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  1. OK - so no Ver 7 on the Gen 2 console. So the work around you mentioned works for Cavern Fighter ( pressing the fire button then playing - at Game Over it returns to the menu ) but with the Classics Cartridge - it never returns to the main menu - even pressing 2 or 3 to select one of the other games when the console is first turned on doesn't work - the console doesn't except the input unless ( haven't tried it ) the timing has to be perfect. From what I can tell yes there could be a bug with the games ( loading screen ) - however there could also be a minor bug with the Ver 8 core as it seems to be consistent with games from Tony in cartridge form - based on my testing - all other Collectorvision games that I have - seem to work fine on the Ver 8 core on either Gen of console.
  2. So I added the Ver 8 core to my Gen1 Phoenix ( works with my monitor) ( Core 4 slot ) - Cavern Fighter auto starts same behavior as on the 2nd Gen Phoenix ( Core Ver 8 ) - upon losing all lives - the Start screen flashes for a moment and the game starts again ... seems from my limited testing using Cavern Fighter and Electric Adventures CLASSICS - both from Tony they have the same behavior on the Ver 8 Core. but both work fine on the Ver 7 core. Brian - can the Ver 7 core be used on the 2nd Gen Phoenix ?
  3. Colecovision Core - Ver 8 on the 2nd Gen console and Colecovision core Ver 6 on the Gen 1 - I will update the core on the Gen 1 and see what the behavior is. Updated the 1st Gen Core to Ver 7 - works correctly .. are there differences between the Ver 7 and Ver 8 cores - can the Ver 8 core be installed on the 1st Gen Phoenix ?
  4. Tony - just curious do you know if the Cavern Fighter and Electric Adventures Classics cartridges were ever tested on a 2nd Gen Phoenix ?
  5. Did further Cartridge testing - Donkey Kong and Venture - no apparent issues - seem to be in my case both of the Electric Adventure Cartridges I purchased - skip the splash screens and go straight to the game firing - the CollectorVision Club games work just fine. 2nd Gen Phoenix Firmware : A0 CPU : T80SE V304 VDP - F18A V1.9 Just checked my 1st Gen Phoenix - it has the same Firmware / CPU / VDP as my 2nd Gen Phoenix - Cavern Fighter works on the 1st Gen
  6. Interesting - I purchased the Electric Adventures Classics - also from Tony Cruise and it works fine on my 1st Gen Phoenix - but on my 2nd Gen Phoenix it has the same fire button is pressed behavior - and goes straight into Meteor Swarm - I tried several other carts that need to start by pressing the fire button - they seem to be normal - I haven't tried anything yet from the SD card - or any old school cards yet - I suspect they will be fine as they require keypad input .. but I'll go dig out Donkey Kong and Cosmic Avenger and give them a go ...
  7. Cavern Fighter seems to work correctly on my First Gen Phoenix - but on my Second Gen phoenix - it behaves like the fire button is held down - skips the splash screens straight to the game and is firing. I need to test with a few other cartridge games to confirm the behavior - I might have an hardware issue .. or it might just be Cavern Fighter .. I'll do more testing ..
  8. Received my package today - both games look fantastic - I clearly need more practice as 1 only succeed once to level 2 on Game #1 - Game #2 I'm really good at dying ...
  9. Got my envelope today - Looking forward to the new games releases.
  10. Old school original controller - I have a SNES controller for my Phoenix but I find I do much better with the original .. my son on the other hand is a wiz with the the SNES thumb pad ... and he struggles with the original controller .
  11. Just got my copy - looks great - I'll give it a go tonight.
  12. Got mine - looking forward to the Secret Game - hopefully 2 and the 100 Rom's.
  13. the 2020 Club had 83 rom's - in the email i received about the 2021 club it says 100 rom's - excerpt from the email – Get access to our new ColecoVision rom vault 2021 that will include a total of 100 rom files, including a few that were never released.
  14. Just got my spiral bound book today - looks great - looking forward to giving it a read.
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