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  1. Ok, setting the 1050 to physical disk 2 did the trick i always wondered how this worked when i was a kid, only having the cassette player and never had to use DOS etc. Amazing to have finally be able to get & use a 1050 diskdrive on my Atari 600XL and format a disk, 40 years later, thanks guys
  2. So if i adjust the switches on the back of the 1050 to set it to D2 it should be ok as well?
  3. Thanks, is setting the 1050 as drive 2 mandatory? It’s set as disk 3 at the moment (both switches to the right, as seen from the back).
  4. Yeah the 1050 powers on, power led is on, and the disk led is on the first seconds after power up and then turns off. I have no physical, bootable disks. Only empty new ones.
  5. Mmm. Tried it, ran a sio cable from the 600XL to the 1050, and from the 1050 to the pc/usb. Mounted a DOS 2.5 in aspeqt drive 1, can boot up the 600xl with DOS using aspeqt, but... that is it. If i e.g. format d2,d3 or d4, nothing happens. The 1050 is powered on, but the drive does not respond to anything, drivelight does not come on. Is the 1050 broken?
  6. I’ve ordered a box of 10 ds/dd 5,25” floppy’s from ebay, as soon as they are here i will give it a go i’m old enough to have worked with flopppy’s in the past, on the first pc’s when i was a student, but never on my atari when i was a kid, i only had the cassette player.
  7. Oh wow i had to open up the case to actually see there are two small switches directly behind each other, from the outside they look like 1 normal one haha
  8. I can only see 1 switch on te back of the 1050?
  9. No this is not what i’m using, i’m using the small transparent sio connector that uses an usb cable to connect to a pc or mac. So i guess i’m in the wrong topic... i can’t get the 1050 to work with the interface i’m using?
  10. How do i tell? I’ve got it fron ebay, from Lotharek himself.
  11. Thanks! will give it a try later tomorrow
  12. I've bought a 1050 drive, but have no floppies... i do have the SIO2USB cable and can work with Aspeqt to mount disks and have the 600XL boot from them. I do have DOS 2.5 which i can mount in Aspeqt. Now i was hoping i could daisy chain my 1050 drive (600XL -> 1050 -> SIO2USB ->MAC) and somehow could boot DOS 2.5 from aspect, so once i get me some floppies, i could then copy DOS 2.5 over to the 1050 so i could boot from a real disk (just for fun). But whatever i try, as soon as the 1050 is turned on, the 600XL either returns BOOT ERROR or just won't boot at all. If i turn the XL off, it will boot from Aspeqt's mounted disk... Am i missing something? Or can the 1050 only be attached and turned on with a bootable disk in it? How do i get DOS 2.5 from within Aspeqt, to be copied on a real disc? Do i need this '10502PC' cable? I was under the impression the SIO2USB was enough?
  13. No it's not. This implies you knew this all along. Why didn't you tell us? Because... you did not know. So no, this is NOT why you never used the peroxide method.
  14. So... the yellowing probably is caused by sunlight filtered through glass, and/or heat and ozone gas...? I wonder if you can brighten using an UV light like in the 'old' method, but just leave out the peroxide... would be worth an experiment. Sadly i've got nothing to brighten at the moment...
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