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  1. I ordered my copy of Mappy. I am super excited to get that. When I bought my Famicom a couple of years ago, I spent more time playing that than any of the other Japan exclusives that I bought for the system.
  2. I'm going to play this one further because I think I can improve this.
  3. I've gone 4 or 5 years inactive and they never delete characters. I still have my original from back when the game first came out and I probably have a total of 8 years of not playing.
  4. Well, I am apparently terrible at Track N Field so I am still working on that one. Here is Space Invaders. I think I can do better on this one with some more work.
  5. I'm excitedly waiting for Mappy to hit in November.
  6. There's nothing super special here but there are 3-4 shops I frequent and they all have Atari stuff. Not a lot or anything rare but they do have stuff. I also have seen some uncommon games pop up at local Half Price Books. Other than Half Price, most of those shops sell the games for $2-$3 unless it's something a little more rare. One of the stores probably has a stack of 20 copies of Combat.
  7. Food Fight is pretty easy to find where I live. Most of the retro shops have it for $2-$3.
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