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  1. Yeah, super agree. A lot of times I think "why didn't I got back to gaming earlier? Like ten years ago when the retro craze wasn't so insane?". Then I remember things happen when they're supposed to happen, and life follows that rule with great passion. Ten years ago I still had my N64, and although I liked it, it wasn't like my 2nd all time favorite console like it's now. Now it's worth its weight in gold to me, but it wasn't ten years ago. Same with the Jag. I commented on other threads I felt pity of it back in the 90s, such poorly developed games (mostly). Now it's probably my favorite console ever, go figure haha I hate that gaming leaves me with empty pockets, but that's also part of the prize, we value more what was hard to earn, I guess? Although you're right, I should take a serious look at the Jag GD thread. If anything for backup purposes or even to protect my physical collection. Will take a look on that. You commented you had the more exotic consoles back in the day, did you have the 3DO in 93? If yes, what are your thoughts on it? EDIT again xD About Jag homebrews, I'd be the first in line to buy a dozen copies if we had some beat em ups. Yup, I'd pay 120 USD with a smile for a Jag arcade perfect port of Double Dragon, for example BTW, I didn't forget about trying to provide art for a Jag streets of rage (in case you've seen that thread). It's just that I'm stuck in a loooong @ss project which takes every second of spare time, but I'll do it for sure! And who knows, maybe a developer will be interested in using that in a Jag beat em up, who knows?
  2. Hi, yeah, I totally understand your point, you're right! It becomes an "emergency" (not that it really is), due to particular circumstances I face here. Super understand it may not apply to US or European folks, you guys enjoy a much better situation. I live in Brazil, which is a $hit hole when it comes to imported goodies. Dollar conversion + taxes make everything 5x to 8x more expensive for me than it is for you guys. So, a 100 USD game, for me that's a 500 bucks game (considering 1 R$ is equally hard to earn for me as 1 USD is for you). If it gets taxed at the Customs, then it becomes a R$ 800 game. If that sounds crazy, I literally paid R$ 800 for a Neo Geo CD controller the other day... again, currency conversion and taxes. Third. World. Sucks. The race part happens because I must get every game I want before it breaks the 80-100 USD mark, when it becomes unreasonable anymore. For US folks, if YTubers inflate a game from 50 to 90, that's just 40 bucks increase, no big deal. That's just a decent lunch money. For me that's a R$ 200-300 jump. I quit the Saturn because of that, nearly every game crossed the 100 USD barrier. Luckily my Jag collection was built 2 years ago, and amazingly many games could be found under 45 bucks back then, and even AVP and Rayman I got winning auctions on ebay. Super glad the few games left to buy are not really major obsessions haha (Iron Soldier 2, Towers 2?). Oh forgot to add, these collections are 100% meant to be played. All games are bought cart only and played a lot But to my pockets despair, I'm the must be real hardware, real carts kind of guy. Wish emulators and flashcarts did it for me, unfortunately they don't. OTOH, looking with a passion for the Mister Jaguar core, hope it gets developed to perfect results. That would be an amazing backup.
  3. Haha yeah, I think I'm not even there. Wish this game was easier, as it's gorgeous to look at but too hard for me. Rayman is not exactly rare, you see them flying around on ebay. What is rare is getting a great price on it. It took me 3 tries to get one Bought a broken original cart from UK (gladly the seller was super honest and refunded me no questions asked), then I got a repro, and then I got a working original cart from Holland. Wish I played it more, but man it's too hard! EDIT: I'm scared to look what prices a Jag commands these days. Paid 200 bucks for mine, but I still wanna get another unit in the future, for backup. Affraid to even check ebay for prices, hope it's not in the 300 mark already.
  4. I'd like to add on the above. I'm not sure how many of you are building collections now, by that I mean: collections that do not come from your kid days. Am I right to assume most of you have all your Jag stuff from back in the 90s? Well, not me. I had them all, nearly every 90s console and tons of games, but due to being stupid, I sold, lost or even got my house (and games) robbed. Every single collection I'm building up again from scratch (luckily my interest goes only up to the 64 bit gen). Covid aside, there is a race, yes there is. Retro is coming back so hard, name every game you can think of, buy it now. Because in 6 months it's not the price anymore you think it is now. Retro being popular, You Tubers throwing gas, and the whole 90s generation being now 30-45 yo, build your collection as fast as your pockets allow. I started with the Jag in 2018 (even though I had it in the 90s, even had the CD add on). So glad my collection is already 90% built, because even common-as-dirt Iron Soldier is getting expensive. Snes is getting expensive (a ton of games got to the 60-80 USD mark), Genesis too... they all are. The Saturn, for example, I already quit. Games that used to be "affordable" are now 150 USD. Saturn is out for me. If you're back into retro, get now before it costs you triple. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but yeah.
