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  1. Stop the invasion and save the community center with the power of urban dance.
  2. ####### UPDATE Beta 0.2 - More waves. - Faster bullet. - Shakescreen and sound when hit. - Cosmetic changes aroachinspace-20201019.a78 Hi guys. I want to share the first beta wip of a vertical shooter I am programming. A ROACH IN SPACE part II: Cosmic Bugaloo. Is a sequel/port of a previous game for atari 2600 (that is available in AA store) and in it you play as a roach trying to stop an invasion of weird stuff from outer space. This first beta contains 10 enemy waves (including a boss) and it has some typical functions available of shmups (continue, power up, bomb) aroachinspace-20201015.a78 If somebody could test it it would be great.
  3. Thanks as always for testing. I posted a rev that corrects two of the reported bugs. I wasn't able to reproduce the third one on emulator, but I made some changes that, I hope, correct it.
  4. +1. This would be useful. Reset to tittlescreen is a good suggestion, I will add it. No changes were made to dragon boss.
  5. I really appreciate all the time you guys put in the testing. Since I have no means to test in actual hardware this project simply would not exist without the tester crew. And there is not hurry, please don't feel forced.
  6. I can`t reproduce the slowdown in room 93 on emulator, I tried to optimize the code but I only can hope that it worked. Other issues as inconsistencies in rooms 49/50 and unfair respawn in room 72 were corrected. knightguyPKG20200919revc.a78
  7. "Missing" parts of the columns are by design. Shadow casted by the beam like tiles.
  8. Spoilers!!! Well, I suppose I will have to change the potion location... 😒
  9. Thanks guys for testing and let me know about that glitch. Hopefully this rev. corrects the issue. knightguyPKG20200919revb.a78
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