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  1. Anyone have some advice on buying a 5200? I.e. best place to get one, some things to consider controller-wise etc.

    1. masschamber


      "dead" consoles that don't power up usually have a single chip that has gone bad, as a bonus it is off the shelf and as an additional bonus it is typically socketed. and costs like 83 cents.

    2. eightbit


      Look heavily for some kind of adapter to use as a replacement for the original controller. You will not have a good time with the console with that original controller....even if it works. The Wico stuff is expensive and overrated. When I received my 5200 the person I purchased it from made and included an adapter that has the dial pad and accepts a normal Genesis controller (with both buttons mapped to it). This console is REALLY enjoyable with a proper controller.

    3. SlidellMan


      I would suggest a flea market, but the only one that has an Atari vendor is on Menge Ave. north of Gulfport, MS. Don't know about Florida, however.

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