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  1. Hello there, After months, I'm still wanting to buy two Fairchild Channel F Model 2 controllers that are detachable and I can use those controllers on MAME. I could try getting the console itself but it's really expensive and the AC adapter is very, very old. Does anybody here have two spare Fairchild Channel F Model 2 controllers that I could buy? Please send me a PM if you have two spare controllers.
  2. Does anyone have any extra Wonderswan Flashmasta cartridges that I could buy? The cartridge is currently out of stock and I do not know when or how long the cartridge would be back on stock at the Flash Masta Developments website. I look forward to receiving a PM.
  3. I'll go ahead and bump this forum. I'm still interested in the Channel F System II controllers. If anybody has those controllers, please PM me.
  4. I am wondering if anybody here has a Fairchild Channel F System II controller to sell to me? Those controllers have the famous DB9 connectors. I'd like two of those controllers in working condition. PM me if you have those controllers.
  5. Popping in the cart close to the left side finally got the cart working.
  6. I received an Agacart cartridge, but I'm having trouble getting it to work. My Lynx II is unmodified and I selected a number via the blue buttons. The cartridge displayed P after selecting a number and then after a few seconds it stops, but the console itself freezes for a few minutes until it turns off. I tried both batteries and AC adapter. Nothing.
  7. I would love to have an Agacart. Please add me to your pre-order list. Thank you!
  8. I seriously would love to have one cased flashcart for my Atari Lynx II. Please put me on the pre-order list. Thank you.
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