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  1. They can be slow, let me fire off a missive though and see what I can find out
  2. I thought the operator was platinum white there... not sure about the IIc
  3. Hmm I'd second that, does it have anything buried under the hood we don't know about?
  4. The HDMI card is *NICE*.. VidHD, you can use it in a IIe as well, although not so much benefit there, I still have composite monitors around. On the GS plug it into anything that will scale or display 1080p and you're away. https://www.callapple.org/vidhd/
  5. Never heard of a colt, there you go..... looks like the PC for the commodore family
  6. I think you'll find the keyboard is a different plastic... seeing as you're carrying a C= .... maybe you could port Wizard of Wor
  7. That be cheating, and its not text?
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/5251478676/permalink/10156944073468677/?hc_location=ufi
  9. I found a twin for your card on CSA2... same two little daughter cards, but a "professional" card for the slot. The above diagram in some ways looks similar too... Certainly shows a lot of 74LS logic can get you an RGB interface, some of the timing signals come from slot 7.... so if this thing is going to work for you, I'd suggest trying slot 7... the thing is its also probably a KAGA/TAXAN RGB interface, be careful what you plug into it. That's the best information I've been able to find.
  10. If that DB9 socket peeking out from under the lid isn't a joystick port for some reason, it could well be RGB... it'd be about the age of EGA RGB Monitors which are DB9's.... Looks like Polymorph was right about the Videx clone... I'm still leaning towards the unknown being RGB but that's all I have... other suggestions I've had along the way were maybe something like a light pen...
  11. You're right there, I missed it by the time I was done looking at the pictures. The 80Col slot for your II+ is slot 3, the IIe changed that to the AUX slot with the extended 80col card. That doesn't look like any 80col card I've ever seen though, hence the thoughts of RGB. But you need to better see where everything is going in the case.
  12. Its hard to tell much from your photos, theres a lot going on on that larger card, but I can't read anything much off it. It looks like a lot of logic, I'm not seeing memory there... going out on a limb I'd suggest an RGB card of some type. I guess thats a IIe we're looking at...
  13. Does anyone have a manual for a TimeMaster II, that is, the non HO version? I imagine they're fairly similar save the extra interface information for the HO. Regards, A
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