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  1. Anyone know the ~weight of the completed 1088XLD? I'm exploring some other old school mounting options and weight could play a part in it. Thank you
  2. Following up on a question above from @Kyle22 I took it to PM and made it known I'd summarize here. On the 1088XLD, I have 2 $100+ video solutions and a $150 I/O upgrade on top of the Standard 1088XLD. It's not that I have a problem with anyone knowing what I spent. It's that I think you should reach out to The Brewing Academy with what your needs are and get the price of what you want. I refer to mine as the Full Monty. What you choose will alter the bottom line. My choices are very specific. Marlin is very reasonable with his cost. I look at it as having a handmade suite made just the way you want. In this case it's an Atari 8 bit computer handmade from the ground up. I'm not getting any younger. I've hand built and booted computers in the past. This is my time to enjoy life as much as I can. The sooner I have it, the sooner I can get back to playing in my time off. If I were to build this myself it would likely be a year of fiddling. A year of not playing. I want to express the value of having someone experienced with the build, building this for you. I want to give you one other thought , how much would you sell "all of your free time for a year" for? I recommend The Brewing Academy for any Atari work you don't want to do yourself. This is my second order for work from The Brewing Academy, we are not family members. I just genuinely appreciate getting good work for a fair price. more later Thank you
  3. Need a little help. I bought this probably 20 years ago. I used it a few times back then. When I last booted it 17 years ago it was flakey. Flakey means it would white screen and hang. Have pushed all socketed chips down. Power on = Fans spins Black screen On floppy activity Tested with a second power supply same results. I noticed it has a piggyback socket on the CPU. Anyone know why you would do that? I have a working 1040 but was going to use this for games and my Superchrger IBM emulator. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you
  4. I have this being "Lasered" to sit on my 1088XLD. Clear Acrylic edge lighting. Thank you
  5. So let's dive into my history with Atari A8's. When I was young we wet to an electronics store "The Federated Group" in West Los Angles. There on display on a wide oak desk, was an Aarti 800, an Atari 400 and a 810 Disk Drive, I think the 800 and 810 were about $1400.00 in a "package deal." We had no means to own anything of this type but we could go to the store and play for two or three hours at a time, a bunch of cart games were there, Pac man, Galaxian, Star Raiders and so on. Within a few years I had the first money in my life and was able to buy an 800XL and 1050 Floppy Drive. I soon was consulting with business professionals on using the Atari in their businesses. When Atari bought the Federated Group to have a retail out let to sell the ATARI ST, guess where I ended up working as an "Atari Expert" managing the computer department. One day "the desk" went on sale. They were getting rid of it. It had a bottom paper storage shelf, two cutouts for fan-fold paper to feed through the top and a shelf for printers. That desk is sitting in my living room waiting for the printers to be setup 35 years later. This is really taking a trip back to those glory days, in a Cadillac that I call an "Atari Bespoke" computer. It's worth every penny. @Kyle22 I'll PM you. Thank You
  6. I just bought a Vintage Atari SMM804 Dot Matrix Printer for the printer port on my 1088XLD, So now I can have one printer loaded with plain paper and the other with Green Bar 😛 Thank you
  7. BTW - In The 1088XLD thread I have added a VBXE. It was @stephan that originally got me to look at the VBXE, and gave me advice. It was a few gentle nudges from @flashjazzcat To run The Last Word for my XMM801 as well as a few other helpful members here. It was @MacRorie that suggested I add it to the 1088XLD build. I will report back here when I have it up and running. Thank you - all
  8. Hi Folks, If you're in this thread, I have possibly liked or thanked you multiple times. You see for years I've dropped in to look at the 8 bit scene. I was very excited to see the XLE as it was happening. It was not for me, not in the cards. Let me say I'm an experienced builder/maker/inventor. I have experience for the past 50 years. I have a 40 year background in doing support. Maybe more background later. I've been in more than 1 maker space sharing something built where my soldering and build choices were admired as "the Next level". So I have the chops to build this thing. From the moment I first saw the XLD I new it was the Holly Grail for me. I have a ridiculous collection of computers. But My first useful computer was the 800XL. I still have it and it is running after 35 years of storage. Much of this post is going to be about