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  1. Hi, Thanks for the response. I apologize, I should have been more clear. Yes, the computer does work, it just has vertical lines in the picture. As far as the buzz goes, I suspected that it was probably normal but as I've never owned this model before I felt it was best to ask. It does not have Extended Color BASIC. It's a 16k Color BASIC model. How difficult is it to install the composite mod? Can someone who owns an early CoCo 1 tell me if they have noticed the colors appearing washed out vs a CoCo 2?
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a TRS-80 Color Computer model 1 on ebay and have a few questions I'm hoping someone will be able to answer. The unit is an early model with the chicklet keyboard and badge on the left. Cosmetically it is close to near mint condition. However, when I turn it on there are vertical lines in the picture. My Color Computer model 2 does not have these lines. I also noticed that the colors appear washed out on the model 1 as opposed to my model 2. Is this normal for an early model 1, or are some capacitors possibly starting to fail? I also noticed that there is a noticeable buzz coming from the power supply, is that normal? My model 2 does not have this buzz. There is also a loose solder connection on the RF input jack, as when I move the RF cable the picture flickers. Should I just send the unit back for a refund? Thanks.
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