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  1. Thank you! Please be aware that we are still waiting for the cartridges from the manufacturer in order to start the shipments 😅
  2. I am sorry about that! I just copy-pasted the name in the address from the online store preorder...
  3. 😅 The names in the manual are in the same order as we received the pre-orders. Please don't read any hidden meanings into the order of the names 😅
  4. UPDATE: Except for the cartridges, everything else is ready (Manuals, boxes, covers, stickers, overlays) to begin the shipments to those of you who pre-ordered the game. The cartridge manufacturer is very busy and he has not given us an estimated date of when we should receive them. This means that the shipments (which should begin now) will be delayed and I will let you know as soon as we have a confirmed date. I am very sorry about this, but there are things that are outside of our hands/control. Thank you very much for your support and your patience.
  5. I just saw this! Thank you, everyone! I will pass your kind words to the team ^_^
  6. Thank you wolfy. This is also a good oportunity to update the status of the game: We are waiting for the flashed carts from Joe, which I hope will arrive before the end of this month. Everything else is ready (Boxes, manuals, cart labels, overlays).
  7. Did you guys managed to see the third ending? (that one has nothing to do with the difficulty level) Perhaps someone saw the third ending and thought it was the second ending. Let's code-name them so people who have seen them knows which one they saw: 1-liver 2-empire 3-rider Which ones did you see?
  8. I understand now, the shopping cart, not the credit card ^_^! Sorry, it is 1:33 AM here and I am very sleepy. I missread. I don't have the slightest clue what could be causing that. Have you tried to use a different explorer? (chrome, firefox...) Just in case.
  9. That is weird, this is the first issue in several thousand of transactions. I am guessing you already checked that your card is not really expired, offcourse. Perhaps the card is a non-Visa/Mastercard common card? You can pay via Paypal if you can/wish. You can send me a Private Message and I can give you my Paypal account address so you can send the money that way. Or perhaps you can try another card?
  10. Yes, today will be the last day to pre-order it at a special price and to have your name included in the special thanks section. Thank you for your support!
  11. Hi Mark, you just need to click on our online shop link on the first post of this thread and it will direct you to the preorder. I am leaving the link here as well: https://kai-magazine-software.fwscart.com/PREORDER_The_Sorrow_of_Gadhlan_Thur_for_Intellivision/p4398489_20901779.aspx Let me know if you have any issues. I just checked and everything works fine, so I guess you just missed the link before. Today is the last day to place pre-orders but I will keep it until tomorrow so you have time to place your pre-order or let me know if you have any issues. Thank you for your support!
  12. Thank you for your interest. This game hasn't been published yet. It will be published by Elektronite this year. Take care!
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