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  1. Curse you midterms, and your innate ability to delay any projects I have planned!

  2. Oh wow this is perfect! I was wondering if basic had a way of doing this, guess I needed to read up on it more lol. I'll give this a try for sure
  3. Since Maria just splits the screen into horizontal zones, you can scroll specific zones of the screen to simulate parallax (Or all of them for just regular scrolling), it's actually way easier than any other console I've heard of, with other systems you usually have to use horizontal interrupts to segment the screen. Oh, and the game would be a 2d Arcade style action-platformer, think Shinobi or Rolling Thunder But this is always subject to change of course lol.
  4. Thanks again guys! I appreciate it very much! Thank you! That is a good idea, I actually plan to change the mountains from 320A to 320B, so giving more color to add depth is a great idea! Unfortunately, Kangaroo mode is on for this screen, so I couldn't overlap the peaks, unless I was to change the mode mid-frame, which I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing that lol. However, if I can learn how, I'd be a great addition
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys! I'm happy everyone is liking it so far
  6. Finally made some time to work on this more, and decided it should be in it's own topic so I can post any updates to here, instead of on the old-unrelated topic. I managed to get some screen transitions and nice fade in/out, however keep in mind this is unfinished so things may not always be perfect lol. The demo will consist of the title screen, and an introduction that tells the plot of the hypothetical game, with lots of nice art and text to read Always open to suggestions and feedback, thanks! Here's the ROM LadyLady.a78
  7. Does anyone know where I can find a music tracker for the Yamaha YM2413?

    1. carlsson


      For the chip itself or for a system using it? I understand the MSX-Music expansion was based on the YM2413, as well as some add-on to the Mark III and built into the Japanese SMS. Is your application either of these or similar?


      Here is more about MSX-Music and various packages involved with it: https://www.msx.org/wiki/MSX-MUSIC

    2. R_Leo_1


      It would just be for the chip itself, like Famitracker or Deflemask, for use on modern PCs. Also thank you for the link!

  8. That's a sight for sore eyes, massive improvement. I hope to see this get all fixed up!
  9. I second this since a sequel would allow for certain things to be improved over the first game.
  10. Had just about finished a 7800 graphics demo, but then school just HAD to start again... 

  11. Oh okay, this will work great! Thanks for the help
  12. In the 7800basic guide it says that modulus can be performed on variables using "//" but I have been unable to get it to work, it doesn't seem to have any effect on the variable at all. I've tried to write the code in different ways but no such luck. I would appreciate any help with this, thanks. Here's a snippet of the code: scrollskip2 count1 = count1+1 if ((count1 // 4)=0) then count2 = count2+1 if count2 = 255 then goto introduction goto TitleScreenLoop ...and the entire bas file if needed LL.bas
  13. All my finals for this semester are finally over. Now I can get back to programming 🤙

    1. Jinroh




      Mine just ended Monday too!


      So I am back to coding as well. :)


  14. Big fan! Been reading and watching his work since I was a kid
  15. Thanks! I had a lot of fun making those, especially the last one, I tried something different with the lighting.
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