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  1. I've been following this thread for about a year, and have been following analogue since the Nt mini was announced. I'm a proud super Nt owner, and will certainly be getting a Mega Sg in the near future as well. This thread has been incredibly helpful with an abundance of information about jailbreaks and optimizing my super Nt setup, which I am very grateful to you all for. I grew up playing games, started with NES, but my nostalgia is definitely highest for SNES, Genesis, and N64. I have owned nearly all of the major 1990's and 2000's consoles at some point, though have sold most of them over time. I am now in my early 30's, and have more disposable income but much less time to play games with work and family life. I am probably more on the casual side than most on this forum, but I'm happy to spend money on quality and convenience and still have a cart collection laying around. CRT's are long gone from my house, and I love what Analogue is doing with the features, quality and price point they are hitting with the super Nt and Mega Sg. I don't think I'm the only one in this boat, and it seems like from order numbers reported here, the super Nt and Mega Sg are selling much better than any of their previous products did. Just wanted to offer my opinion on where Analogue should go next, as I've become a huge fan of this company and of Kevtris' work and dedication to perfection. I think most of the earlier consoles being discussed here such as TG16, colecovision, intellivision, PCE, Neo-geo, etc are all too niche to launch a dedicated product for, and would sell in far fewer numbers than the SNT or MSG. An Atari multiconsole may have potential but is really before my time for me to comment on. To my knowledge, if Analogue wants to produce a system that will sell as much as their two most recent ones are, they have three logical options: N64, GBA, or PS1. I list those in order of preference. I think the market for PS1 may be less than some think because of the excellent backwards compatibility that both PS2 and PS3 provide, and as has been discussed here, the Bios issue may be technically difficult, as well as sourcing CD drives. The coming PS1 classic may also erode the market potential for a "Play Sn". I have seen the Kevtris interview on MLIG when the SNT launched, and I remember him saying with current FPGA tech, N64 is likely not yet possible at a reasonable price point. I am hopeful this changes soon, as I am 100% sure this is the system with the fewest options out there, suboptimal current emulation, and would benefit the most from some Kevtris magic, especially if he can utilize the ultraHDMI tech which has been a game changer for N64 but has extremely limited availability and is cost prohibitive. If analogue could find a way to include goldeneye preloaded on a "64 Nt" like they did with super turrican, they will have a slam dunk hit that will sell more than anything else they've made to this point. That leaves GBA, which Kevtris has said is technically feasible with current FPGA tech, and would be my pick for their next product. There's a ton of great GBA games, the game boy player for GC is difficult to come by, and Nintendo removed backwards compatibility for GBA from the DS a long time ago. I believe a "GB Nt" with support for GBA, GBC, and GB would sell just as much if not more than anything Analogue has made thus far. Playing GBA games on a modern TV could be a great experience and seems like an untapped market to me, as the only main option I'm aware of is GC + GB player + expensive GC component cables + component to HDMI converter. An FPGA portable GB unit would be a great option as well if they wanted to go that route.
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