  5. Why do I get so upset, it's in the part you quoted. Been their customer for a good amount of time (and money). It may not be everyone's idea of running a business, but it is mine (as a customer and having a business to run) to not flip the finger to customers. To not use the heavy situation we're all living as excuse to rip off customers. But you're right, I won't buy from them for a long time during and after covid. Who is Lukie Games? As far as I can tell, one of the more popular online offers for retro gaming. I believe they're well known worldwide. But even if you don't care what they do, it may have a lasting effect over us all. In a worst case scenario (which is not impossible to happen), many retro gaming stores will bump up prices together. These prices may stay after covid, as the market as a whole sets in a new price standard. A game that once was 40 bucks now becomes 80. EDIT: Just checked their page, and it looks like they've been receiving criticism left and right, as prices appear to have gone through a (modest) reality check. Zeld for N64 for example, used to be 40 bucks. It went up to 80, and now sits at 60. Conker was 100 USD. Went up to 190 and now sits at 148. Still ridiculous, but that may prove they're getting criticism.
  6. Sorry to go off topic. I'm not buying from overseas right now (with only a few exceptions), so unaware of ebay's things. Is that really what's going on on ebay? Prices are actually coming down? I'm sure most of you know Lukie Games, I used to buy stuff from them on a monthly basis. Great prices, super good customer suport. Since lockdown started, they've been doing the di#k move as major @$$ho###. Everything went up 50% or higher (somecases 100%) in just 1-3 months. A Snes that once was 80 bucks is now 150 bucks. Games that were 20 bucks are now 40, 60, 70 bucks. Conker's bad fur day used to be 100 bucks, it's now 180. Etc, etc. Questioned them if that was due to shortage of stock, or just greedly cashing in on gamers who are locked at home, and buying stuff left and right (those who had no economic impact). They didn't care to reply (and they always reply for everything else). Greedy @$$### move if you ask me, flipping the finger to customers who supported them for months or years (like me). Point is: I'm surprised to learn things are going down on ebay, I had the opposite impression? Is this a good time to buy Jag games?
  7. I understand where you're coming from, you're seeing from the POV of a content creator. It's easy to understand why you have less love for the limited tools and hardwares of yesterday. After all, no one likes to create under constraints. That I completely understand, but still not in agreement. Here's where my opinion comes from. Even though filmmaking is not my profession, due to a movie I did back in college 17 years ago, I had the honor of being interviewed in my country's prime talk show, and being called somewhat of a "Steven Spielberg". You can see that in the 00:37 sec mark (it's in Portuguese, but the context is easy to understand). I still shoot my own movies to this day as a hobby, under very hard working conditions. They got notably better now, due to modern hardware, tools, software, cameras, etc (and of course, experience). This one was shot in 2013, under such better "tech" (shall we call it that way). Would I trade the better tools I have now for those of 17 years ago? Definitely not, I love being less constrained. That said, I'm still 100% constrained compared to Hollywood stuff, still under hobbyist restrictions and absolutely love that. It makes me squeeze every ounce of creativity I have, and that is a blessing. If you offered me Hollywood resources right now, I'd pass (being 100% honest). Being challenged always brings out the best in people. Every time I go for a new movie (have another one already shot from 2016, and one written and planned for 2021), I'm forced to find solutions for increasingly broader and more ambitious situations, those are challenges amazingly fun to overcome. So yeah, I understand your point that, as content creator, you don't wanna be too limited, that is very true. But OTOH, , you believe people will only pay attention to the end product, like who cares which hardware did what back in the 90s. That I disagree completely as not only my own opinion, but as the links provided (Game Sack, etc) prove. People do care about backstages, people are always fascinated by how steep mountains were climbed. As a game creator, it's easy to see why you love the better tools of today, don't blame you at all, but as we started this chat, this is just one side of the story, one that has many sides.
