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  1. I would just like to say that I never, and will never make fun of someone because of thier Nationality, I make fun of Cheesehead because he is a sleezey snake oil salesman, I made fun of Mike Kennedy just as much and he is a good 'ol Yank. Sleezeballs are all over the world, the best way to sort them out is to put a $1 bill on a hook and let it dangle. These Megalomaniacs are simple to predict, they will do whatever it takes to get that cash money and a 15 minutes in the spotlight. Cheesehead does NOT strike me as anyone passionate about games, I suspect that he has many ulterior motives for makeing this cr*pbox at the expense of others, I would go as far to say his motives are sinister and malevolent in nature. This is what upsets me, the backers are probably funding a project that will ONLY be used to patent troll, it was never about bringing back Atari into games, it was about them getting a "console" so they can sue other people that put 2 sticks and a ball on a screen at any moment, heck I would be cautious of eating fries and popcorn chicken together, might get sued for infringing on PONG, another reason to choose a Taco, you will not get a "cease and decist eating your lunch" from Atari xD (Allegedly) Pat and Ian have something to say about that PC article https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbqELG4O-oM
  2. Hey, I just checked the original shill pitch video from yar's back, I mean years back. They managed to get Asteroids title correct. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LStkGeUmR_0 Anyhoo I wonder if the "ON" voice feature is still intact. Atari...ON Perhaps Atari needs some game that will garner them free publicity, like Night Trap did for Sega, also I like campy 80's theme songs.
  3. I have to chime in and say that for many people, a PC today is not required to do most tasks. I could not imagine living without a desktop, but with all the options like iPad, you can do everything, just get a BT keyboard and a wireless printer and that is it. I would even go as far to say for people who are not tech comfortable or elder people an iPad is more safe and much much muuuuch better. Windows 10 adds cortana but man is it creepy, I have never had to disable so many options just to get my privacy from a fresh install. Heck and if you cannot affoard to buy a new computer, get one from someone who is throwing it out, the Desktop I am using now was on the street on garbage day, I picked it up, mainly because I saw it had a Blu-ray drive but it had everything inside, just had to fix the video card fan. I have not paid for Microsoft office for many many years, I use the free Open Office and it works just fine.
  4. Sorry, I know we are all not old, but I just assumed since this is a forum celebrating Atari games, and also I was a kid when that movie came out... I was still a kid when K-mart was selling Atari console next to the NES, the only reason why I remember that was because some genius put "Total Recall" on the TV screen in the electronics section, and at that age I honestly thought some girls had 3 bazzongas because of that movie... Those were the days... xD
  5. Atari VCS at the CES is like a remake of the Colceco Chameleon Toy Fair fiasco. "It was a day before I was travelling to American International Toy Fair in New York that [Mysterious Mr. Lee] came over to my house with the Toy Fair Prototype, with his instructions to NOT SHOW the back of the unit no matter what. But without any specific information as to why I shouldn't show it ... I believed him and went to the show with that unit." It is like that old movie Gremlins Rule #1 "NEVER FEED THEM TACOS AFTER MIDNIGHT!" Rule #2 DON'T SHOW ANYONE THE BACK OF THE COLECO CHAMELEON PROTOTYPE! Rule #3 DON'T LET ANYONE TOUCH THE ATARI VCS! or something like that. Whoever wrote that PC Mag. article is questionable, the word "Shill" comes to mind. the desperation to find any reason for the VCS to exist is astounding, take this piece of gold nugget from the article; "Atari-built user interface designed for easily accessing games on the couch" Oh thanks Atari, I am able to change games while sitting down instead of having to go over to the console and press RESET, because I know the pain of having to get off my arse to change the channel on the 'ol Pictrola tube. Imagine going in to buy a Tesla having the guy demo that the car will drive itself to the door in a parking lot, then going over the street to the used Atari car dealership listening to a sales pitch about having wipers with 3 settings! Luxury, such high tech! and then he tells you it costs MORE than the Tesla! Chinese New Year starts in 7 days and lasts until February 8th, so we know there will be no productin whatsoever, cutting it close eh? Atari. Or maybe the Atari crew is going to spend the 2 weeks in China working on the "Final Touches" it is after all the year of the RAT, they will blend in quite well I suppose. (Allegedly)
