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  1. I picked this up last night (just got a Switch Lite a couple weeks ago). It's done pretty well, with all sorts of options, but like most compilation these days, I just wonder why so few games. Only Galaga and Galaga 88 really interest me
  2. Here's one for Atariboy that I came across in an 80s group
  3. I was never really into punk, but I did like the Dead Milkmen. For some reason, these guys give me that same vibe
  4. I had a friend in high school who did that. Only no one else did, so he was basically just him.
  5. Well I thought it was funny. What's not funny is that too many record companies ignore their back catalogs, until they suddenly get popular because they appear on some TV show. Case in point, the Neverending Story. Took it being on Stranger Things for them to post the official video (as opposed to some random guy who posted it in VHS quality)
  6. The is a strange but very effective mash-up of two of my favorite disco songs
  7. I think pretty clearly, SNK peaked with Vanguard. I'm sure others will disagree.
  8. Combat was such a strange pack-in for the VCS/2600. It was completely multiplayer, so if you were the only kid in your family (like me), you got an Atari and couldn't really play it
  9. Definitely O's Musical Emporium. It's just links to youtube, so I think that would be okay. (Might actually warrant a section like reviews. Or not)
  10. Atarboy, Sniper, and possibly onmode-ky And that guy who wanted to know about AtariAge user Shawn Sr
  11. 8 Arcade Games? Is that some sort of joke? I remember the PS1 collection had 10, and actually had their classics: Time Pilot, Gyruss, Pooyan, and Scramble (plus Super Cobra which I never really liked) The GBA equiavelent only had 6 games, but it also had remixes if you entered the Konami code.
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