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  1. I'm not in yet - but it sounds worthwhile now that I have the Phoenix it still seems like a decent deal even though the exchange rate doesn't help - but it sounds even more worth it..
  2. How many extra memberships will there be if all existing members renew ?
  3. Nice - looking forward to seeing the final design in my hands... Thanks for all your efforts.
  4. Good to hear (pun intended) that your sound issue went away - I played Donkey Kong as well but don't recall the audio levels ... I'll give it another go this evening.
  5. I had weird white screens and test pattern like display - went and bought a 5 port hdmi switch - all of the screen issues went away - I did have some strange sounds coming from Venture when a monster would get shot so I updated the core to the latest provided by Brian and all of the sound issues have gone away in the games I have played so far - I haven't tried the Atari core yet - I just need to find more time to play.... and a more reliable controller ... time to break out the soldering iron.. I'd like to thank the CollectorVision guys for all of their hard work and dedication to making the Phoenix happen.
  6. Just got my Phoenix - looks fantastic - going to fire it up tonight.
  7. Just like PixelBoy - I'd like 2 such unpainted controllers (black controller with black ball knobs). Where do I sign up?
  8. https://winworldpc.com/product/turbo-pascal/3x
  9. Hi Brian - just wondering how the Phoenix is doing ?
  10. I'd be in for 1 or 2 as well... if its possible...
  11. Just placed my Pre-Order... looking forward to the unit. Great Job Brian and the rest of CollectorVision.
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