  6. If they did decide to ship windows, I would expect Cheesehead to go around and buy up all the old discounted $5 Windows 7 and 8 activation keys and then get some unfortunate intern to spend all day to install and upgrade them for free to windows 10 xD Not only will Atari fail to pay the intert but that intern will probably not even get a free Taco lunch. I would go as far to say that listing Atari as work experience would probably be a negative. That is if Atari does not use that intern as a scapegoat and throw him/her under the bus when they are allegedy found guilty of an international illegal gambling racket and embezzlement of backer money. (ALLEGEDLY)
  7. I expect Atari to run out of petty cash that the backers gave them before they can ship all these "consoles" out, or they might ship out 1/2 of the backer units and the other half of them will just be empty collector shells with 2 AA batteries wired up to a switch and an LED. I have very low expectations of these fools
  8. Is there an official countdown timer to the release date? So, in that video where it is is sandbox mode and booting up windows, exactly how did they log into windows with a controller? all those wires where going in and out and around that little cabinet, where was the keyboard and mouse? and what was up with that stupid jump cut? was it to cut out the 30 mins it took to load the gaem?
  9. Yup, I did not want to bring it up but Atari got into the gambling business, not that it has never been seen before in video games from the other big guys but this is direct. Atari is anything but a family company. I mean, it is normal for the lottery companies to use IP of others to make those scratch game cards and cloud tickets but the government is skeezy so I expect this but not from a Video game company. I am not going to lie, I buy lotto tickets (if I win enough I can buy everyone in this forum thread a VCS and tacos so we can all trash this thing and have a laugh and all that) But is seems that Atari has no directive, it is just "chase money" It is like watching the shopping network, you see that one guy or gal selling a Taco machine one day then the next selling that Ronco food dehydrator. Anyone old enough to remember that "Hair in a can" spray? Sorry, had to leave it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GeF7A05zQ8 GLH "hair in a can"
  10. So what is the story with Hyperchase and Pole Position for the Vectrex? Does atari hold any rights to those? not that I would compare the far superior vector based game with the Night Driver. I think Activision made the Vectrx one.
  11. Atari VCS is so retro it does not need a power cable just like the 5200 :D https://youtu.be/AknyR-kRvLc?t=169
  12. ^ Don't worry, I am sure Atari is going to pack in the cheapest most efficient Death Adapter for you backers over the pond, complete with a sleeved earth Pin. As much as I would like to see a lockdown on kickstarters, I hate the thought of the government having to curtail the free choice of individuals and thier stupididty when it comes to thier own personal disposable income. Grown individuals should know better than to throw money away on a promise, if they did not learn this growning up then they deserve to suffer the minimal consequences, it is not like they are giving away life savings. If you have money to spend on retro gaming you are not starving. Then again some people eat ramen noodles just so they can pay for a low end BMW to look cool, sad. I eat Ramen noodles but by free choice and sometimes you need a quick snack & a Taco stand is not in the immediate vicinity. :D Indiegogo non-requirement of a working prototype is beyond stupid. And windows running games in sandbox mode is NOT a prototype.
  13. That kid will probably get sued by Atari S.A, On a side note Power A is better than Atari S.A because they probably have employees, and pay them, unlike Atari that does not have employees and would probably not pay them since they did not pay Rob for his work. And you might say that they will employ the workers in the factory to make this POS console, but until that happens and they turn a profit Atari is nothing more than a crew of E-beggers. (Allegedly)
  14. ^^ That is "Mysterious Mr." Lee to you! And I see he has pulled another sucker into his hardware house of illusions...
  15. Has there been ANY video of a non-Atari individual using the Atari Joystick or PowerA controller playing a classic Atari game?
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