  8. Agradeneu, to quote your own line, what you wrote above that's only one perspective. Look all over You Tube, people are fascinated left and right how certain things were achieved, how people used creativity to overcome mountains. That's part of human nature. People wanna know why Bruce Lee could punch a man feets away with a 1 inch punch. People wanna know how they created photo realistic dinosaurs with 93's hardware in Jurassic Park. They wanna know how movie SFX are made, and I'm 100% sure people are more interested in how they were made in the 80s and 90s in the harder days. Etc. Could make a long list here. You got the point. Back to games, are you sure hardware has nothing to do with it? Really, really sure? Then why such a nerdy content has 290K views and on-going series? Why does Game Sack have a long on going series of games that push HARDWARE limit? And a content that explores the opposite side, when games DIDN'T push the hardware? Why does Low Score Boy have a full analisys on Saturn's transparency then? Actually, people are obssessed to know why the Saturn couldn't do transparency most of the time. It's all over YT. Then you have DF Retro, and so many other channels on similar subjects. Why the N64 had blurry textures, why the PS1 had warping textures, is the Jaguar really 64 bit, if not why Atari felt they could market it as such (64 bit bus architecture), etc. Why is the retro market so in demand today? Why is it possible that a modded N64 can cost $1300 ?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/ultra-hdmi-n64-nintendo-64-hdmi/264726915464?hash=item3da2f42988:g:e1cAAOSwG3teuFJ~ Answer: Because people care. If you really think only a handful of weirdos pay attention to hardware, I believe your view is in need of a revision. Games by itself are awesome, but people left and right wanna know a bit more about how things operate on the backstages (this applies to everything, not only video games).
  9. Just wanted to add this is something (at least I think so) we can all agree here. People will say what they want regarding N64, Jag, etc, but regardless of the camp you occupy, we all agree it was a fascinating time for games. One that will never come back, sadly. If you had a port for 5 consoles , chances were the 5 versions would be different. There WAS a reason to have a Neo Geo vs SNES, etc. Even the Jag, with all its flaws, I LOVE it because it feels completely different to the 32x, 3DO, Saturn, etc. The other day I was commenting in a Mad Little Pixel video that SNK is coming back with a new console. Honestly, who cares... chances are it will be another 3d focused console, running a lot of multi plat games all having the same Unreal 4 look. It's become the same thing all accross the board. So effing boring if anyone cares for my opinion. If Sega came back with a Dreamcast 2, it would be EXACTLY like a PS5, not an ounce different. I love to no end the fact all retro consoles had their own voice. Really miss those days.
  10. I know what you mean and even someone like me who deeply loves the N64, I'd going the extra mile to get rid of that anti-aliasing. I have an RGB modded with deblur feature which was very expensive, and I wish I had invested in the Ultra HDMI mod before prices went nuts. But here's a fact not too many people are familiar with: N64's anti aliasing gets a lot of hate today, with sharp digital displays we have now. I was doing 3d animation since 1994, and anti-aliasing was a very, very time consuming feature. It required very powerful hardware. When the N64 was released, I remember being wowed to no end realizing it could do f##ing anti-aliasing in real time. People hardly realize how impressive that was for 96's hardware because A) Nintendo honestly chose a bad implementation, over doing the amount of blur, and B) today's computers are so powerful that people no longer realize anti-aliasing was, at some point, an impressive feature to be had in real time. To put in short terms: it looks awful now. But that is NOW, in today's context. In 1996 it was mind blowing this little 250 bucks SGI-born console could do such a feature in real time. From a technical POV, it was amazing. It just looks lame now because of sharp displays, and how Nintendo sadly overdid it. It may not look the case, but the really lacking ones are Saturn and PS1 which couldn't dream of such hardware intensive feature in real time.
  11. Yup, have the same, with Tim Worthington deblur RGB mod. It's downright amazing, and not too many people have been exposed to N64s being so clean and sharp like that. I know it's not "native" N64 graphics at this point, but internally that's the gorgeous graphics the hardware is rendering, unfortunately we need mods to get access to this gorgeous sharpness. I wonder if the UltraHDMI mod is even sharper... although it costs an island and 10 Ferraris these days.
