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  1. 15-20 hours means you really took all the game has to offer, and I thank you for that, because it shows you really lived it! I am very gratefull for what you wrote here and I am very happy for reading your words about the game. I feel honestly touched and, for starters, I can tell you that more Kai Magazine games are being developed for Intellivision, and after reading your words, we will start thinking about a sequel for this game, since it seems that the few people who have managed to adquiere it and play it really enjoyed it, and that fills me with joy. I will think about it. Thank you very much for sharing your feedback
  2. Hi lucifershalo, In order to complete a mission you have to go through all the levels in the mission. If you quit the mission, return to town or you are knocked out and you reappear at the town ("die"), you must begin that particular mission from the beginning, otherwise the game would not have any difficulty at all. The difficulty is based on the character being equiped and leveled up enough as to be able to go through an entire mission, not just one level of it. Anyway once you get the game mechanics you will see that clearing 8 levels is a piece of cake, even more due to the fact that when you are "killed" you are not really killed (you cannot die) but instead you just are resqued and returned to the hospital without losing any of your experience ponts, money, etc. so you will always progress no matter how many times you are knocked out. Please keep trying a bit more until you learn the "bomberman" mechanics or until your character has enough level as to be able to blast through the 8 levels without sweating (that is always a possibility with an ARPG )
  3. I wish to thank all the people that are showing their willingness to support the Kai Magazine games, I really apreciate reading these messages
  4. Hi, I never did a proper manual for Ninja Odyssey so there isn't one just yet. Once the CIB is a go there will be new manuals with Elektronite format for the 3 games.
  5. Hi wolfy62, Once you beat the game on NORMAL difficultt you will be able to select HARD difficulty. Which boss in particular is giving you trouble? Send me a private message so we don't make spoilers here
  6. Yes, Elektronite's current position on CiB for the 3 kai magazine games is, if 100 carts of each game are sold (or 300 among the 3 games), boxes will be made.
  7. Hello, thank you for your interest! I just got confirmation from Elektronite that more cartridges of the 3 Kai Magazine games will be made after DOTC units are delivered.
  8. Hello, thank you for your interest! I just got confirmation from Elektronite that more cartridges of the 3 Kai Magazine games will be made after DOTC units are delivered.
  9. Those are certainly great ideas which give the game more depth and variety, very good! Option 1 seems more puzzle oriented and can make the game more "adventure-like" if the differences between characters are big enough. Option 2 seems more "trial and error" because if you choose the wrong character because you don't know the level, you must learn by dying. Option 3 implies to design the levels according to the pre-selected character habilities, so it offers some variety but no real challange. My personal choice would be option 1 because it seems to give the game more depth (and it will certainly be more work for you when editing levels according to that). Congratulations for adding those different elements over the original HERO, the gameplay will be exceptional!
  10. Fantastic! By the way, is this "metal gear" kind of character an optional playable character?
  11. That santa is very cool! You can use 8x16 sprites instead of 8x8 sprites, that way you can mix colors. You just need to free 3 tiles out of the 64 for that pruppose.
  12. That is a really cool, cute and original enemy. I like it a lot.
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