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  1. How on earth do I buy this rom? My LTO Flash and Intellivision are safely tucked away in my "no touching' box. I'm using Grabulasaure's amazing Mister FPGA core and the Atari USB adaptor with the INTV2 controller. I'm staying as legit as I can here, aand would love to pay for this rom ❤️
  2. Hey - just finally catching up after the gaming expo. Awesome getting to chat, after figuring out I was running with one of your first builds for LTO. I'm the dork who wanted to know about cusotom joysticks as a replacement for the INTV controllers to use with FPGA emulation on the mister. I can confirm - the new build runs on Catalina!
  3. Had an amazing time! Picked up a limited copy of DKII,
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