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  1. I need to get back into Retro goodness, thanks Le Geek for pointing this out. If its not too late I'm in for an NTSC version.
  2. Thanks for the heads up Le Geek. If the action on the SD cart is still open, I'd like one as well. I've been absent from retro gaming too long.
  3. Man I haven't been here for awhile but I was reminiscing with a coworker, and one thing leads to another. EotB really is a great game. And you'll have to convince my next of kin if you want to get your hands on one of the original protos with the save game chip (not a repro).
  4. Hmm that was a year ago. Any idea of what working 1400XLs are fetching these days? I'm considering culling the herd, so to speak...I need to reclaim at least part of my basement, and truth be told I haven't even plugged mine in for years.
  5. Current value on Amazon about $75. Corsair is normally fine but I had modules fail on me that I had to send back for replacement. Since I needed the memory I bought new modules for myself on whatever deal was cheapest that week (Kingston) and now I no longer need the replacements. Brand new. I figure since the money is already long gone I could post these for trade. Interested in modern games for PS3 and 360 as well as classic games, mostly for SMS and Genesis right now (but honestly only rarer stuff since I already have a pretty large collection). If you have any other ideas, couldn't hurt to offer. Or you could make a cash offer. Thanks, Eric
  6. OK, which one of you wrote that?
  7. You can just use a wifi bridge like this one: Amazon I don't endorse this particular model, it was just cheap and well rated. They don't seem to have the one I'm actually using anymore. Eric
  8. OK, I haven't been here for awhile...busy making ends meet. Didn't there used to be an off-topic technical section? Oh well, hopefully no one is bothered by this posting here. There are a lot of technical people here with different expertise. Today I need someone who knows how to source cheap hardware from China. Specifically I need a "dongle" to convert OBDII (the computer port on every car) into Bluetooth. Something like this one: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.16921 Only I'm looking to buy at least 1000 of them, and I'm looking for a unit price around $25/each. Can anyone set me up? If you can slip a profit margin for yourself in there that's fine. My customer that is doing the buying is a Fortune 500 company, no worries about them being able to ante up when the time comes. Please PM me here with replies, thanks. Eric
  9. Does anyone here collect smoking stuff? Probably no real value on eBay and too much trouble, I'd like this to have a good home that's not mine. It's that collector bug, even though I don't want it I'm incapable of throwing stuff out. It's kind of cool and I would say near perfect condition, probably never used for anything. I figure someone here probably collects tobacco stuff. I also have this ceramic cigarette thing I was planning on eBaying...it appears to be a porcelain cigarette holder with a lighter on the top of it. Is anyone interested? If not can someone at least tell me what I have so I describe it on eBay properly? Thanks, Eric
  10. Red Baron by Dynamix for MS-DOS, 3.5" disks, complete with box and instructions, free (for the cost of shipping). Eric
  11. You know what, I think the Make My Video games are stupid fun for maybe 20 minutes or so. It's not like they'll cost you much. Not selling you mine, sorry. Some of those other games are worse. Black Hole comes to mind. I love the CD version of Chuck Rock, it's got a fantastic intro movie. I'll have to check my stash, I might have one or two spare boxed Sege CD games that are on your list. Maybe. You get to be my age and you forget stuff (I just turned 40 ). Feel free to pester me by PM if I don't get back to you.
  12. eric_ruck


    Don't look too hard, it's not a very good game
  13. You might want to give the original FEAR a little more time. I think it gets better. But either way, FEAR 2 looks, well, a lot more fearful that FEAR. I guess we'll all find out soon enough. I was impressed by the demo at any rate.
  14. North Philly...were you also selling a Dreamcast kiosk? So did Tempest snatch this one? If not, want to float a ballpark sale figure?
  15. Next time in Baltimore visit The Visionary Arts Musuem. Mostly artwork by crazy people.
  16. eric_ruck


    How about those N64 knockoff controllers. Please please take one or two. I have a box of them. I'm pretty sure I can dig up two working ones. Just pay actual shipping. Maybe I'll even pick up the shipping on this one, the box has been sitting on the bedroom floor entirely too long.
  17. Isn't that the stuff I use to keep ticks off the dog?
  18. I'd seriously consider paying full price for it, or at least buying it at a relatively new game used price around $40.
  19. Just downloaded the demo. Hokey smokes it is fantastic. Definitely will be preordering. Haven't been creeped out like that since BioShock. I do miss the lean feature of the controls, though. Anyone else try the demo yet? I know this is multi-SKU, don't know if the demo is available on platforms other than the PS3. Eric
  20. Are you sure. I know you can read the ROM through one of the specialized chips (Mikey or Suzy, I forget which)...not exactly like an LDA (some address) but you can still get data from an address that is decoded on the cartridge port. Is that not correct? I haven't looked at this stuff for a few years, so I'm rusty. And I have yet to re-setup a dev environment on my current laptop. Eric
  21. So, would it be possible or even reasonable easy to produce a homebrew cartridge that had one or a few momentary contact switches on it, where you could read the state of the switch as a bit in an address? Basically you would read an address in the ROM space, but somehow the encoder for the address space for a particular address would get the data from the switch(es) instead? Does that make sense? I guess I want to know if: A) It's possible at all B) Someone like Songbird or Video61 could produce a run of homebrew boards with this feature C) If someone could hand make a few test boards with an EPROM socket What you could do with it is pretty open. I have one simple project in mind. Don't ask. Eric
  22. Mine 7800 Dev Kit is Rev 1, just checked.
  23. Whoaaa, I own 10% of all 7800 devcards. I even have the 2600 only 7800 devcard. Did you buy those ones that were missing some of the chips? I think they were on ebay several years ago. Mitch Two of them are missing one or two chips, they are protos of some kind, I'll show them to you at some point. They have a lot of 30awg wiring on the back. I got them from Curt. Hmm, probably a Rev0 like the one in this pic? http://www.whimsey.com/atari_docs/orig_cart.html If you ever make it to one of the SC3 meets maybe you could haul one along. Mitch I'll have to check, I think mine looks like that. I haven't plugged it in in a few years but last time I did it worked. I vaguely remember a special trip to radio shack to find a parallel cable with all the two way signal lines so I could use it. What is SC3?
  24. Telelink 3? Is that the same as the Atari 1400/1450XL Telecommunications cartridge? Tempest Yes. If I remember correctly when you pop it in it displays "Telelink III" in big letters on the screen...I didn't try it out past that.
  25. I've been *vaguely* considering unloading my 1400XL but I don't really need the money, and I would rather trade it for something equally interesting. Vaguely. Expect offers to be rebuffed but offer anyway, you never know. FYI: Working, has a giant external switching power supply, voice synthesizer chip, 384K memory and a real lab copy of Telelink 3 (I think the ROM dumps floating around came from me, I lent it to Vendel at one point so he could dump it). The only think I can think of that it doesn't have is the 1400XL badge on the case. Also FYI: $400 wouldn't be nearly enough. Eric
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