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  1. Chuckle, at least it worked out well... I forget if the early IIc problem was a rom issue, or a port hardware issue... but they certainly did have some foibles, and of course someone might have blown it up in the interim.
  2. Back to the road racing for a moment, even Arcade Bootcamp had a weirdo driving course... wasn't very pretty though.
  3. If I'm right, and I'm not 100% certain ComputerEyes doesn't require the onboard goodies disabled. Its a video capture card, I think I had it in slot 3... Your HD might be run by SCSI, but you're more likely to find something like a MicroDriveTurbo out there. They run IDE, and generally come with a Compact flash card installed. Only thing is, to effectively add to the software you need something like ciderpress under windoze. None of the stereo sound cards I can recall require a specific slot or anything disabled. Accelerators usually want 2-3, its closer to the processor, but don't need it disabled. The VidHD doesn't... might be worth getting one, at some point the CRT's will keel over. Offhand that's all I can offer, I'm sure there are others though.
  4. Slightly OT but related. Seeing as I have a VidHD, a IIgs and a CloneE. I actually ended up putting the Vid in the IIe, because you can get a much nicer picture on a monitor size TV that has SCART/SECAM inputs on it. Seeing as VidHD only does 1080p output, and its hard to find a anything under 32" in this day and age, it tends to blow all the dithering up unless you sit 6Km away from your picture. I managed to snarf a 12" LCD with SCART from the local op shop for $10 and the image you get, being closer to native size anway, and a function of the size being much closer to the native RGB Monitor actually presents a much nicer picture to look at with minimal visible dithering. Of course SCART is obsolete now too, so eventually we'll all be using something to get an HDMI output. Not sure what you'd do with networking on your GS. I have a Mac Classic I can localtalk mine to, but its really only there for file sharing, and if you have to do anything to BIG its a tad on the slowish side although I'm rather spoilt by Gb ethernet these days. On the ROM1 which I have now, you lose two slots to AppleTalk, slot 7 and slot 1 or 2. If you have a ROM3 you need only use slot 1 or 2. Grab a printercable and attach it to your Mac, install the system software and away you go. With an ethernet card in place you probably won't get hugely better performance but you are at least on more recent media. If you happen to get a mac with Ethernet then you can always use it as a bridge too, but that's only appletalk not other TCP protocols. On the other side, you can use one of many serial options. Grab a wifi modem, someone is having trouble with one on a IIc at the moment not sure if that's here or another site off hand, but generally they are easy to drive, just use your favourite comms software and atdt the FQDN of the other end, be it BBS or some other telnet service. You can always use something like TCPser I have never had any joy with this but many have, its basically the same as the Wimodem except you run it on another PC. Or if you want to use all the TCP software you can find as natively as possible, if you can't fork out for an Ethernet card you can use another PC, or Pi of some sort as a bridge and use PPP to talk to it. PPP on the GS will be significantly slower than any network card or Appletalk as your speeds are limited to 38.4k. Workstation card is useless, you already have it in the Appletalk capabilities of the GS. So what do I do, although I have the Mac I rarely use it. I tend to use the PPP option on an OrangePi, although I haven't done a lot with that either. I keep getting close and then some life catastrophe happens and I have to pull it apart or something else is in pieces and I have no room to use the GS. And after seeing the difference at viewing range the SCART option on a small display is MUCH better. @leech I used to have a ROM3 back in the day and although I can't complain about the rom1, I was given it. I miss the extra niceties on the ROM3, I'd give my left testicle or first born to grab another one but they seem to be fairly rare here (Australia). I miss my SCSI card too
  5. Well it is possible... some versions of the IIc do have ordinary serial ports... with speed issues... If you want to test it though, the simplest and most telling test is to just try a loop back test. It just requires you to short the TX and RX pins in the serial cable or port and try typing... if you get echo's of what you're typing then the serial port is doing something as they characters are going out the TX line and coming straight back in the RX line... I'd probably set the system to use a null modem with no init string. This'll skip all the initialisation malarky, just go to "online" mode and try a few different port rates...
  6. Never seen or heard of one in the wild. The most complete info I could find for it is... http://www.apple2.org/AIIEthernet.html But there's nothing like a manual so no idea about expected slot assignment..
