Donkey Kong Junior turned out. Gives me a foundation for when I attack the same-era 2600 manuals to bring those 28(!?) up to speed. My only ask is that these don't just end up on Emumovies- them slapping their watermark on *my* hours upon hours of work is a slap in the face. Tower Toppler (USA).pdf Robotron- 2084 (USA).pdf Donkey Kong Junior (USA).pdf
  21. last ones for now. Asteroids (USA).pdf Barnyard Blaster (USA).pdf Choplifter! (USA).pdf
  22. oh and these.. Karateka (USA).pdf Joust (USA).pdf Dig Dug (USA).pdf
  23. and these.. The previous (Atari) ones were "originals" placeholders, these fancy-pants colored ones will be (USA). Winter Games (USA).pdf Super Huey (USA).pdf Ms. Pac-Man (USA).pdf
  24. got a couple done over the weekend.... Donkey Kong (USA).pdf Xevious (USA).pdf Xenophobe (USA).pdf
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