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  1. I got it on release day but, funny story. For some reason about 2-3 weeks before it was released, I started calling video stores to see if they got it yet. I did find 2 weeks early a store that had it(they got a copy from Canada). I ran down there, created a new account and rented the game for almost 2 weeks. I finished the game before most people in the US even got a copy. I still did by it on release day.
  2. I got mine 2 days ago, FINALLY ! I ordered it on Microsoft's site on 11/23 and it was delivered on the 19th. Screw the scalpers ! ! ! !
  3. It's RetroArch with no front ends on it, so it's clunky time to time. There IS a retail option(not needing to reboot), you need to do some things to access but, it's not that hard (if anyone is interested I'll get the data and post it her). I tried them both on my Xbox one X... I did just get a Series X and will be setting it up again. Something to note, most games that use ISOs or larger roms CAN NOT be used off USB only internal. The ONLY problem with the Retail version is there is a 16gb limit of data you can use with it. One you start down the road PS2, Wii, Gamecube, 16gb is gone very quickly. On the Dev mode, I had 75gb of roms, isos etc setup, no problem at all. Even on my Xbox one X, I tried a few PS2 games and I was shocked on how well they ran. There was some slow down here and there but, most ran good to very good. Its impressive how well it does work, if you can get by the little bugs with RetroArch on the Xbox....
  4. This is a project I did about 3 months ago... My car is a 2014... with that, It has a navi system, stuff.. but, I wanted to modernize it with out changing the look of the car. Found a kit out of Japan to add in Android Auto and Apple car play. So I ordered it, It was a huge install, I had to rip almost everything off the dash to get it wired, so it goes to the screen and is controlled by the steering wheel buttons... I have Android Auto now(I am a android user) ! Awesome ! Use Waze on my navi screen, stream XM radio so I can listen to all internet stations. A updated car with internet connections ! Very cool. This system also has A/V inputs for cameras, etc. So I wired the USB cables (to connect your phone to) and I also wired A/V jacks in my center console. I picked up one of those "wana-be gameboy" devices with 400+ games from Wish. This has video out... JUST so I could do this...
  5. MY Front loader no question... After a RGB mod (To a Nintendo Multi-out, giving better composite, S-video and RGB SCART) and a Stereo mod (with just a little mix, it sound epic). Took a LOT of work but, dam it looks and sounds amazing through my Framemeister. The front loader was the first system I used and had for the longest time. So no question it would be my choice and why I HAD to find a way to get the best possible picture out of it..
  6. Pretty much. Well, maybe a little longer. The COVID-19 thing has made video game prices skyrocket. A simple $300 Nintendo Switch was going for $500 plus, Classic $1-5 games are going for $50-60+ and some people are paying it. It's getting harder and harder to find good lots for cheap money right now, UNLESS you do the yard sale type thing and get lucky. Once this all settles out, things WILL normalize, and prices will drop to where they should actually be. A lot of people will be losing their pockets because of this.. At least I finally got a Switch about 2 months ago, for $330 with 5 games in the boxes, I thought that was a really good deal... With a sealed Super Mario Bros going for 100K+, I guess that means my 20 or so not in the box are worth about $100 each ? Anyone ? LOL
  7. Another suggestion for a game to get lost in... Not really retro but, games with a good story, and some people even feel like they are playing a movie. I am referring to the Uncharted Series on the PS3 ( 1-3) and PS4 (4). I know this type of game is not everyone's cup of tea but, the story plays out like a hip modern day Indiana Jones and Naughty Dog really does well pulling the story across...and you can get lost in them...
  8. When I was in my teens, I put ads in the news paper (before internet days) about buying video games, I used to get 20+ 2600 games for like $3-5, and systems for under $10..and I had STACKS of systems... I got a ton of odd ball stuff back then... It's amazing the phone calls I would get about systems that people just wanted me to take... I really wish it was like that today... and not have to pay $20 for a single NES game like we see on Facebook or ebay...sigh..
  9. This is a hard discussion... Taking things like the NES for example on a modern TV (4K TV), it looks so bad it's almost unplayable even over composite. So after doing a RGB mod, and a Stereo mod, through a Framemeister, it looks epic (PIXEL PERFECT) but, all this comes with a large expense. I could get a PI 4, a NES to USB adapter, and a 32gb SD card, and I could get ALMOST the same quality if not better for a TON less money for NES games, never mind all the other systems it can do. In the US, we don't have SCART connections on any TV, so to get RGB, you would need a OSSC, Framemeister, or one of the other devices out there. So even systems that supported it, in the US your limited on outputs with out a scalller or something. Other consoles do not have RGB, or other type mods, so unless you can have a CRT sitting around (can't do for most people) it's not always about what is better, it's about what you can do. So, in a nut shell, Emulation can give you the best quality you can get for the least amount of money if you don't have these systems that are modded to see the best they can do.
  10. So, on your images showing the model 2 parts where to grab things... Can I grab video and audio with out any type of Amp or filter (going right to A/V jacks), or should I be putting something else in line ? Been wanting to play this system for a while but, with out a A/V jack so I can run it through my framemeister, it will look epically bad on my 4K tv...so I rather not even touch it till I can enjoy it a little...
  11. Still would like to find sticks for my Arcadia 2001 joysticks...
  12. Hi, I pulled out my LaserActive machine with a Sega Pac (Still looking for a "affordable" NEC pac as I have games I can't play) after sitting for years. After a LENS cleaning, When I play a Sega Laseractive game, it's flawless, same with a movie Laserdisc (well, as nice as composite can be), but, when I play a physical CART or a Sega CD, the colors are a mess. It's a very red background, and the colors are WAY off. Any idea on this on what could be the problem ? I tried a handful of games, it's not just THIS game. Like I said a Sega Laseractive game plays perfectly. This was one of my holy grails in gaming, I have owned this from retail release (it was a close out deal so I got a epic deal with a bunch of games) so I want to make sure she is running good but, I need to address this issue. Any idea ?
  13. If Mario 64 helped I would agree on the Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 for the Wii (very reasonable priced used and a Wii costs almost nothing today), epic games, then there is always Super Mario 3-D land for the WiiU, another epic Mario game. Also a 3DS as there is a bunch of mario games that are different.. True story, I didn't own a WiiU, and I was on the fence but, once I read that Mario 3-D land was coming from it, I got one right away. I LOVED the 3DS version... and had to play the WiiU version. I have been known through my life to buy a console for 1 game (normally after I buy it, I do get other games for it)...there has been a few over the years...
  14. I have a family member who is really into 3D printing, so it could be possible that I could get a set or 2 printed up but, I need a scan of them. Getting the correct brown "ink" could be a different battle but, It's a pain to play with out them so, even if they were off a little in color, I would enjoy to have a set... Truth be told, I have been thinking about building a 3D printer for this kind of stuff...
  15. Emulation was always better in a lot cases because the original systems lacked the good video outputs to give a really good picture. Take a NES, and connect it via composite (the max it can do video wise) and play some games on a MODERN TV, then take a PI with RetroPie with a NES controller connected via HDMI. It looks FAR better, the picture is so clear... the NES is so easy to emulate, a 10-15 year old PC could emulate it with out a problem, so a PI will do more than fine... Any system prior to the NES only really had RF... so yucky pictures were common place. I started doing RGB upgrades and got a Framemeister.... My NES done with a NESRGB kit with the stereo mod is pretty much pixel perfect on my 65" 4K TV.... complete game changer.. same with other systems...WOW..
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