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  1. i wouldn't i heard someone ordered the Wish one and it arrived and they got a block of wood instead. Seriously when will people learn, have better luck on aliexpress imo.
  2. haven't you heard the price went up, your money is no good now it costs a pallet load of 4 ply.
  3. also worth mentioning that 500 is not the score needed to trip an "As Good as James" it's much lower - I don't remember how low you can go and still get it.
  4. once you learn a few tricks 500+ is very easy to attain regularly, you need to fluke some stuff too like clipping the front or back wheels and setting off forward and back spins. You play this one long enough and some of the stuff it does is just awesome.
  5. I'm very good at BMX (used to be better) and As Good as James is a pretty disappointing one as yeah you can score well over and still only get that.
  6. i seem to remember doing more than 5 and it still only saying Unreal.
  7. i don't have a solution but I can tell you i don't get this issue with mine. i predominantly use my agacart.
  8. well that's disappointing, my copy of Double Dragon doesn't have a manual.
  9. pretty sure i have an original manual. I'll see if i can dig it up and scan it for you.
  10. I may yet get one of these in my spare Lynx 1. Already have a McWill'd 1 with VGA out, but once you get a new screen you just can't go back!
  11. I thought they were open source so it's less a clone/fake and more just a cheaper version of the real thing with lower quality components?
  12. any word on the updated version? or if we can use the new firmware on the older version?
  13. Steel blue is a rare variant I would hang onto it, although this makes it more likely to be a repro.
  14. leaked battery is a minefield, you will need to open it all up and inspect everything under a magnifier imo. and that could be only part of the issues from an age standpoint. a timely reminder for all - only buy lithium or rechargeable batteries such as eneloops for your electronics you care about! no leaks!!
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