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  1. Got my envelope today - Looking forward to the new games releases.
  2. Old school original controller - I have a SNES controller for my Phoenix but I find I do much better with the original .. my son on the other hand is a wiz with the the SNES thumb pad ... and he struggles with the original controller .
  3. Just got my copy - looks great - I'll give it a go tonight.
  4. Got mine - looking forward to the Secret Game - hopefully 2 and the 100 Rom's.
  5. the 2020 Club had 83 rom's - in the email i received about the 2021 club it says 100 rom's - excerpt from the email – Get access to our new ColecoVision rom vault 2021 that will include a total of 100 rom files, including a few that were never released.
  6. Just got my spiral bound book today - looks great - looking forward to giving it a read.
  7. 166 members according the the draw mp3 that Toby posted.. missed out as well
  8. First impressions - fun game - graphics and sound are on point... let my son try and I had to pry the controller out of his hands - he said its lots of fun - my problem now is I need to work hard to beat his high score .. the box is outstanding just like the good old days ( might need to frame it ).
  9. Got my package and the goods look great... just need to fire up the Phoenix and give the game a go...
  10. I'd like one as well - Arcade Box preferred.
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