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  1. The game looks cool! Nice concept and gameplay. I made a version of your label art in case you want to use it:
  2. Hi. Thanks for testing, "annoying fun games" is like my signature 😛 I am planning new screens and hopefully I will complete this game soon, I want to reach 50 screens If you have paypal you can donate through this link: https://www.paypal.me/vhzcgames Also you can support the development of my games buying something from my Teepublic store: https://www.teepublic.com/user/vhzc
  3. Cool, thanks for testing. I was doing a gosub call to a check lives routine when I shouldn't and since it is a bankswitching rom the gosub cost several cycles and that was causing some problems, but I think all is ok now.
  4. NEW BETA 2020-05-31 Third boss added. New Item (bubble). Also I THINK I catch and all those pesky overcycles. knightguy_CastleDays_20200531.bin
  5. Hi! No necrobump, still working on it. No extra hardware, just a bankswitching rom. I have considered inertia, but is hard to implement it without make the game too hard.
  6. Hi guys. I want to share the first beta for a shmup game I am programming. It's a port of a game I started to write for the NES some time ago. In the game you use a robot cannon to destroy invaders with different patterns and designs. You have extra points if you pass a wave of enemies before the time bar is empty. Extra life every 200 points. Six lives max. cannonica_20200527.bin
  7. Yeah, I suppose I can give them a pixel or two more
  8. Hi guys. Knight guy in low res world was originally my first attempt to program a platformer for the 2600 (and my second attempt to program a game after the primitive Drakko) back when I started to learn batari back in 2018. Now after I remade the "engine" I decided to re write it from scratch, but now with some humble metroidvania touch. I have completed the first public beta and I am sharing it here. Testing and feedback will be appreciated knightguy_CastleDays_20200524.bin NEW BETA 2020-05-31 Third boss added. New Item (bubble). Also I THINK I catch and all those pesky overcycles. knightguy_CastleDays_20200531.bin Also I have some merchandising available in my teepublic store in case you are interested in support this development https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/3277219-knight-guy-in-low-res-world?store_id=35943 Also here is the link to the original Knight Guy thread:
  9. Update 2020/05/18 NEW BETA! More obstacles, change in some others, a (i hope) smooth jump. I_Ran_beta_20200518.bin
  10. UPDATE. I gave a last revision of Ninjish Guy, optimizes the flow and eliminated some overcycles that was still left in the last version, so the formerly non public final version is now a pre release version and i will share it here. NinjishGuy_prerelease.bin 32 kB · 12 downloads This is NOT the final build that will be distributed in cartridge format and lacks some extra details and screens I add to the Final version, but it does includes the new sprite design. Also I add a t-shirt design to my teepublic store just in case somebody is interested in support me buying some merchandising https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/10230783-ninjish-guy-in-low-res-world
  11. In screens where there are other ninjas, you have to kill all of them to pass the screen. You kill them stomping on them like in mario.
  12. Update 2020/05/14 NEW BETA! The game is almost complete, I have almost no more space for more sprites. Two modes: Normal Order of obstacles predetermined 3 lives checkpoints. Score depends of the screen (i.e. screen 15 gives 15 points) Hard Obstacles appear randomly Only one life No checkpoint 10 points for each obstacle/screen. I_Ran_beta_20200514.bin
  13. Cartridge and eventually in digital
  14. You need to install an emulator in your computer or your phone/tablet. The more used and the best in my opinion is STELLA. Z26 is good too.
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