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  1. Congratulations for the whole team for having contributed to keeping Stelle alive for so many years. Stella is my 1st emulator that I use from the beginning. For a few years I have switched to the real Harmony console and cartridge, plus a good collection of game cartridges. This is also probably why there is a slowdown in the use of emulators, because many people in the world have started using the real VCS machine. But hey, there are still a lot of people who have to use Stella, myself mostly using it when testing homebrew games. In any case, this latest version works perfectly 👍
  2. I will soon install a VBXE to enjoy this game, but the basic version is already excellent, I just regret a little that the bombs are black, otherwise the handling is perfect, I find the same gameplay sensations with the version BombJack from 1985 on Amstrad CPC.
  3. So what is the point of plugging a keyboard into the PS/2 port if the ADAM kernel is still not available?
  4. ricky


    Also received a few days ago, it's really great to enjoy games requiring more than 128KB on a stock machine. Something strange is happening to me, I have one of my 130XE which does not respond well when I do the key combinations for the AVGCART settings, I have to investigate further by testing on another 130XE. Otherwise on one of my 800XL it works very well! The AVGCART, the ultimate cartridge to have absolutely!
  5. ricky


    I made a mistake, I ordered from MiscRetro. This will also teach me to write a post at a late hour...😔
  6. ricky


    Thank you #MrFSL for the PBI/SIO coupling info, I too will soon be able to test, I have just placed an order on Retro Lemon...
  7. ricky


    Thanks for your replies guys, So I'm going to avoid RetroLemon, otherwise it will be too expensive. Great that it works well on Secam systems. It is indeed important to have the PBI cable with the AVGCART to take advantage of the memory extension on a stock XL, I know other comrades in France who also want it... So it's better to wait to buy the whole thing at once.
  8. ricky


    Hello, No doubt the question has already been asked, but the AVGCART is compatible with the XL/XE Secam? Will the PBI cable also be available soon at MiscRetro? Thanks,
  9. I do not understand why the video starts to bug on horizontal scrolls after about half an hour, and unfortunately I cannot test the Sofia2 on another A8 Pal at the moment. My 130XE Pal that I use basically had almost all of the Ram and EMMU out of order (bought non-functional on ebay), I changed them and with a stroke of luck the 130XE to restart. Now I wonder if there can be other problems with capacitors or resistors, the CPU too, it's a C014806-12 MEXICO, I read somewhere that some CPU of this type tends to heat up too much, I find it indeed very hot, which could make it crash, and that it is better to privilege the C014806C-29 ATARI which is of better quality. I also specify that my 130XE is equipped with an Ultimate 1Mb and a Pokeymax v2 and that I use the power supply from the Lotharek store which is 3A 15w.
  10. I also have concerns, after half an hour after starting my 130XE, the image disappears on games with horizontal scrolling like 'Atariblast', then there may appear parasites like small pixelated bars. The CPLD on the Sofia2 is super hot when I touch it, so I wonder if the Sofia2 is bugging.
  11. ricky


    It's great, thanks for lighting up the dark tunnel ! ^^
  12. ricky


    Hello, I would like to know why I still have not received the game? As a result, I did not receive any invitation to pay for the second part. ???
  13. Currently the Rapidus is no longer compatible with the Ultimate 1Mb (various bugs), certainly due to the new firmware and jed of FJC on the U1Mb, while there has not been a single firmware update of the Rapidus since its release in 2016. It is not also compatible with the Sofia2, it would be necessary to install a VBXE / L, and yet it is not sure that it works according to the Lotharek store. So I do not understand that the Lotharek store can leave for sale such dung which is practically useless if it is installed by itself in an A8. This Rapidus is unfortunately obsolete.
  14. NEC MultiSync EA193Mi-BK 1280x1024 : ? / PAL
  15. Very interesting this H.E.L.I. in digital version, I am a buyer
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