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  1. Okay, well that's cool, I received a message from PayPal which this time indicates that the parcel has been sent.
  2. And when is it for ? I have no news by email, it's really unpleasant to feel snubbed.
  3. I did not receive an answer by email from Grazi, that's why I am continuing on this topic. In addition I received a message from PayPal that tells me that the shipment has been canceled There I really wonder what's going on.
  4. I have sent my SGM to OPCODE for repair since the beginning of January 2021. I have just paid the final price for my second SGM 6th batch. Now I'm wondering if my repaired SGM will be sent with the new SGM ? I sent an email to OPCODE but I have no response.
  5. Everything is fine then, the NTSC menu is displayed very well on a PAL console since the PAL60 standard is supported, even if the MENU colors are truncated who cares.
  6. So why is it indicated that the BIOS is NTSC if the Harmony works normally in a PAL console with 'PAL' roms ?
  7. Hi, I would like to preorder 1 Sophia 2 DVI Thanks,
  8. Hello, Please reserve one for me with option Pokey Max and YM2151 module, the two cables and color burgundy.
  9. I am willing to reserve two.
  10. @Carl Mueller Jr was sick some time ago, I hope he's ok now ..
  11. ricky

    SGM 5th run

    Oops ... so much for me, I love making dumplings 😊 Avril 2021 is fine for the SGM, et mars 2021 for the game Bosconian, Moreover first come, first served, I'm delighted 😄
  12. ricky

    SGM 5th run

    I did the same, but for a black, with the Bosconian game. I wonder how long it will take from the start of production to the reception.
  13. It's amazing how well counterfeit Chinese products are, I hope that one day there will never be any counterfeit SGMs on sale, like Dreamcast GDMUs can be found. I have the impression that it is more difficult to find an official AY chip, it is sold out on arcadeshop.com. Regarding the failure of my SGM, what else could it be, if it was the faulty CPLD, the RAM would not work, except it is not the case. Is the AY chip on a support? if so, it would be really easy for me to replace it. Makes me think, having to spend shipping costs for something that I can do myself. For the moment I am still waiting for a response from the email sent to [email protected]
  14. So it reassures me if it is possible to change the AY chip myself. Which one do I need, the AY-3-8910, or the AY-3-8910A ? A brand of preference ?
  15. ricky


    I pre-order too, I love this game !
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