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  1. Thanks for that, much appreciated!
  2. I put mine out in direct moonlight for 12 nights straight......results may vary....
  3. The stock 800xl does not support s-video out of the box, only rf and composite, if you're getting chroma on your commodore monitor, it was more then likely modded and that switch with the video seemed suspect to me, but it seems unlikely after reading the other posts.
  4. Just guessing here, I could be way off base...... Chroma mod for S-video output via the 5-din plug with a switch so the resistors did not have to be cut?
  5. Maybe message this guy who's selling Atari 800 keys on eBay and ask if he could pull a leaf or a complete cap for you....... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-800-Individual-Keyboard-Keys/153483724728?hash=item23bc57c7b8:g:wlsAAOSwMQ1cMlW2 He's 100% legit, I've purchased from him before.
  6. I just acquired an Atari 800 with a Mosiac 64K Ram Card installed. I don't know much about it apart from what I googled, I think it's mainly used as a ram disk and there were certain apps that could take advantage of the extra memory (atariwriter). I do have the "Superdisk" utility that came with it so I can setup a ram disk, but it sadly lacks any detailed info. Does anyone have any docs on this card, specifically, I'm curious about what the install entailed and what changes were made to the motherboard. I ask because I'd like to know where the wires are going and what was changed in the event I want to yank the board in the future. Thanks much in advance for any insight.
  7. If the carts are compatible, you might want to try some contact cleaner, that would get rid of any oxide buildup and clean the contacts. Spray a little on a cartridge edge connector, then insert and remove the cartridge multiple times in the computer (of course with no power), let it sit for 15 minutes then try loading a cartridge normally. https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-D5S-6-DeoxIT-Contact-Cleaner/dp/B00006LVEU/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=contact+cleaner&qid=1560294129&s=instant-video&sr=8-3
  8. There is the somewhat rare Ultimate Cart for the 400/800 right here...... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-400-800-XL-XE-Ultimate-Cartridge-SD-card-for-loading-ROM-CAR-XEX-/283507144629?oid=283469956161 You'll have to provide your own SD card to store the software and download practically the entire catalog from one of the many free sites, I'd recommend the "Homesoft Collection". I have the sio2sd from Lotharek and can't recommend it enough, it comes with an SD card already packed with software and room to spare, it's also got some nice drive features to emulate a working disk. Shipping from Poland to the States only took around a week and a half so it wasn't that bad.
  9. Thanks for the feedback everybody, it's easiest to tally the count at the end of the level, other then the "8", I've noticed no other differences but deep down it was driving me nuts, haha. Urchlay, great post and thanks for the link!
  10. So I've been loving Defender on the sio2sd and noticed that there are only 8 survivors that start in each wave. I've tried six different versions, and they all have the 8 survivors. I can't really see any difference between the versions, apart from v.5 being a trainer. However, I threw in the official Atari cartridge, and it always starts with 10 survivors? Anybody have any insights on this? I mean it's not a game breaker and hardly affects anything, but I'm curious as to why the differences? Does anybody have a proper file that starts with 10 survivors? Strange.....and thanks for any input.
  11. Part of me with wood grained retro glasses on wants to say "Wow, that is really cool looking, $99, hmmmm". The other part is saying "Holy hell, that thing is ugly as sin, who would do such monstrosities to a 810?!?". I think I'm leaning towards the holy hell part....
  12. I somehow prefer that over the people that charge $200+ for shipping.
  13. Have you tried some other sources for the software? My favorite is the homesoft collection, it's my main go to selection.... http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/?idx=6 Just click the download all on the top right.
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