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  1. See post 22 here and also on this forum you can probably get good used shells here or ebay.
  2. I just ordered a few sets I'm already using them, they work great Imagine how many joysticks are really being used broken...🧐 Thanks !!
  3. Question are these titles available to just download or if you buy the cart do you also have access to the rom file.
  4. I picked up 2 at my local walmart for also $11.00 I also use brickseek to check, but not a guarantee, I got lucky !😃
  5. I'm leaning on jumping in to the MiSTer project and all it has to offer for Retro Gaming. I do like the Phoenix console but for just two cores and having some issues with the game play not price effective. I want to know if any plans out there for case ideas of a more of a console feel in the works ? I did see a original case by retroshop in the works.
  6. I believe the whole collection is like 45 mb, i narrow down mines to like 7mb still like 1k games. i just bought some 512 mb for like $4/ea really don't need more. My sys. works fine FB9 HDMI version can't really imagine what was wrong with other those sys. pretty simple? I'm sure they will drop to like $20 on ebay.
  7. Also just to verify this update is for the FB9 (HDMI version), if so maybe tried a different SD card, I have a Sandisk brand card.
  8. once you do the firmware update it will try to update again in a loop, just shut down system go into the SD card and remove the atari_update.img file and create a game folder, that's where you will put all the games in. Once you reboot the SD card should be active.
  9. I believe there's a systems settings you can configure but for the upscaling not sure. from the youtube videos they look ok, the new boards have a higher resolution video output. so anyone else can shed some light on the quality of the videos, I'm also thinking all these games where not in super high def even in the arcades. their seem to be a lot of people running them ?
  10. I was looking at the 5s pandora box w/ 900-1200 games or so. I do like the versatility of the board I saw ok reviews for the stick i was thinking a custom enclosure w/ happ stick and buttons. these enclosures should have enough space for the boards, the x-arcades do not. i have a solo x-arcade rewired usb for retropie, works great. https://www.harumancustoms.com/products/stand-alone-controllers/the-fighter https://www.harumancustoms.com/products/stand-alone-controllers/barstick
  11. Well, after joining the bandwagon , I bought the new flashback 9 about $45 plus tax updated the firmware and uploaded the game files all worked as planned. I did notice on the games files were a lot of filler games, so i just picked the most known ones or so. I did have to delete the spaces from the title names, they did show in order for the most part. I condsed to about 120 extra games only used 1mb total !!, I deleted the .img file no longer needed after update. so I really didn't want to wasted 4 gbs , I found and old 128MB SD card from a old camera and used it worked just fine, now to find some old SD cards overall everything worked out as expected no major surprises At $45 this is a great option than Retron, even though i like the Retron look but not for $70 will wait till the hype goes down if it hasn't already I already have a few original consoles w/games Final thoughts Can the SD preview be changed to something else, like it was done in Stella for Retron system. box art would be really cool. any other ROM sets that's been condensed with homebrews / arcade versions etc. Thanks to all who made this happen and all of us to use.
  12. I would view this youtube link if you haven't already think they mention this issue " " I'm getting ready to do the same....
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