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  1. New beta added NewPeril20200217.bin
  2. Enhancing the sprites
  3. Current Version (Feb 07) Corrects a bug that avoided restart with the button after lose all the lives. Corrects a bug in Pause. NewPeril20200207b.bin
  4. New Beta: NewPeril20200207.bin
  5. It would be cool if Albert could add a text in the description of the games available in AA store that are nominees, just like the ones on movie's posters lists the nominations.
  6. New release candidate. NinjishGuyRC3.bin
  7. Nice to see some of my games listed. A little correction: I ran is listed as completed, but it is a WIP.
  8. Hi, thanks for your feedback. I opted to show the drawing of the screen instead of turn it off, I like the effect of the drawing About make a graphic screen for the dead screen, I know how to make graphics through maping the screen, but since I started to learn C only a couple of months ago I am not very good managing the memory and using big amount to data to make graphics produces garbage in the PM, I don't know why. I am trying to solve it.
  9. RELEASE CANDIDATE! NinjishGuyRC2.bin
  10. Yes, score is based on time, I haven't added the timer because I am still trying to decide some things about it. Since there is a screen between death and respawn I thought an explosion was unnecesary, but now I think a little explosion could be added for a nice touch. Thanks for your feedback!
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