The Brewing Academy. I Basically pulled out one of my 8 Bits back around Thanks Giving(US) last year. When I looked at the technology and changes available, my head was spinning trying to understand it. I bought some new bits and started experimenting. I was also working on recovering some of my old work from floppies. I then moved on to having a U1mb and Sophia Rev C 4:3 installed on a XEGS. This was done by The Brewing Academy. And done well, to my specifications. I want to thank every one in this thread for their part. Special thanks to @MacRorie, @mytek & @Dropcheck I have spent the last 48 hours reading this entire thread. I have Commissioned a 1088XLD from The Brewing Academy with the Dropcheck I/O Mod with a Sophia Rev C 16:9 & VBXE. The Cart Port for me was the driving point, without it I'd not do the XLD, It's just my own focus. I basically looked at the 1088XLD late last year and missed the boat on Black Friday. I lingered on that point and had the XEGS upgrade done to get a feel for what the U1mb upgrade was about. I kept telling my Wife I wanted to move on getting a 1088XLD. To her it like the Peanuts cartoon teacher "want , waw- waw, daw , wawa" - She hears, "I want, it makes me happy". She is like "whatever, if it makes you happy why are you waiting?" So I took the plunge. I was in the area, this was a week ago, before all the Covid 19 information was out, I stopped and met with @MacRorie His operation is bigger than the Website leads one to believe. I can not say again how "Top Notch" his work is. I'm thankful for what he does. So I have written about my ability to do this, why have someone else do the work? Simple, if this is all I was doing no problem. But at the end of a long day of work, I'm tired, fatigued and frankly know I would make simple mistakes. I have built my fair share of PCs, some by hand. I have had the thrill of booting my own creation. I want to just use my 1088LXD and I'm grateful for @MacRorie offering the option to make it. His Expert advice has the XEVB added so I can use a JVC ST SC1224 monitor to run @flashjazzcat Last Word in all its 80 column glory. Thank you for the fantastic 1088xld firmware as well FJC. Now a right turn, My father was involved in Aerospace fasteners. Fasteners don't work the way most folks think of them, they are called fastening systems. This is because several things are working together, concentrating too much on one thing means you are missing all the others. I will not go into too much detail but most often the are function in a way I call "Pinning", while most think of "pulling". in a way my UK friend might put it - "Don't fuss about how it works, just get on with using it." I'm so looking forward to using my 1088XLD. Thank you @mytek for your work, it is obviously a labor of love. I appreciate the community for being here. I can not say how much it all means to me, especially in these strange times. Thank you All!
  9. I have a Supercharger and a Mega 2, bring it back on line. Need to find the DMA cable and it would be nice if I could locate my 5.25 drive for the ST. I have a Shoebox of floppies for the IBM. I do have a1040 stf running ATM.
  10. So I stopped at The Brewing Academy today to check it out. I made arrangements because I was only 45 minutes away. Normally I'm 400 miles away. I had my U1mb installed in a XEGS along with Sophia Rev. C. It is a sweet system when used with my Side 2. The work is top notch. I can't say more good things. If you need work and are in the US, reach out to The Brewing Academy. I stopped to say hi, have a coffee and I just placed another order for work. It will get its own post when I have it in hand. Thank you
  11. OK - I'm going to punt and buy a referub'd SC1224 for the BVXE on a 130XE. Thank you all
  12. ok - I have this in my unpowered for over 30 years pile - https://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-syncmaster-1100p-crt-monitor-21-series/ would it work with the vbxe? Sorry but the VBXE is a black box to me. Thank you
  13. I'm wondering if a VBXE setup could drive a SM124 in a clean 80 column mode so I can use The Last Word? Yes @flashjazzcat I'm considering building a A8 just for using the Last Word in 80C with my DotMatrix printer. Anyone done this yet? Thank you
  14. Congratulations on your ST! I just dug out my 1040stf and I have. Mega 2 still put away I will grab next time I can reach it. I decided to pull mine out to use as a VT100 terminal on a SM124 monitor. I have built a few Z80 CP/M computers and the ST can act as their interface. I'm looking at an Ultrasatan Mini. Thank you
  15. Thanks I will try it in the next few days. I have a XEGS with a U1mb upgrade. I've heard you need to use the Printshop with the blue back ground. I have both. It's the wife's birthday tomorrow so it will keep me from my Atari tomorrow. And I have to play catch up the day after. I will let you know what happens once I test it. Thank you for your support.
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