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  1. Seems like AT Games is doing a cash grab. Hastily throwing out poorly designed products for the full holiday shopping season. Its sad that the only one compelling Blast product is a total bust.
  2. On the Pac Man Connect and Play, does anyone notice some games, like Rally-X, don't allow you to put your initials in for the high scores? On my unit, the high scores are recorded, but you can't put your name in. Other games like Dig Dug allow you to.
  3. Are any aftermarket controllers, such as a Dpad, compatible with the Flashback 9?
  4. Love the Pac Man Connect and Play with the 12 Namco games. Great game selection and execution for $17 at Walmart. Joystick is a bit sloppy and wonder if a Dpad would work better (even if not as authentic).
  5. It would definitely be nice to have all those features and having the option of using a Dpad (portable or console).
  6. Are there any plans to bring a new Atari Portable with HDMI, rewind and save features that the Atari Flashback 9 has?
  7. Can you plug an alternative controller, like a d pad into the Flashback 9, or are you stuck with the joystick?
  8. Personally, I'd like to see the Blast products focus on arcade games and games from other systems not available on other systems (i.e. Atari Flashback). For example, 7800, Colecovision, etc.
  9. How is the controller, gameplay and picture quality of the Namco Blast verses the Pac Man Connect and Play (still on sale)?
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