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  1. I know, right ? I'm a Huge Marble Madness fan from way back when... I even have an original Atari System 1 arcade cab with the Marble Madness kit (yes, the full arcade machine). I have been watching this story for many years now. The rumors, and the appearances of the few known full cabs. If this rom is released, i will be buying a kit so I can play it via MAME with a trackball. For me, it's one of those holy grail type things... It would be very big deal to have a copy of these roms to be able to FINALLY play it..
  2. Interested but, $100 is just too much for me...maybe when 2nd batch hits ?
  3. Oh, Everdrive 64... could be interested in that one....
  4. All of the above. I've played 1000's of games, I've owned/still own, pretty much every system out there from 1975ish to current. They all had their gems, and their crappy games. I am into games, not really what generation it's from. I will go some days playing the new Modern Warfare, to SNES Super Mario land, or even 2600 Yars' revenge. I could never decide on the best Generation of consoles. Could it be the NES, SNES ? I remember having 10+ friends over my house in my room playing Mario Cart and compete till we have a winner, this was a regular thing... Or Neo-Geo fighting games ? Who knows, I had a blast through all of them and still enjoy them.
  5. Hey all, I've been looking for one of these boards for a while now. I know it's possible to build one As the board is here and there is BOM for all the parts https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/XKoWs6TP Was looking for an assembled one, depending on the price. If you have one for sale, drop me a PM ! Thanks !
  6. I say for people to grab the rom before it goes away... The original dev wont even say who he is... And people do this because they love the game. "Due to copyright reasons, the dev obviously doesnt want this shared under his name and won’t offer it for download in any official way." And yes, Nintendo will shut it down once they catch wind of it... but, I got a copy !
  7. Hey all, I just ran into this on my feed on Twitter, and WOW, I cant wait to be able to play it. It looks epic... Video/pics here... Some examples from above... It's a completely new game, all new levels, 4 player capable and stays faithful of the original. There is a rom out there for it, that I found, if you follow some of the messages on the above link, you should be able to find it. I have a Super Wild card but, the floppy drive is dead. I ordered a Floppy Emulator and it's due in tomorrow... This means I have the rom and I cant even play it tonight It really does look incredible and the dev put years of work into it..
  8. Phantasy Star is my favorite, I still play it every 5-6 years, I just played/finished the re translation version of it. Great game.. Back in the day, comparing the NES vs the Master system (I did have both of them), the master system games always looked better but, the NES had bigger titles... Did you know back in the day, If you had a Master System and got STUCK on a game, you could call them and they would MAIL you a cheat sheet/walk through? I have a few of them, including Phantasy Star...
  9. Hey all, Looking for some Orange OEM Game Cube controllers. Got kind of obsessed getting an Orange GameCube and grabbed one, so looking for a fair deal for some controllers. If they don't work, as long as they are not physically broken/smashed, as long as the deal is right, I might be interested BUT, I do want Original Nintendo ones. Thanks for your time ! -Dave
  10. I guess it depends on the type of kid you were, Some kids would just deal with it, others, like myself, would wait till the parents are out, pull out my Nintendo bits (as I had some back then) and pull apart the cart, get the board right in the slot(as you could go around that and use some needle nose pliers to get it in the slot) and play the game... If they came home, shut off the system and pop it back up, my parents would not even notice the little board in the bottom of the slot
  11. Funny story... I found my original one.... It was dusty as hell, and when I was about to wipe it down I thought, it looks cool and classic with the dust. It sits on my shelf full of dust..
  12. A bunch of things... A Vectrex with a bunch of games, a Virtual Boy fully working with like 6 games... I was a big Neo-Geo AES fan back in the day, I had one a few months after release. I have Viewpoint Neo-Geo cart (and about 6-7 others) and Lords of Thunder for the Duo... 2 of the more pricier games I have that come to mind right now. I collected back in the day 80's and 90's. Back in the mid 80's I took an ad out in the paper for buying games... I got lots of 2600, 5200, and even got an Arcadia 2001 with like 15 games, plus handfuls of other consoles for pennies on the dollars.
  13. Very cool...always wanted one of these... lol Classic stuff..
  14. Very cool.... Was trying to justify the cost of a 3-D printer... after the last few days, I think I can see the value in having one....
  15. I was thinking the same thing when I saw his video...
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