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  1. For what its worth, my clone IIe came with a 6502 in it, I didn't really notice this until I tried to run ProTerm which complained bitterly about wanting an enhance IIe. However rather than looking for an enhancement kit, which I didn't think I would find, and a set of roms to match a clone, I just bunged a 65c02 into it. Up to this point I haven't had any trouble running anything that requires enhancement. I'd be a little interested if there is anything picky I can try it against, but most only seem to be looking for the processor. So so far 100% qualified success
  2. I'll stick with my network or print sharing. Some kind of serial daisy chain arrangement.
  3. Nice looking work, will the keys from something like an AT keyboard fit there? They have much the same appearance.
  4. No, the atari's are digital on/off switches, the II uses resistance for a range of values. Most software will still work with the discrete values of 0 or 255 out of the joystick port, but others will just zip you straight from left to right with no possibility of sitting in the middle of the screen anywhere.
  5. Ahhh thats odd! It shouldn't do anything except sit there sucking its thumb if you do that to it. Is it just an 80col card or an Extended80col card with memory on it? Will it pass the onboard ctl-closed apple-reset self test? Solid cursor means the 80col firmware is active, if you just hit esc it should have a plus in it.
  6. Interesting collection of cards in there, any chance of a clearer image of the card with the Rainbow ribbon cable? I don't think I've seen that before anywhere. Ta.
  7. It does look odd... I like the backwards silk screening... With MarkO's comment above I'd be going for some kind of networking. The hardware database has some 8 cards from Mountain... but not this thing... Did it get silk screen incorrectly or is it a clone? Things to wonder about... Out of interest whats the screen say behind the connector on the top left? The one in the middle appears to be labeled cal..
  8. The Lower Planes: www,telnet,ssh on all the usual ports Your best Apple II BBS hosted on ye olde pc ms-dos based software. Lots of files, FSXnet and MICROnet. The best online games from way back when. Pineapple: www Home of the hardware database, images and descriptions in searchable forms with as many details possible all crammed in. Now you can look up your unknown card and see what you can find. The Library searchable catalog of all things Apple II documents. Provides the support documents for the hardware database, but contains far more than just those entries. All sorts of anecdotes, photos, and other information. Ghostwheel: www The BEST Australian BBS registry in the World! This is well a complete furphy. Is it the best BBS list in Australia - well not yet. Is it the best BBS list in the world - ahh no not that either. BUT it is the best GLOBAL list, from Australia, so head on down and add your BBS to the list.
  9. Battery is pretty easy, its a 1/2 AA Lithium that puts out 3.6v Ahh if its a ROM1 the battery is on leads, just snip it near the battery, and any battery supplying upto 4.5v will do the job. I have 3xAA in mine. I don't think there is anything on the Mobo to recap its just the power supply off the top of my head. I don't have a lot of detail on that though. A
  10. ***NEW*** Its yet another BBS list, I popped this together after looking at a copy of the Australian BBS registry list from 94. The format is simple, come and add your BBS to the list. http://tlp.zapto.org/bbs A
  11. Do a homer and set up the tapping bird to peck your keyboard keys for a while, and see if extra use will bring them back to life
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