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  1. Which version of the Atari Flashback Portable is better emulation wise the 2016, 2017 or 2018 version. I ask cause as far as games go I can easily add in the entire 2600 collection to the SD card so the built in games don't matter. I also plan on testing my homebrew on it, so if someone could post which versions of Stella are running on each version, it would help me with my decision on which one to get as well.
  2. Hey Albert, Hope you had a great Christmas & New Years! Was wondering if it would be possible to buy one of those "bugged" AtariVox+ for testing my game. I don't care if it doesn't work 100%, as long as I can test my game with an AtariVox+ . Also do you have any plans to sell stuff on Amazon?
  3. Unless i'm misunderstanding you, it tried what you said and now the Atari 2600 is bleeping at me. Source
  4. So what's the benefits of having 2 banks if most of your code and/or data has to reside in a single bank anyways?
  5. I managed to get it running, sort of. It seems to work, but none of the player or playfield graphics are working. All i get is a box instead of a face for the player and the playfield simply does not load at all. I have added a link to the source code for reference. Source
  6. Ookma-Kyi - PC - 120m Heroes & Shadows - 2600 - 400m Clan Lord - PC - 0m Kaboom - 2600 - 120m Survival Island - 2600 - 15m Mind Maze - 2600 - 55m Laptop died so no Clan Lord for me. Hopefully I can get enough money for a new one this Christmas, but hey at least my Atari works! In other news I moved my Ookma-Kyi to Cloud 9 so I can work on and play test it in my local library. SSSSHHHhh > Also I managed to get a working instance running on my previous cloud provider. As my laptop is dead I have to spend half of the posted time wrestling with it to do what I need it to do to get stuff accomplished. That is why there is such a big number next to it. Let's see how long this will last... :'( Heroes & Shadows https://heroesandshadowsgame.neocities.org
  7. Hi, Well with AtariVox+ support on hold, I am interested in knowing how you would like me to proceed. There are 2 types of game types I would like to use for my game. Read the descriptions below and vote on the poll on your favorite. The winner will be considered as a possibility for the game's new type. Strategy: In this genre type, you control the president via the keypad controller. You enter commands via the keypad buttons in the order you would like to execute them. After entering the desired commands you press another button and the commands are run in the order they are entered until they are all executed. Your goal is the reach the goal in the least amount of commands. You will be able to hear speech and save your high score via the AtariVox+ when available. The Atarivox+ is not necessary and would be optional. Having one would add additional features. Simulation: In this genre type, you take care of the president via feeding and training him(think Tamagotchi). Over time he will become stronger and fight the invading creatures. There is the possibility of having different carts with different creatures you can train. One thing I was thinking was having presidents fight each other via a special "tournament" cart. You will be able to hear speech and save your stats via the AtariVox+ when available. The Atarivox+ is not optional and not having it would make the game incompletable. Regards, Heroes & Shadow
  8. Ookma-Kyi - PC - 200m Heroes & Shadows - 2600 - 0m Clan Lord - PC - 200m Pitfall - 2600 - 20m Pitfall 2 - 2600 - 30m Frogger - 2600 - 45m Very busy this week so I'll just post a quick recap. Cloud VM for Heroes & Shadows homebrew is still down. Progress on Ookma-Kyi is slow but, steady. Lot's of Clan Lord parties this week with my friends. When not clanning I was playing on my Atari 2600. Heroes & Shadows https://heroesandshadowsgame.neocities.org
  9. Any news on what the culprit with the AtariVox+ shutting off unexpectedly is? I only ask cause it would be nice if I could start working on adding support for the AtariVox to my game. Unfortunately, my game needs to save progress so an AtariVox is more or less necessary. I really wanted to have basic support added before Christmas but, at this moment with everything that's happening it's very unlikely. Either way thanks for creating a great product. Hoping it will be available again someday. Sincerely, Heroes & Shadows
  10. Update: Currently, the game is in an indefinite hold. My VM that holds the source code to the game has crashed. I have tried contacting my cloud provider several times and haven't received a response from them at all. Until they fix myVM I can't access my source code and therefore continue development. To add salt to the wound I have a paying account with them. If anyone has any good suggestions for a cloud provider that allows me to edit my source code on the go, it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Heroes & Shadows
  11. Sonic 2 - Genesis - 30 minutes Heroes & Shadows - 2600 - 0 minutes Clan Lord - PC - 220 minutes Ookma-Kyi - PC - 300 minutes NEWS ----------- Ookma-Kyi: Held a big meeting today to decide the games fate on wither it will continue in it's current incarnation or will ultimately be redone from scratch. By meeting i mean more playtesting and chaos while video chatting on my private development slack. [emoji14] Heroes & Shadows: The cloud vm that contains the source has ultimately crashed and the cloud provider has not responded to my ticket to try to figure out what it will take to get it back up. This could be due to the holidays which is why there's a big fat 0. Heroes & Shadows https://heroesandshadowsgame.neocities.org
  12. Thanks for the update. What causes what to reset, the game, AtariVox+ or AtariVox+ SRAM? Regards, Heroes & Shadows https://heroesandshadowsgame.neocities.org
  13. Hello, Trying to get F8 Bankswitching working after my cloud instance crashed. At the moment all I get is a black screen. If I remember correctly Bb with the 8k ROM option stores the code in Bank 0, and graphics and data in Bank 1 according to something i read. I am trying to accomplish the same effect. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Source: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3cnn483zog0bkra/Source_11-19-18.zip?dl=1 Regards, Heroes & Shadows
  14. Sorry for the double post but as you stated earlier there were plans to make a large batch of AtariVox's after the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. The expo finished several weeks ago, we're in the middle of November and we haven't heard any news in awhile. I just checked the the store, and as of a few minutes prior to this post they are still out of stock. Could you please tell us when the large batch is planned to be available? Regards, Heroes & Shadows https://heroesandshadowsgame.neocities.org
  15. Not to derail the thread, but could you please elaborate a bit?
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