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  1. Been very sick for 3 days now, might be COVID :(

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    2. MikeDijital777


      Shawn sounds like alot of fun at parties...    🙄

    3. R_Leo_1


      Just so you're aware I'm getting tested tomorrow, Shawn. I say might, since I am showing nearly all of the symptoms of COVID, and have never been sick like this before, especially not for this length of time. If you want people to shut themselves in and never talk about their problems, then best place yourself somewhere other than a forums site. Oh, and feel free to report me, whatever fills the black hole in your heart, you jerk.

    4. Shawn


      If this is the kinda crap that makes you feel more important and is how you want to present yourself, have at it. I sure hope you don't have Covid-19. As for the insults you sent my way? If that makes you feel better about yourself and your situation you are welcome to keep it up. I'm a big girl and I'll be ok. 

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