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  1. worth every penny. my original basic eneloops (2000's) are still in service and i've had them for over 10 years now, they STILL hold more charge than a new regular battery. there are other options but at the end of the day a modern rechargeable AA cell can't be beaten for value! https://youtu.be/0A1GvQ40j0Q
  2. it depends on how close the experience is to that which the developer intended. we've been able to play lynx games on emulation machines for literal years now. Think PSP, stuff like that. Sure it works but it's not the SAME. I love the FEEL of a real lynx and combined with a McWill screen and multi-cart it's bliss.
  3. I use eneloops, they get pretty long playtimes (mcwill modded lynx's)
  4. d-pad is pretty loud, prefer the model 1 for this reason.
  5. I had no idea how good these would be, thanks so much for sharing them, i thoroughly recommend anyone grab this it's a must.
  6. I don't, but I said the Atari didn't get enough love. I still don't know what you are arguing. It's nice that you were exposed to each machine, that market dominance i'm referring to meant that the majority of the market didn't even get to experience both machines. "We just played what was good" - that's nice, most people bought one machine and that was the experience they had no picking and choosing. I grew up in a small town and I was literally the only person that had Atari, i knew tons of families that had C64. People just chose what was popular.
  7. The C64 absolutely dominated the market - that's a fact, i don't even know what you are arguing.
  8. curious, why would you do this over say a McWill screen?
  9. good battle, need to throw the AGA Cart in the mix. I know it's not on the same level but the creator has done a good job IMO.
  10. If anyone has played it the Golf in Golf Story on the Switch would be a decent fit for the Lynx I think.
  11. normal behaviour is "INSERT GAME" screen, then you hit button to select slot, after this the flashing P happens which is the file loading and then it boots. someone correct me if wrong but that's how i remember it.
  12. the halfpipe is actually REALLY easy, most people don't take the time to learn the controls though.
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