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  1. River Raid (played on Jakks Pacific Activision TV Joystick): 14,970
  2. Unfortunately I don't have it on cart. Played on Jakks Pacific Activision Joystick console. Crackpots- 25400
  3. Improvement! Stampede, game 1 BB - 3088
  4. Stampede is a great game! Here are my scores: Game 1: 1822 Game 8: 1134
  5. Some research into extraterrestrial lifeforms was required for this one! I started to wonder whether things could've taken a different turn if Earth would've known more about these fellas. But hey! They thought barriers could stop them! Well, we all know how this ended! 😉 Bottom row: tentacle legs 2nd row: legs 3rd row: gripping arms 4th row: wings! 5th row: tentacle arms 6th row: antlers Space Invaders: 6 winged invaders!
  6. Stargate/Defender II - 57700 Not using the special weapons actually improved my skills! 😅 In later waves where no humans were left to save the best option was to try to just go in one direction at full speed. Dodge, pass, turn, shoot, pick up speed again. It's also worthwhile not to rush clearing a wave too quickly as after a while additional aliens appear dropping some extra points!
  7. Star Gate/Defender II (left port joystick only) - 16300. Big surprise: I beat my Ms. Pac-Man score! 😉
  8. Ms. Pac-Man - 5900 (before game crashed again!).
  9. Hi all! Nice that HSC season 10 started! Ms. Pac-Man - 4700 (game always crashes after coupla minutes playing) Pac-Man - 5270
  10. Is there any way to block a shot? 😒 Basketball - game 2: 42-42
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