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  1. Thanks so much for the replies, saved me going nuts!
  2. Running the standard Atari Basic cartridge, is there a simple command for getting a disk directory from the disk drive? I have no issues loading or saving, but a listing of D1: would sure be convenient from the command level. I can't believe I don't remember it and the myriad of books I have give no reference. My gut feeling tells me Atari Basic omitted it? Thanks for any input.
  3. A 1200xl with rev.11 roms, clearpic 2001 and a best electronics mylar panel. Couldn't resist as I had to do some surgery on my 800 a couple of days back and realized I had no backup .
  4. The Aliens are coming in version 1.0, so shortly I hope. There's also a playable experimental VR version that's working pretty well, this blog is more up to date, did not see it earlier....... https://www.lsdwa.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=408&p=460#p460 Cheers!
  5. Might be old news but I've not seen it mentioned here, this is a fantastic fan remake of Fractalus / Behind Jaggi Lines for the PC and Mac. It's been in development for a long time by one person, and the latest version, 0.9, looks and plays fantastic. For an beta version, it's 100% playable and maintains the feel of the original. (might add that the original developer's also contributed to help) https://www.lsdwa.com/ Nope, no affiliation here, it's just one of my all time favorite games. Enjoy!
  6. I ordered my Atari Din5 to S-Video cable here....... http://herculesworkshop.com/cgi-bin/p/awtp-product-category.cgi?d=hercules-workshop&pc=15424 It's a dedicated cable (not an all-in-one), thick, well shielded and well made. My other cables were all-in-ones, thin as hell and very prone to RFI, this was a big improvement.
  7. 37902 on my 800 with the standard basic cartridge.
  8. Retrotink 2x is my favorite, and I've tried and returned a lot before that.
  9. All the original 800's had S-video from the start, sounds like your friend might have had a defective unit or a bad cable.
  10. Just curious.....is it able to boot a disk or a cartridge? Any sounds?
  11. Odd that they are both doing the same thing, can you try a different switchbox or rf adapter? And it's doing the same with the Din-5 Composite cable? Did you try switching the power supplies around on the two units? Maddening to say the least, good luck!
  12. Waaaaay too much, just get a can of Krylon spray paint and have a field day.
  13. If you haven't found it yet, I can archive my sio2sd data and send it to you, pm your email and I'll do it when I get home, probably around 5 hours from now, give or take.
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