  12. Many new comments, I'll go from here! I completely agree the N64 is hit and miss, because it really was. Just like the Jag, the 64 was hard to program for as legends say, and as such only some few select developers took full advantage of its power. What Nintendo, Rare, Factor 5, Acclaim and Ubisoft did with the N64 was what it really could do. Rare for example rewrote the microcodes (please any programmer here, correct me if I'm wrong) which allowed to use higher res textures than the infamous native N64 texture cache limit. That small texture cache + cartridges size + some developers being lazy or not fully understanding the hardware is what gave the N64 its infamous blurry reputation. When developers said "naah, I'll extract every ounce this baby can do", graphics were far closer to DC than the other developers' poor atempts would lead you to believe. In short, I'd say the N64's library is: 65% sub PS1 graphics (those lame attempts) and 35% masterpieces (by Rare and the better bunch). But you really should focus on those 35%. Those are using the actual N64 power. When properly programmed, the N64 was insanely powerful and miles ahead the 5th generation. It's just that, sadly, few times it had its full potential unleashed (much like the Jag). The Jag is a similar story. I'll never judge the Jag because of lesser attempts like Aircars, Cybermorph (even though this has its followers), Checkered Flag (although I LOVE it, don't ask me why)... What defines the Jag is AVP, Rayman, Skyhammer, Iron Soldier 1 - 2, Battlesphere, Raiden, Wolfenstein, etc. This is the Jag being properly programmed, and should be measured by that. Those hard-to-program-for consoles have loads of hit and miss. We should judge them by games which really utilized the full power.
  13. Guys, ok I'll give you that. Of course I'm being a bit on the optimistic side, after all even the worst DC titles are running on hardware several times faster than the n64. Of course the DC has to be more impressive on average, it's an obligation given the hardware difference. Yes, I had them all at the same time, DC, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox. Not really defending the N64 because I wanna hate on the DC, I had it too and loved it. My point is that the N64 deserves far better respect than it being "a blurry mess", it really does. The best N64 titles are much closer to DC quality (closer, ok? Can I use that expression now? Are we cool now?) than the best PS1 titles. To put them both (N64 and PS1) in the same bag is not right, and to simplify the N64 by its worst titles (the really blurry ones) is absolutely not right either. Hope this clarifies my point, but them again if yours is different, fine. We're just happy to move on with our own opinions them.
  14. This is not a fair comparison, VF3 is concentrating all the polys the DC can push into just 2 characters and a simplified environment. Of course those models will look much, much more detailed. It's narrowing all its power into just 2 models. Also have in mind VF3 is not exactly a 1st gen DC title (even if it came in the first batch of games, don't know its release date). Because VF3 is an arcade Naomi based game, so Sega had a ton of development experience there in the first place. It didn't just pop in for DC out of thin air. Sooo... Apples vs oranges comparison. For a more apples to apples comparison, take a look at what Time Splitters looked like on the better-than-DC PS2 hardware. Now again, Perfect Dark: And have in mind this is veeeeery poorly captured N64 footage. Actually, it's not doing the console any justice at all. Have a go at a RGB modded N64 through OSSC to know what it really looks like. Time Splitters is not looking any hotter than PD I'd say.
  15. I was jumping out of the thread, because we could spend all day argueing about that here. After all, it's my opinion vs yours, and vice versa. Hardly anyone of us will change positions regarding what compares to what. I just want to clarify 1 thing that is not opinion-based, and I didn't make it very clear. When I said those n64 games are DC quality, I'm sure you guys are picturing in your head the very best DC games ever released, probably those in the later stages of the DC life. That's not what I meant. I meant DC games, any of them, even 1st gen. Yes the best N64 titles ever do compare to early DC games. Please have in mind: it's the very best of a previous generation vs the infancy of the next. Not that impossible of a fight. Just the other day I was watching Time Splitters 1 for the PS2 on YT, and Perfect Dark for example absolutely compares to that. And PS2 is far more powerful than the DC. Time Splitters is a 1st gen PS2 title if you haven't played it. I could list dozens of games on DC which are not exactly that amazing technically. On the other side, those saying the N64 is blurry, is picturing in their heads N64's very worst titles graphically (Body Harvest, Kameleon Twist, Paperboy, etc) Don't pick a system's worst titles and define it entirely by that poor standard. Can you really say Conker's, Wave Race, Sin and Punishment, TWINE, Majora's Mask, Rogue Squadron, Fifa 99, Goldeneye, Bettle Adventure Racing, Indiana Jones, etc are blurry messes? I doubt, and that's not based on opinion. Those games are amazing by any standard you look at them.
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