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  1. I get the impression that some of you here see this and wonder why people are buying some no-brand ibm pc clones and showing them on an Atari forum... Well, this is an actual Atari PC from the late '80s. Not just the monitor (and keyboard), the pc itself is ATARI and should be considered a collectors item. Besides that, i think the design is great. This is one of the best looking pc's from these years. It would be even better if they had designed a matching monitor as well.
  2. You are quoting a 5 year old post... Anyway, i opened the case, breaking the guarantee seal and there was evidence that the vertical 3.5" drive was not a factory option. Metal was sawn and bent, on the plastic cover there are sawmarks and bent metal as well. So i guess this was done by hand by the (dutch) importer as an option, since it was officially sealed.
  3. Longcat thinks i'm insane for bringing home old garbage in stead of food
  4. I just bought this supercool PC3. I had one back in the day, was my first IBM compatible pc. Mine did not have the 3.5" vertical drive, just the one 5.25" floppy with the internal 30MB harddisk. I actually never saw these machines with a vertical 3.5" drive installed, i assumed it was aftermarket, or done by the previous owner, but... the seal on the case is actually still intact, so it was never opened, and the cut in the front for the drive is perfect, not done afterwards, so i assume this was a factory option... btw showed this thing on the facebook page as well. Later on i found these pictures on ataripc.net showing another machine with vertical 3.5" drive: http://www.ataripc.net/pc4-286/atari-pc4-photo-gallery/ I will clean it up and possibly whiten it, in time i would like to add a bootable ISA SD card or something. Will look into that. Came with a PCM124 moitor and Atari keyboard (ZXCV keys are not working, have to check it), mouse is missing. Was not eaten by the cats. Checked it.
  5. Ok, setting the 1050 to physical disk 2 did the trick i always wondered how this worked when i was a kid, only having the cassette player and never had to use DOS etc. Amazing to have finally be able to get & use a 1050 diskdrive on my Atari 600XL and format a disk, 40 years later, thanks guys
  6. So if i adjust the switches on the back of the 1050 to set it to D2 it should be ok as well?
  7. Thanks, is setting the 1050 as drive 2 mandatory? It’s set as disk 3 at the moment (both switches to the right, as seen from the back).
  8. Yeah the 1050 powers on, power led is on, and the disk led is on the first seconds after power up and then turns off. I have no physical, bootable disks. Only empty new ones.
  9. Mmm. Tried it, ran a sio cable from the 600XL to the 1050, and from the 1050 to the pc/usb. Mounted a DOS 2.5 in aspeqt drive 1, can boot up the 600xl with DOS using aspeqt, but... that is it. If i e.g. format d2,d3 or d4, nothing happens. The 1050 is powered on, but the drive does not respond to anything, drivelight does not come on. Is the 1050 broken?
  10. I’ve ordered a box of 10 ds/dd 5,25” floppy’s from ebay, as soon as they are here i will give it a go i’m old enough to have worked with flopppy’s in the past, on the first pc’s when i was a student, but never on my atari when i was a kid, i only had the cassette player.
  11. Oh wow i had to open up the case to actually see there are two small switches directly behind each other, from the outside they look like 1 normal one haha
  12. I can only see 1 switch on te back of the 1050?
  13. No this is not what i’m using, i’m using the small transparent sio connector that uses an usb cable to connect to a pc or mac. So i guess i’m in the wrong topic... i can’t get the 1050 to work with the interface i’m using?
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