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  1. Btw, i have some pcbs left, so if anyone wants this adapter, you can contact me at: [email protected]
  2. Ok, so if get it right, what you are saying is that, there is no "Fear" or problem by feeding pin5 of DB9 connector with 5volts permanently? So,i will just add this line (without any jumper or switch) in the pcb, next time i order a batch?
  3. Hmm, this "8bitdo Retro Receiver for Sega Genesis" you think that it's popular enough to worth a revision in board to include this extra connection?
  4. Well,i think it depends on what kind of controller you want to use: - For atari 2600, sega genesis, C64, amiga, atari st, amstrad cpc (and practically almost any controller/joystick for old 8/16bit home micros) joysticks/gamepads you will need the 9pin adapter. - For any PC analogue joytstick equipped with 15pin D connector you need the bohoki clone adapter. Mind also that 9pin adapter is digital only, so you will not be able to use it with the few 5200 games (5-6 out of ~70 games available for A5200) that need analogue controller.
  5. I finally receive the missing DB15 male connectors for the keypads today, so adapter is available again.
  6. Or i may add a tiny switch like the one i use at usb mouse adapter: Using that, either extra component or soldering is needed!
  7. Hmm, this might be a good idea indeed, i might also add this line to a next revision of board. Fortunately both pin12 on 15pin a5200 connector and pin5 on the 9pin connector are not used at all, so anyone can easily solder a small wire from one pad to another on existed boards and give it a try! My only concern is that 5v supply was only assigned on pin5 on sega controllers ( http://wiki.icomp.de/wiki/DB9-Joystick ), all other types (including the standard atari 2600 original db9 pinout) use this pin as 3rd button (or either potx/poty), so it might be potentailly dangerous to supply 5v to this pin, as it will cause a short circuit, if you try to press 3rd button, on any joystick that supports it. On the other hand, i'm not aware of any DB9 controller that supported 3 separate fire buttons, even joysticks with 2 separate fire buttons are rather few ,compared to the enormous amount of joysticks that supported only 1 fire (most joysticks have 2 physical fire buttons, but both of these buttons were directed to the same 1st fire pin,so in reallity these joysticks supported 1 fire button, which actually was the "indusrty standard" derived from the original Atari2600 controller, 2nd and 3rd fire buttons were "undocumented", so companies place them in different pins...)
  8. Unfortunately things about this notorious "5v" pin is not so simple, check the current discussion some time last year: In 2 words, using the 5v pin result in NON working adapter, only using "pot common" make it work! As i wrote before,i don't know many things about "inner workings" of an Atari 5200, but this 8bitdo might indeed need to use 5v pin12 instead of "pot common".
  9. Hi Everyone, i finally receive the PCB 's but now, the problem is ,i can't post to US due to this global mass hysteria and restrictions about covid19... I'll let you know when i will be able to ship again to US
  10. I'm currently waiting for rather large batches of Pcb's, for both the atari 5200 and usb mouse adapter too. H opefully when i receive them,i should be able to meet the demand for much longer time!
  11. And all items dissapearred in minutes... I really didn't expect such overreaction, there must be really a GREAT NEED for this adapter! :-)
  12. Finally, i've managed to have available a few more adapters, main supply will be restored by the end of month/early next month. That,IF by then, they will not close all public services including post offices or your president forbids EVERYTHING comes from Europe (really,they strating to act as if the BLACK DEATH is uppon us, planetary scale social engineering "exercises" or "flase flag" operation in order to sell a few BILLIONS vaccines? ...) :-)
  13. Very nice project, but i think it's a bit "over kill", to build such a complicated circuit just to test atari 5200 game port! :-) Personally i took a much simpler and easier aproach. I made a plain 15pin D to 15pin D adapter that directs the pinout of the atari 5200 signals (from the adapter) to the pinout of the pc 15pin signals. That way,i can directly test each board i make, using a 15pin gameport to usb adapter through the game controller properties from windows control panel! You can directly test movement and fire buttons, as for the extra 15pin D connector for the keypad,i only test continuity of the extra ribon cable with the male 15pin D connector attached, to ensure that works ok. So far,i've made and sold more than 50 boards and all seem to work ok, so i suppose this method is quite good for..."quality control" too! Still, your circuit remains a very nice project!
  14. I've already order some pcb's but with all the fuss about china virus, i don't expect to get them soon. In any case, i'll let you know when i have one ready. Btw, ave1, after all the presentations you already made, the one about the usb mouse adapter you prepare, and probably the "bohoki on pcb" in the near future, maybe i should declare you "official tester" for my adapters! 😄 And now i'm thinking of this, i've made these adapters for Atari 5200 (master play clone, bohoki adapter clone, usb mouse adapter...), without ever having an Atari 5200! But fortunately ,"outsourcing" testing & help to atari age members from U.S. made them available for everyone! This is the magic and power of retro-communities! 😉
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