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  1. AkashicRecord


    One thing I didn't know until recently was that Doug Neubauer (of Solaris fame) did M*A*S*H as one of his first games.
  2. I fired up Dragonstomper under Stella and was immediately impressed to see an RPG on the 2600, and that was less than 5 minutes into the game. I would have gone apeshit over that game back in the day! Adventure certainly qualifies, and might have been one of the earliest of the "deep" games on the VCS. That said, Adventure went over very well just last weekend, even. I brought my light-sixer and 37 games to a family / friends out-of-town trip and set up a TV in the hotel lobby on a table. Within minutes, there was a sizeable crowd flocking around the TV and more than one person asked if I had Adventure, and the answer was an obvious, "of course!" The parents all seemed to enjoy re-living a little bit of their childhood...
  3. You might want to consider changing your thread title because it doesn't exactly read very well. You won't get the response that you want...
  4. Now that you mention the RIOT chip, that's a definite possibility with the obvious timing issues in those video examples...but I'm still suspecting the TIA.
  5. I'd say that there are plenty. There are a bunch of disassemblies around here by Dennis Debro, Thomas Jentzsch, and others. Check the Atari 2600 Programming subforum. One thing however, is that there is NO positioning for Atari 2600 objects in the sense that you are going to expect. Horizontal positioning is strictly related to CPU cycles in sync with the scanning of the electron beam, with a fine-positioning function for adjustment up to 7 or 8 pixels +/-, and the vertical aspect is related to scanline number...and this depends further on the granularity (in whole scanlines) of a particular display kernel...and there can be many "kernels" in a single program...
  6. I'd probably suspect the TIA chip is at fault, but maybe someone with more repair experience can chime in. At least it should be socketed on that model, so it should be easy and quick to replace...
  7. I've been kind of flip-flopping between a few projects that don't have dedicated threads yet. I wanted to have at least one type of shooter; this particular one pits you as a hypodermic syringe firing drops of vaccines at bacteria, viruses, and bacteriophages, etc...something like that. "Outbreak!" seemed like a good name for it. The other thing I noticed is that a lot of my test programs seemed like they could be repurposed into a useful utility, or at least a type of drawing / painting program...possibly with some frames of animation...like a better version of Surround's last two game modes.
  8. Can't say I've seen the word "kapowie" used in a newspaper article before...
  9. Here's a Friday funny for everyone. Not planning on anything like this in my version... (There's no sound in the video)
  10. I can't believe there's a Yars Revenge vinyl ...must ...have...
  11. Ah yes, Enduro! Glad to see that at the top for driving games. We'd need something like a Cannonball Run game to do better...
  12. Thanks for the info, clears that right up!
  13. An infinite amount of frustration packed into just 6 screens!
  14. I can second FV. I had a great time with that one. It felt like a slightly more in-depth shooter. For some reason I always wanted to compare it to Vanguard a little bit, but I feel Fantastic Voyage was probably the better game.
  15. I disassembled the two joysticks that I have, and on the outside they appear essentially identical and meet the criteria of a CX40; but on the inside, the boards are a bit different. One has the wires connected to each side of the board (matching service manual diagrams of the stick.) The other stick however, has all six wires connected on one side of the board. Were there a few official revisions of this stick? My Google-fu is usually better than this, but I'm turning up nothing?
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