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  1. Remember that Knight Guy 7800 was able to swim ONLY after he got his diving helmet...
  2. Originally the jumping piranhas went to change direction when you return to the screen, but I changed my mind and keep it as is, so the backtracking feels less like a punish.
  3. Thanks. Color changing is not intended, I will tweak the colors and visuals during development. Is for that type of stuff that I really, really need a DF or similar.
  4. Thanks for testing it. I am still not able to reproduce the issue in a7800, so not sure of the cause. Still I optimized the code trying to fix it and posted a new build: NinjishGuyPI_demo01b.a78 I will check the jittering. BTW: All current enemies can be killed with shurikens, but some of them need more shoots. Also the shurikens can be refilled in the shuriken room. And the running enemy can be also stomped like in original NG.
  5. Hi guys! I want to share my new project. Ninjish Guy 7800 Perilous Island. I just started it a week or so ago and I wrote a new improved version of my Knight Guy "engine" for it. It is in a really stage of development, but still here is a playable demo if somebody want to test it. Since I have no dragonfly or similar I have only tested it on a7800 emulator, so it could contain some nasty bugs. NinjishGuyPI_demo01.a78 As always, testing and feedback will be appreciated. ######################## UPDATE Quick update - Corrects some timing issue in Game Over screen and Title Screen - Corrects some misplaced collision boxes in vine climbing screen I was not able to reproduce the after Game Over glitch, but I tried to optimize some parts of the code to fix it. NinjishGuyPI_demo01b.a78 Quick Update - New Title Screen NinjishGuyPI_demo01c.a78 Quick Update - Some changes in gravity and jump NinjishGuyPI_demo01d.a78 UPDATE DEMO 02 - 35 screens - Two mid-bosses - Cosmetic changes - Color corrections (thanks to @Trebor for some hints) Only tested on a7800, so some bugs expected. NinjishGuyPI_demo02.a78<--- CURRENT
  6. Cool! Thanks for playing it. You are really getting better at my games, soon maybe I will have to start to add anti ZPHB measures just like with Crossbow.
  7. Atari 7800 version is complete. Working on a PC version now. https://vhzcgames.com/files/slidedudelandLinux_2021-06-17.zip https://vhzcgames.com/files/slidedudelandwin_2021-06-17.zip
  8. For Title Screen you'll have to make a compromise and use a simplified, pixel art version I think. Something like this maybe: That's scaled, but original is 48x48.
  9. I could make something like this:
  10. Damn, Now I really want to make a game about robots.
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