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  1. Cool that they actually showed something but with so many options out there. I don't see this being anything more than a niche system. The VCS has 11,00+ backers and I can't see this having even half of that. Is the Dreamcade still around? I'm thinking so but it didn't become a break out selling system? Unless I'm wrong? Not ripping. Just how I see it. Good luck to them.
  2. I recommend you pick up Tempest 2000 soundtrack from Best Electronics. It was only $5! I love it and listen to it all the time.
  3. I guess my problem when I played it was that Atari HYPED all their games and when I finally got to purchase them. I was severely disappointed. There were some gems but when I got Atari Karts. I was thinking this is the next level. I felt like I already played it. Just felt like a "B" level game. I loved Tempest 2000, Aliens vs Predator, Doom, Wolfenstein, Iron Soildier, Raiden, Rayman and Defender 2000, though Defender 2000 was a bit underwhelming. I did not love Kasumi Ninja, Club Drive, Checkered Flag, Cybermorph, Trevor McFur, Bubsy, Double Dragon V, Dragon the Bruce Lee story, Fight for Life, AirCars and so on. Maybe I expected to much but I felt Atar's hype didn't match the end results.
  4. I've seen so many things said about this game so I looked it up one YouTube and it just seems okay. I've never played it so I'm not going to judge it or give an opinion about it but is it that good? Visually it looks pretty cool. Just curious.
  5. I know, providing I have funds, I'd get one!!!
  6. @Clint I was just wondering if the Jag could be cloned or if a FPGA Jag could be developed? The only reason I ask is that these systems can't last forever and there are very few of them out there and they continually rise in price.
  7. @Tornadoboy That's really cool! Never knew there was a sequel in the works. Thanks for sharing! 👍👍👍🤘
  8. Okay. Thanks for the replying. Can't wait to see what you all unveil. 👍
  9. @Tommy Tallarico Sorry if this has been asked but will Earthworm Jim be at E3 and will it be shown. Also, will there be a classic collection released of Earthworm Jim 1 and 2? Thanks good luck!
  10. @Opcode Just seeing Kung Fu Master on the list has me jumping around like my like a 10 year old! Great list of games 👍👍👍!
  11. @Wave 1 Games Keep it in if there is a reason to or it's necessary. I've been playing games for over 36 years so just try to make the best game you can make. Don't say or show anything until it's time. Gameplay is KING. if there is constructive criticism. Listen to it. I'm not a programmer, developer or a composer but I've played games long enough to know what it is good and what is bad. Make the best game you can and be humble. Lastly, treat your customers and fellow gamers well. That will go a long way for you in building trust and respect for all involved. If there is an issue with your games? Rectify it and be as transparent as you can. Not judging or bagging on you. Let your games do the talking. Most importantly of all. Listen. Good luck! 👍
  12. Everything but Ocean Ambience. Music tracks are varied; Which is a plus. Like with any good soundtrack or album. You just need to put them in right sequence to fit each stage.
  13. @Saturn Used to play along to Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Fishbone, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and tons of others. Stryper is good. 👍 Road Rash on the 3DO had a great soundtrack. Everytime I hear a certain metal band I think of EGM and the NES/Super NES/ Genesis. Good 'ol days! Don't forget Saxon! Ha! 🤘
  14. I liked all the tracks but I'm a metalhead so that was my favorite! Too bad you couldn't license a track that would be perfect for your game. It's by a band called Accept. Track is called Fast As A Shark! Good luck, man! 🤘👍
  15. @Wave 1 Games. I commented on the music and really dug the metal soundtrack. Anyway, is that something you created or did someone create that for you? Liked it! More metal! 🤘👍
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