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  1. No it's not. This implies you knew this all along. Why didn't you tell us? Because... you did not know. So no, this is NOT why you never used the peroxide method.
  2. So... the yellowing probably is caused by sunlight filtered through glass, and/or heat and ozone gas...? I wonder if you can brighten using an UV light like in the 'old' method, but just leave out the peroxide... would be worth an experiment. Sadly i've got nothing to brighten at the moment...
  3. If we can't get the 'pof' files, it's pretty useless. I assume there are only 3 or 4, 1 for each resolution? anyway, would have been nice to do this. Maybe Simius will allow us to share this someday
  4. It would be nice to know how to reprogram the resolutions/timings... any chance you or Simius will share this?
  5. Get a Spears & Munsil dvd or the free AVCHD from https://www.avsforum.com/forum/139-display-calibration/948496-avs-hd-709-blu-ray-mp4-calibration.html and just set up the basics the best you can. There is no use using patterns from our old 8 bit computers, the color reproduction is just way off and won't resemble any current standard. Even better is getting a cheap meter like an xrite i1pro and do an actual calibration, but only if the monitor has separate controls for rgb bias/gain etc. otherwise just stick to the basic color, hue, brightness etc.
  6. Yeah i was lucky i guess... very, very stupid mistake.
  7. Oh damn i must be getting dementia or something. Even though i measured everything twice, i did manage to switch GND and 5V on the DIN plug... so stupid. Anyway, it works now
  8. Eeeh no? The upper left part, where it say's POWER ON, and where the different 5V are distributed... Or am i really that stupid?
  9. I bought a stock 5V/3A power supply, cut off the connector, and replaced the connector with the 7pins DIN plug, and soldered the 5V and ground according to the schematic... First i measured the existing DIN plug to see if the schematic was correct (which it was). Also measured the new power supply, all ok. But... once i plug in the new power supply... nothing. 600XL won't power on... what am i missing?
  10. I don't think they will bloom under extreme ultraviolet
  11. Also the (600XL) case has a 0.5-1.0mm raised plateau where the badge sits; you can carefully chissle that out to lower it a bit.
  12. I've read that later versions had some bugfixes as well.
  13. I was finally able to compare the component/svideo output to the DVI output, and i notice there are color differences; it looks like Sophia can't display yellow? It is replaced by some beige/orange sort of color. It is very noticable in a level of Donkey Kong; the ladders should be yellow but with Sophia they are sort of beige/orange. Also the beams in component look purple, with Sophia they are light-blue. See picture (is analog signal) In the Sophia image, the yellow ladders are basically the same color as the orange like fur on kong, and the orange like inner color of the 8 rivets. There is no difference between them. Is this a Sophia issue? Or are Sophia's colors correct and did the programmers use tricks to make colors look different, using the nature of the component signal?
  14. Does lag really play a significant role with these slow graphics and framerates?
  15. It would be nice if owners would also test their television set for compatibility, not just their monitors.
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