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  1. I have McWill and AGA, Batman Returns works completely fine for me from the AGA. I'm on a Lynx II.
  2. I use eneloops in my lynxes - work fine.
  3. as in no requirement for a cover or case, that's all i mean. The AGA Cart except for the LED's and buttons is about the same thickness of an original cart. So just the physical appearance, by what you are implying physically your cart will be unchanged?
  4. the scariest part is they don't know a PSP by sight....
  5. if the new version cart is going to be more like the AGA Cart, i'd really like to get that instead. We probably need more info about what carts will be shipping come time for the next lot of carts to ship.
  6. mine arrived today, what an amazing bit of kit - fully exceeded my expectations the finish, packaging, communication just everything a MUST buy for any Lynx owner!!
  7. yes - unsure about the replacement front lens, someone might be able point you in the right direction. i'd say yes you'd probably just have to track one down, they are just stuck there with a bit of tape.
  8. hey just asking for some input, I've had a Lynx 1 and and a Lynx 2 modded by a local service. Got them both back and they well to be honest blew my mind they are just amazing. The screen is just gobsmackingly brilliant. However, the Lynx 1 also had a VGA port added and for the life of me I can't get it to work - I'm chatting to the tech who did it and i think i'll be returning it but has anyone experienced this. - with the VGA cable attached the Lynx does not switch on, it does not matter what position the brightness wheel is at. there is no sound or anything. - if the VGA cable is attached while the device is running then unplugged after a bit it reboots. - have tried two different VGA cables and displays (a tele and a monitor). - it does the same thing as above even with the cable plugged in and the other end not connected to anything. Now, to me it feels like a short or something not sure.
  9. oh ma gawd so excited it's happening! kudos to rj1307 for his quick turnarounds.
  10. I remember playing all the California games to death on the Lynx, some of the tricks you can pull off by clipping things just the right way can lead to insane scores. Each event is easy to play and difficult to master.
  11. probably help to post your location for those who want to recommend someone to you.
  12. please add me to the waiting list for one.
  13. I'm sitting back from a lot of this stuff atm because the MiSTer project is going to surpass everything we currently have IMO.
  14. easy question. todd's, cali, chips, gates, blue and electro
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