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  1. ricky

    SGM 5th run

    Oops ... so much for me, I love making dumplings 😊 Avril 2021 is fine for the SGM, et mars 2021 for the game Bosconian, Moreover first come, first served, I'm delighted 😄
  2. ricky

    SGM 5th run

    I did the same, but for a black, with the Bosconian game. I wonder how long it will take from the start of production to the reception.
  3. It's amazing how well counterfeit Chinese products are, I hope that one day there will never be any counterfeit SGMs on sale, like Dreamcast GDMUs can be found. I have the impression that it is more difficult to find an official AY chip, it is sold out on arcadeshop.com. Regarding the failure of my SGM, what else could it be, if it was the faulty CPLD, the RAM would not work, except it is not the case. Is the AY chip on a support? if so, it would be really easy for me to replace it. Makes me think, having to spend shipping costs for something that I can do myself. For the moment I am still waiting for a response from the email sent to [email protected]
  4. So it reassures me if it is possible to change the AY chip myself. Which one do I need, the AY-3-8910, or the AY-3-8910A ? A brand of preference ?
  5. ricky


    I pre-order too, I love this game !
  6. Already if Opcode takes the trouble to answer on this topic, we would then consider the best procedure to follow 🙂
  7. So the screws are behind the label, I'll see that... thank you for your answer,
  8. This is not normal, is it the chip AY-3-8910 that has burnt out ? I just pre-ordered a sixth edition SGM, but I'm not going to drop my third edition SGM, which I like because it has the "Colecovision" label. Never mind if it costs me money with the shipping costs to have it repaired, I care about it like the apple of my eye.
  9. Hi friends, I have a major problem with my SGM third Edition, I no longer have sound with SGM games which use the three additional channels. when I use the Super Game Module Test utility, I have no sound on C4, E4, G4, just a little crackle. I tested with SGM compatible games like "Booming Boy", "Goonies" or "Knightmare". The malfunction occurs on three Colecovision PAL and SECAM consoles. So what remains to be done ? it was working fine three weeks ago and then suddenly nothing. Thank you for your help, I am confused with this dysfunction.
  10. @TommyTomorrow,There is no queue in this pre-order, read back, Simius pulls out whole plates of PCB Sofia2, there will be something for everyone for the moment.
  11. Yes it's good I confirm for three Sofia2 with Winfried David Cachet !
  12. Hello Simius, I wish you good recovery. I'll order two from you.
  13. The Kung-Fu Master rom on Addict.com does not work well, it's probably a beta version. I left a comment on the game page but it was removed, I will have to redo the comment. The rom that is in the CollectorVision Vault – Rom Pack I bought works very well. https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-vault-rom-pack/
  14. #Simius, your mail is full, you can not receive messages anymore😉
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