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  1. it's just pre-orders at this stage, just join the back of the line
  2. i think he wants a Lynx?
  3. i plug mine into a 50" plasma - it looks awesome. it played everything i threw at it no idea what refresh it was.
  4. it's a shame they only have one form factor as I prefer landscape devices they are better ergonomically.
  5. i should buy new speakers, so what the 40mm is the go?
  6. this also interests me greatly.
  7. once you've done a mcwill or benvenn, combined with some eneloop or similar batteries the lynx is super viable as a portable.
  8. that actually looks pretty good, colour me impressed. be intersting to see how durable it is. did you put something on the door to hold the batteries?
  9. power

    Growing Ties

    yeah, it's so original. i can't think of anything i've played that's similar. the unique part i guess is that it's a matching game but you make the pieces. Has @drludos considered porting this? It would have a market on say the Switch or other platforms IMO.
  10. I know this is an old post now, but did you consider using a CRT monitor?
  11. on mine the back fits so tight, when removing it i reckon a 3d print one would fail immediately.
  12. considering how tight the back is i'd suggest the offer above, i can't see a 3d print version surviving.
  13. new cart looks amazing guys, gonna be totally worth the wait.
  14. thought i'd check mine, still perfectly flat. It's been stuck in my Lynx 2 most of the time I've had it and in my Lynx 1 the last couple of weeks. wonder how it will go over summer (Queensland, Australia).
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