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  1. Kaboom - 489 I know it's peanuts but without using paddles it feels like an achievement! 😄
  2. Score improvement! H.E.R.O. - 34295
  3. Played this for the first few times today! Good game! Pressure Cooker - 1255
  4. Score improvement: Solar Fox (B/B) 15700 Rack 5
  5. Beginner's score! I'll try to improve! Rush 'n Attack - 33600
  6. Great, Mark! Should you struggle to get a specific game from Germany let me know. Maybe I can help getting it for you. PM me and I can look into it...
  7. Congratulations OldManG! Cheers to all participants! Thanks Vocelli! My favourites of HSC season 8 are: Demon Attack Frogger I'm looking forward to the next season!
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