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  1. That character is based on him, yes, but in comic style and within the limits of the Intellivision graphic capabilities, so I did my best with what I had. It most certainly would have been much easier to draw anything else, any fictional character, but I wanted Charles for this scene/character.
  2. Yes! I am a huge Charles Bronson fan and I wanted to pay him this little omage.
  3. Hi there! I hope everyone is fine and staying safe. Kai Magazine as developer and Elektronite as producer and publisher have been working on something during this crisis and now that the project is near to be completed we wanted to show you what we have been working on for the past months; Star Mercenary: -A Space Opera- is an 8 directional space shooter (controls similar to Bosconian) with story and RPG elements, with an economy system, different missions, a shop with upgrades and more. While the main body of the game is an arcade space shooter, it is a different kind of game with much more depth in game play as the majority of space shooters. It is difficult to explain with a few words, but I will try: You play as a space mercenary who has to complete missions in order to obtain rewards and improve his fighter so he can access and survive harder missions. Missions are chosen via a star map divided in sectors and the player can decide which missions to enlist from the currently available. The game is very smooth, at 60FPS (NTSC) and 50FPS (PAL/SECAM), it features a double scroll, big explosions, chain reactions and constant frenetic action. A game play video should be available in about 3 weeks approx. For now here you have some screenshots. Stay safe and take care!
  4. That is a very good observation. Those 2 snapshots are indeed temporary since those images are obsolete anyway (as you can see in the video, the dragon battle has a background on the final version), but we will make sure to add a non-greenish dungeon screenshot next to it. Thank you!
  5. As far as I know, the plan was to print them and bring them to the Portland retro gaming expo, but it has been cancelled and the air mail services to several countries have been shut down, so all the plans are on hold for now.
  6. Elektronite will probably have a website up and running by the time the covid-19 is controlled.
  7. By the way, the intro makes a vague and ironic reference to a beloved Intellivision game from the early days. Did anyone caught that?
  8. It will probably be launched first in LTO ROM and loose cart, and eventually the boxes will be made together with the other Kai Magazine games.
  9. Thank you for your enthusiasm! About the release date: We have no freakin' idea. The original release date was the next Portlant convention, but the covid-19 has messed up things real bad world wide, so with Portlant cancelled, with air-mail services closed in many countries and printing companies and all the related services closed, we can't even begin to have the slightest idea of when will the release actually be. Anyway we will keep you updated as soon as we know something. Stay safe!
  10. Yep, you can see it working in some parts of the video. You can skip any text at any time (I love speed-runners, so I think of them)
  11. It has nothing to do with the language itself. A technique can be performed by any given language, as long as the language supports it. If not, you can just Poke or Out your way to make it happen. When I am talking about techniques, I am talking about things such as: -Massive character/sprite/tile redefinition in real time (frame by frame) -Using tiles to create animated enemies, monsters or bosses, instead of sprites -Create a complex system of CPU optimization, so not everything is processed in the same game frame, but instead, the more important elements work at 60FPS, but others are only calculated in turns, every 2, 4 or 8 frames Those are just very basic examples of what I mean, but there are many many others, and those practices were not applied back then.
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