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  1. STOKED! I have original Intellivisions, but I've never owened the Intellivision II. Already got to play Pitfall on it. Next might be He Man
  2. All CIB. A good start to my WII U collection.
  3. Didn't buy today but they are a recent addition to my 2600 collection and the holders are pretty nice and link together. I still need go through to see If i need to do some repairs and there are definitely some basic touch ups.
  4. Augur


    I found a copy with the rocker switch and bought it knowing nothing about it. I would like to buy a manual and case for it does anyone know who might make either. Or what kind of case would work best for Odyssey 2 games (I could always create the artwork for the case) it would be great to find a case that I could put in place for my loose games too.
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