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  1. Sorry, I miss this post. You are right, the current public version is this one: NinjishGuy_prerelease.bin The actual final version is for now only available via cartridge, but it will released eventually.
  2. Merchandising available https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/20818881-slidey-boy-in-maze-land
  3. Thanks. Not really sure about a 7800 version, to make this game with collision boxes instead of hardware registers is a lot of more work 😛
  4. Ok, new font. I don't use the one that @Pat Brady posted, but take some ideas from it. Mine is more squarey. ...AND release candidate 4. slideboy_RC4.bin I really hope this one pass to final version
  5. I compromised and create a new font. Since the previous is still represented in PF numbers I am ok with that. Also I like the new font, I think it works with the maze theme. This is a build using the new font: slideyRC3.1c_ft.bin I am making some renovations in my house and all my 2600s are all stored in boxes, so I have no tested on actual hardware yet, but apparently works well in Stella.
  6. Thank you very much @Thomas Jentzsch and @Karl G That's score shift plus a change of the empty space in the font apparently made the trick and now I don' t see the ugly line in custom TIA configuration in Stella in rom number, pause text nor points. Still I need to test in actual hardware, though. I will check it when I get home.
  7. That' s cool! With that the points looks good, but now the room number lost a column. But that is not so bad, because I was thinking of remove the room number from score, because with the PF numbers between levels now having it also in score is a little redundant.
  8. Yeah, I am not too convinced to give it up, but maybe I can modify it a little to hide that weird line in quirky TIAs.
  9. I tested it with custom and glitchy TIA configurations and changed the font and now appears like the weird line thing is gone (or at least is camouflaged). But I still have to test it in actual hardware.
  10. QUICK UPDATE. Some minor visual issue was reported and corrected
  11. Yes, I have plans to make a PAL60 version.
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