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  1. Got my self one of these things a few weeks back and its missing a cable. Using it without obviously does not power the system, but it can be powered via a PSU and powering the 2600 on its own with out on in the ROM scanner wont give it power But changing the cart requires powering the 2600 on and off for it to read. So does that little cable also reset the system when a game is changed via the face buttons? If thats the case anyone got a spare? Or can they point me in the right direction of making one? (Single pole connection?) I did buy something that looks like it off T'ebay, but it seemed to not do anything
  2. Hi I used to log in via the Twitter so never really remembered my old accounts log in details and email address, (Why did I have so meany?) never logged in via the Facebook Old account is DBloke Any chance I can gain access to my old one or should I keep using this one?
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