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  1. Thsnk you "PlaysWithWolves" for the quick update bringing people up to speed without having to read 800+ pages... This is like Mike Kennedy saying "I bet I can crowdsource a completely fake vidoegame console with only minimal effort & make a million bucks" AtariBox replys -HOLD MY TACO! o.o-3(|)
  2. I have not been checking in on the "progress" for a while now, but after reading the last few pages it seems there is some debacle brewing.... Has this dumpster fire turned into another Coleco Chameleon / Mike Kennedy situation? I say that because I see "Fake" & "Prototype" as well as "Sheobox" being thrown around, only missing the electrical tape...
  3. It would be cool if this Tacobox was this size, and took super mini cartridges, (basically micro SD cards) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RSYDDXqrz4
  4. When you get the package, just keep it sealed, looks like a new breed of collectors are onthe rise and will pay top dollar$$$ for sealed crap, $22K for a super mario bros game? Anyhoo Atari should have hired Woz instead of Jobs, today instead of Apple Computers it would have been Atari Computers, people would be saying "Im going to sleep over-night in front of the Atari store to get the new Atari Phone" Maybe Atari is trying to minimize the chip count to under 50 hehehe xD
  5. Hmm. Mike_2000 touched on something that made me pause. If these do get shipped to stores, flops, then "Liquidated" what does that really mean? "sell of all to get proceeds to distribute surpluses among creditors and shareholders" Liquidation is a means to pay off creditors that are owed, since the creditors are the people who backed this debacle, the only way they would owe anyone is if they contracted out a mass production. They have to pay people to design it, but those people.. are them! are they inventing a salary for themselves? why not just pay themselves 2.9million and spend 100k on this box? the 3 million IS to cover design and development and production of the device. Ultimately if they liquidate they would have to refund all backers! I don't think they can go ever budget unless they are dumping in money from Atari LLC itself If they liquidate then they are just selling this thing for the price it should have sold for, (adjusted for the markup for the work they put in) but if they fail why should they realize any profits? they are only doing this to bump up a company that exists that has a stock price circling the drain. I ask again, who are the creditors? (Backers? designers? Indiegogo?) and what are these people owed? Backers = a promise to try and deliver on a dream Indiegogo = follow the rules, make an attempt and MINIMUM UPDATES ON PROGRESS Designers = get paid for the work they do. (contracted) Manufactures = get paid for materials and parts The way I fell about this is Atari team should not get any profits until all backers have a unit in hand, any excess profits should be the units sold AFTER all backers have units, if this sells in stores and online after then they can make as much money as they want, fail as hard as they want, buy as many Tacos as they want. No way should liquidation be an option, it is basically theft of funds.
  6. ^^^ TACODON, I just told y'all not to sell it! keep it sealed, in 10 years it will be like you having a copy of Stadium events, or Mario Bros with hang tabs. BIG money in this TacoBox, its all about marketing, sell it as a collector item down the road.
  7. Sigh! As much as I dislike saying this, but if this thing does come to market and it tera-flops because it is a (to quote a certain angry videogame nerd) "A Sheet-load of FCUK" it will have value to collectors who must have it for... completeness. My advice? Keep the box SEALED, don't even open it, you can verify the contents by checking the weight of the box. Just watch the reviews and see where it is going, don't bother playing it if they look to abandon supporting it in a year. I still have a sealed 4GB iPhone, you will be happy a few years down the line when and if this becomes a collector's trophy.
  8. They should make the case out of Bakelite to give it that real authentic retro feel to it... hehehe
  9. ^^ I was expecting "Cardboard and electrical tape" The Coleco Chameleon story *Ghost written by Mr. "Mysterious" Lee
  10. ^^HAHA! this gave me chuckles... the part about them "Making those controllers" lol ... "making"
  11. This would be just like when Apple's revolutionary G4 Cube was released back in 2000, it was all about the BOX, nice shiny.. invisible plexiglass box. Except they actually made a box, it did not sell but it was made, unlike the AtariBox. Im thinking Atari should actuall MAKE one out of plexiglass as a limited see though edition to actually showcase what is inside the box. did I say "BOX" enough times hmm I'm thinking eating game, anytime the VCS is referred to as the AtariBox ill scarf a Taco.
  12. I'm waiting for STOP-DROP-and_RETRO to do another youtube video piece on Atari VCS its been almost 1 year since he chewed them out,
  13. I have an idea for a launch game, called E.T , I know what you are all thinking, no Troll honest! E.T the Extraterrestrial Taco, it is about a sentient Taco from the galaxy Bell, it got lost and saw all the Taco shapes from orbit, thinking it found a colony of fellow intelligent Tacos, it used all its remaining fuel to land. in a rare coincidence, the fuel is what we call Hot Sauce. Now you must help E.T collect all 6 ingredients to make the rare fuel to help E.T power its space ship back to its home planet, iratA, in the Bell galaxy, avoiding its enemies, disguised as killer Tomatoes but are shape shifters from outer space... can someone forward this idea to the head Cheese at Atari?
  14. I am surprised Subway was even ever a thing!I guess with the lack of Fared Jogle to pander to his loyal sandwich aficionados locations would be closing. I mean its not like I can make my own sandwich by slapping some stuff between 2 slices of bread for $5 at home, you need the equipment, a butter knife, wax paper to wrap it in, various squirt bottles filled with condiments, gloves...
  15. I bought a Taco Meter from E-bay, it detects Tacos much like a PKE meter detects Ghosts, it also detects BS-scammers. I was eating a Taco in front of my computer and looking at the Atari VCS "updates" and my Taco meter went nuts and now it is broken True story
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