  7. The usual spot for SCSI is slot 7 making it a default boot device in lieu of any set slot in the control panel. Sound cards usually end up in 1 or 2 from memory. VidHD can actually go in any slot off the top of my head too. I have mine in 3 though. It becomes a question as to what is more important to YOU in the use of your IIgs, most people tend to use slot 1 or 2, as they tend to have either a printer or a modem. Not so much both. So one serial port can often be sacrificed. Slot4 is also a good candidate if you have a ROM3 GS as in the rom 3 the disabling of the slot doesn't disable the mouse firmware. On a rom1 you can't do this. If you don't use 5.25" floppies 6 becomes available. Or you can pop a card in 6 and swap the control panel to whichever device you're using... The cards that are not "using" a slot usually don't have much interaction with the system. Phasor is mostly just powered from the BUS. VidHD is sneaking a peek at the signals on the BUS but doesn't really inject any of its own.
  8. Might be the port rate Didn't think about that... a lot of the wimodems default to 1200... although you can crank it up as far as your hardware will cope with. IS proterm set up for your IIc? Might pay to do the install regime. Otherwise go online and try different baud rate...
  9. Not off hand, but you'll probably have to hold up handshaking on the IIc end... DSR off hand... but I don't have any info I can check with in front of me. Only other word of warning, I find the wi-modems great, but slow to come online when powered up, so make sure its been on for a bit before you decide you can't talk to it at all. I'd either try a Hayes driver or even just Null driver.. A
  10. You'll know better for next time, keep your eyes peeled.
  11. Some of that software that doesn't want to run on a II+ may if you just drop a 65c02 into it in lieu of the 6502. Unfortunately, Clone+ is out for repairs, or I'd be inclined to try. Speaking of which, I must get to and see if I have any of the replacement logic on hand.
  12. Just turn down the brightness on the Monitot. N' you'll be good to go.
  13. Get an AppleII Erm no idea... https://classicreload.com/apple2-rescue-raiders.html might do it.
  14. I believe I know what you're looking for... the terrorists have landed in Cherbourg go kill 'em. I was never much chop at this, they'd pop out a new tank just as my guys made it to the other side... now what was it called....I do believe its "Rescue Raiders" Anyway thats my best guess.
  15. Could always be a vendor bid...? I don't really believe it either... seems... OOTW.
  16. Try another floppy first, but you could also possibly have bad ram...
  17. You won't be able to add directly. I got to much junk like that. IF you can post images here, or email them to [email protected] I'll add them in, and give you a guersney if you like. (No thats not a cow)
  18. Thanks, I'd like to add some of these to the Hardware Database. http://pineapple.zapto.org/hard.shtml . Bit far away for me, I'm down under.. Any chance I can get a nice close photo of two Titans, and Skyman cards? Never even heard of SkyMan before.
  19. You've gotta have somewhere to leave your cold snacks..
  20. Did I miss a photo of the lot somewhere? Or is there just the one of the Titan? Where about in the wired world are you?
  21. The jumper on the middle version is important too, don't recall if it should be on or off though. Could you have a IIe thats old enough to not support DHGR? Actually I see you answered the jumper question already Great...
  22. Perhaps the jumper on the 80col card isn't set correctly for DHGR to be functional, or although it has the tag, its not enhanced... have to admit I've not personally come across a IIe that can't access DHGR though.
  23. If you have a poke around on http://pineapple.zapto.org/album/index.php you'll find photos in the albums at that url. Also if you use the link back to pineapple you'll find a bit of a story about each one.
  24. The first thing I'd try for that video problem is just changing the cabling. I've had some pretty ordinary looking images cleaned up out of site just doing that, even if they pass a superficial visual examination. -=- Good advice costs nothing, and its worth the price -=-
  25. I got back into the game 2 years ago now.. well just shy of. I picked up a Clone IIe. Not long after that, I was handed a complete GS sans Monitor, which has been a whole different story in itself, and my most recent acquisition has been a II+ Clone. At this point I too think the collection is essentially complete. If a genuine of either of the clones presents itself I might take them up if they're within my budget and there are a few cards I'd like to get hold it, like a mouse card for the IIe... but generally they're complete, functional and they're here At the moment I probably use the CloneE the most, its been hitched up via serial to a Pi to get to BBS and the like and make itself useful locally as a terminal.
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