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  1. You're right there, I missed it by the time I was done looking at the pictures. The 80Col slot for your II+ is slot 3, the IIe changed that to the AUX slot with the extended 80col card. That doesn't look like any 80col card I've ever seen though, hence the thoughts of RGB. But you need to better see where everything is going in the case.
  2. Its hard to tell much from your photos, theres a lot going on on that larger card, but I can't read anything much off it. It looks like a lot of logic, I'm not seeing memory there... going out on a limb I'd suggest an RGB card of some type. I guess thats a IIe we're looking at...
  3. Does anyone have a manual for a TimeMaster II, that is, the non HO version? I imagine they're fairly similar save the extra interface information for the HO. Regards, A
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