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  1. Clint, was wondering if there were any updates? Due to health issues I have had to sell a lot of my collection including my Jaguar. Hopefully this will be made so I can purchase this to replace my original unit.
  2. @spoonman I just got the AVS and is a very good alternative. I'm enjoying mine very much. I agree that it is a great product!
  3. Will be getting the RetroUsb tomorrow and eyeing the Mega SG for early next year. Does anyone have these systems and if you do? What are your opinions about them. Appreciate any input or thoughts.
  4. I was on there website the other day and I can't believe they want people to pluck down $650 for their "ultimate bundle". Yet they don't even have production models!?!?🤯 I do feel bad for those who trusted them and who apparently got duped but I'm glad I didn't place a preorder.
  5. For some reason when I view your video in my mind I keep seeing games like Virtual On, Cyber Sled, Cyber Speedway and the Virtua Racing from Sega. Be cool if you went that route but it's your game so here's hoping we get to play and enjoy it soon! 🤘🤘🤘👍
  6. I understand that but I've only been here for just over a year. I don't know what has transpired before. And I DON'T want to know. I've read through some of the threads but that's where I leave it. I hope he makes a great game(s) and really appreciate anybody else here these on forums or elsewhere who want to create games for the Jaguar, Lynx, Atari 7800 or any other system that is now dormant/abandoned. I am not taking sides so good look to all of you creators!!!! 🤘🤙👍👊
  7. I'm going to guess this wasn't the whole game or there is more that VladR isn't showing. I'd wager this was just a tech demo showing off his engine or a very early build and the idea of what he might have? Pure speculation on my part but I'd bet there is more that is not being shown. We'll know soon either way.
  8. Would love to have seen this on the Jag! I already have the Super Famicom and Saturn version but you can never have enough Parodius!!!
  9. Thanks for the explanation. Like I said. I'm not a programmer or graphic designer so I'm not going to pretend to know anything about game development. I guess when I look at the Jag library as a gamer I was let down because it had more misses than hits. I was just hoping, at the time, that Atari and the Jaguar would take off and become a hit. Unfortunately, it did not. But there is a lot to look forward too from some talented folks like yourself. Cheers! 👍🤘✌
  10. That's a whole laundry list of things that it needed. With all of its shortcomings. What realistically could the Jaguar do? I just remember being underwhelmed with the Jaguar compared to the 3DO, some 32X titles and some Super Nes and Gensis titles. Even the Neo Geo had better fighting games. Not to mention it had Metal Slug. Something the Jaguar would have issues running. I know graphics aren't everything but it just wasn't that leap over 16-bit systems that I expected. Even the 3DO, to me, was ahead in a lot of areas.
  11. Thanks for the reminder. I do know that but I was just mentioning games that I remember and played. I was and still am a 2-D fan! Too bad the Jag didn't have more ram, less bugs and a dedicated sound chip. Don't know if it would have helped with market share but maybe it would have alleviated some programming headaches. Not a programmer. Just making an assumption.
  12. GunForce II or Metal Slug 1 through anything!!!
  13. @Sporadic I was just curious as to what kind of music you are planning to use? Any chance of a Van Halen inspired soundtrack? Anyway, the game looks great so far!
  14. I'm not a programmer but from what you just said it. It seems like you have put a tremendous amount of work into your engine/programming. Can't wait to see what kind of games you will be releasing! Hopefully your series of games will be super successful. Cheers!!! 👍
  15. @JagChris What exactly did you capture of Vladr's demo? How long is the video? Can't wait to see what you shot. ✌🤘
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