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  1. @FND I hope I tagged the right one, there's an opened white box 16 on ebay if you wanted to document it for your site.
  2. Alright which one of you paid $610 for a loose system?
  3. Model #: MX329IBI If you and a friend (or two) can come pick it up, it's yours! Located in Astoria, Queens I have photos if you want them
  4. Well, hopefully you never encounter circumstances that force you to sell away your labor of love. But if you ever do decide to sell, I'll be here!
  5. Well now it makes me wonder if you're considering that!
  6. Loose Checkers for $2,247 last week. Double boxed copy just went for $1,525. Interesting turn of events.
  7. While we wait to see how high double box Checkers will go for, does anyone know why my version 1 Channel F would suddenly stop sending a visual output? The sound still comes out of the system, but the video is nowhere to be found anymore. I have it running through a VCR and then a distribution amp, and I have also tried running it directly into the TV to no avail.
  8. Thought I'd throw this out there - I have an un-working Videocart-12 that I'd love to send to anyone, free of charge, who wishes to repurpose or needs a cartridge for their homebrew or other needs. I also have a loose end label that belongs to a text-label Videocart-2 with the F on it that I'm not sure what to do with. If anyone wants that I'll throw it in an envelope and mail it to you as well.
  9. Hello! Here's what I have to offer: PC DOOM II (big box, addendum, NO GAME) The Ultimate DOOM (big box, instruction manual, addendum, poster, NO GAME) Magnavox Odyssey Fun Zoo (boxed, both overlays, all 28 cards, photocopied instructions) Handball (loose but including Game Card 8, both overlays, photocopied instructions, untested) Magnavox Odyssey 3000 (boxed, tested/working system, with warranty slip) Fairchild Channel F Videocart-1 (boxed, picture label, tested/working) Videocart-2 (black F END LABEL ONLY, no game) Videocart-3 (boxed, picture label, tested/working) Videocart-12 (loose, NOT working) Atari 2600 *boxes and cart versions taken from Video Game Variations *all untested Air-Sea Battle (box 2 cart E) (boxed) Asteroids (cart B) (loose) Combat (box 3 cart H) (boxed with manual) Combat (box 7 cart I) (boxed with manual) Combat (cart I) (loose with manual) Indy 500 (box 4 cart C) (boxed with manual & catalog) Missile Command (cart G or H) (loose) Space Invaders (box 2 cart D) (boxed) Space Invaders (cart G) (loose) Street Racer (box 2 cart C) (boxed with manual & catalog) Yars’ Revenge (cart B or D) (loose) 2 paddles, loose I can provide pics for anyone who asks. I'd prefer to trade for Channel F games, I have a very small collection that I'm looking to build up. I'm looking for: Videocart-9 manual only Videocart-12 cart only and Videocarts 4 through 26 CIB (I know..) Otherwise, we can talk prices. They'll probably be on the lower side, as I just hope to fund my Channel F collection.
  10. Sorry to necro this thread, but I'm trying to figure out how to capture Channel F to my laptop. I figured it is similar enough to the 2600 that one method should work for both. I'm running a Macbook Pro with Catalina (which seems to be the big problem, as it no longer supports 32-bit programs). System is unmodded. My setup is Channel F -> VCR -> HD PVR -> split to Trinitron and my computer. Video capture program is HDPVRCapture, but they haven't answered any of my emails regarding my issues. I'm running the demo of the software until I can figure out how to make it work. I set it to record for 2 mins, but every time I run it, it only records between 6 and 11 seconds, and then the conversion from an .m2ts file to .mp4 ruins the video. I've looked into other options such as a simple EasyCap but the EasyCap For Mac software also seems to be unsupported by Catalina. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  11. Thanks for explaining that. I think what we're boiling down to here: If you collect unique GAMES, a complete set is #1-#26 (for the USA at least). If you collect officially released physical cartridges, you have to include Democart-1 with that. Is that correct to say?
  12. Is the democart not just built-in hockey with instructions?
  13. I try to compare similar cases from other complete sets when looking at systems like these. What I mean is this: Democart-1 was released for the Channel F, but software-wise it's just hockey, which already came built into the system. On the one hand, you could compare it to Mine Storm for the Vectrex. I'm not sure it's physical release is counted towards a "complete set" because the game is already built into the Vectrex. You could also apply that logic to the double enders for the 2600. If you have a double ender, you don't need to get the single cartridge versions of those games because you already have the software to count towards a "complete set" of the 2600, whatever that may be. On the other hand, the NES, which has an officially licensed set of games, counts their 3 or 4 compilation cartridges as part of a complete set, even though those games had previously come out on individual cartridges. So to me, the Democart is a grey area. Yes it came out, yes it was released by the company manufacturing Channel Fs at that time so there is no worry about it being licensed or not, but in reality the software is already on the first system so it's a duplicate. As for mail order, I mostly agree with you, but trying to figure out if something had a retail release, especially on the 2600, is a pain in the ass.
  14. Yeah according to the docs on FND's site they offered it for sale through mail order for a month and then later offered it as the free game in a buy 4 carts, get 1 free promo. That makes me want to assume that they actually had them on hand to sell and send out, unlike the Keyboard carts which were also only on sale for a month.
  15. I'm curious, what is your reasoning? I have reasons for and against, but I always want to hear what others think.
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