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  1. Directions here, I am using the same user name over there. https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=247149 Thanks ! I did actually have a upright for a while... It was badly water damaged (really bad), so I gutted the parts and someone picked up the cab from me.
  2. Anyone else on KLOV ( https://www.arcade-museum.com/) that can give me recommendation ? I've been a member there for years with arcade machines but, not on their forums, I guess that is where I should ask about Arcade game troubleshooting.. I have some issues with some other machines...and I would love to get them all working 100% again..
  3. Anyone know ? Or is there another place I should be asking about Arcade machines working ? I figured this would be a great place to ask this but, I guess not....
  4. I have a box of old ram, and I know I have a bunch of 30 pin 1mb simms in it... If your still looking, I'll check them out... I don't think I will ever need them so just pay shipping type thing... I need to look when I get home tonight to know exactly what they are..
  5. Hey Guys, Not sure if this is the RIGHT place for this question but, I wanted to see if anyone knows. Many years ago, I picked up a Hydra Cockpit for $250... anyone who knows classics, knows it was a star wars. It even had all the original stick with the graphics inside it. I spent many months using a very light paint stripper to get the side art back out, most of it is in pretty good shape but, not all of it. After that, rewiring it with the original harness with all parts to make it all work, Still a holy grail type thing. It's been a passion of love on this classic game. It all worked, even the coin slot.. but, I have it set on free play. This is a VERY, VERY old page where I showed the progress on it...(with a link showing how it originally looked when I got it) http://www.anywherecool.com/starw.htm As most people should know, Star Wars used a Color XY monitor(that was know to have a very high failure rate in the arcades). The Hydra had a shelf put in and a 19" color monitor. I was able to find a 19" Color XY monitor(from a stand up star wars, I had one that was badly water damaged for a bit) for a good deal years ago, this got it up and running. Over the years, I was trying to find the parts to put the ORIGINAL 25" monitor in , I was able to find an original tube (had to drive almost 5 hours each way to get it), all the boards and should have everything I need to get it running BUT, the Flyback transformer is shot (big red as it's called), for those who don't know, it's the high voltage part of a CRT with the suction cup. When I looked into years ago, I was talking $350-400 minimum to get it replaced/fixed, the project has sat in a box and nothing has been done besides it's been working... till about a week ago. The current 19" monitor stopped working. I'd bet it just needs a cap kit but, I ran into this..... and ONLY $29 ? OMG ? http://www.arcadeshop.com/i/281/amplifone-color-x-y-flyback-transformer.htm This makes the 25" possibility to happen... They put in a shelf but, I see the 4 bolts in each corner to mount the CRT, As I have never done this part... I ran into this... https://www.highscoresaves.com/25-amplifone-monitor-bracket.html So anyone have ideas on... Do I need a bracket like above to mount the 25" tube, or is it just some rubber spacers and nuts to attach it ? Or does it need anything else ? Anyone have a star wars cockpit that can pull off the back cover and take a few pictures how the 25" tube is mounted so I can make sure I do it right ? Just wanted to keep this original if possible... AND MAYBE install a Star Wars empire strikes back kit... ( https://www.highscoresaves.com/star-wars-and-empire-strikes-back-free-play-and-high-score-save-multigame-kit.html )
  6. $200 retail... No Joycons...built in so some games might not work as expected. No docking option so it cant be used on TV, motion sensors are gone too. Nice 2nd console or if your looking for PORTABLE only... Not the best option if you dont have a Switch now... I STILL dont have one (was waiting for it to be under $200) but, this is not the option I want.. I need one that works on the TV..
  7. Awesome, it's a good deal if you don't mind the digital games... If I like I game, Odds are I will buy it anyway (I dont plan on keeping this forever unless i can get it for almost nothing like this deal). Make yourself a calendar entry, and disable auto renew like 2 months before it's over but ! If your upgrading Xbox live with a card... using a 12 month card, they will offer your a Month for free if you enable auto renew. IF you use a 1 month card, they will give you 14 days (almost 1/2 a month). There are some sellers on eBay offering a year of Xbox live with 12 1 month cards... that nets you more A LOT MORE Xbox live for your money. Also, as I have a SPARE 1 month code(I got 1 month too many), that I tried... It said would convert 20 of the days of the card to Xbox game pass ultimate ... SO when you renew again, you could keep the Xbox game pass going for a long time if you use 1 month cards to renew.... Next month I will use the card to keep my account maxed it for the time being....
  8. Truth be told, there will always be a physical option... Even on the NEW high end consoles (New Xbox one 8K speced model), will have a media drive in it. After what people did after the original announcement of the Xbox one, I don't Microsoft OR Sony would make that mistake again. The ONLY problem you will see if some content/games will not be available via physical. Keep buying physical games and you'll be fine with those games...
  9. What are they going for ? I have the original cockpit version of this game but, it's always nice to have..
  10. The sticks are built into the system (kind of like the Odyssey 2)... So not an easy task... Sigh.. Let me see if i can find anything else in my notes when I get home tonight... Thanks again for trying to help !
  11. Thank you. I wish I had access to one to get those measurements... As I have never had a set. About the only thing that I could find that has a image that shows the threads is this image...
  12. Count me in if it's still available... Would love to play with the PEN...
  13. Bump... Still looking for these, was thinking about buying another system JUST for the sticks....even if it was dead. With all the 3rd party consoles I'm shocked that I cant find even a nock off for these...
  14. Anyone using a Raspberry PI4 yet ? Wondering how it will do with with N64 and newer systems....
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