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  1. Hey bill my man, with this thing being potentially 2 weeks out has there been any info regrading when the next announcement is for release date? Or sams club or ordering info?
  2. Proper respect to you bill for keeping your cool and aswering your questions in the facebook discussions over there...... the guys went wild over there the last couple weeks
  3. Alot of guys at my work place have been impressed by this cab, they have been bugging me about the release date...... Bill are will still looking at late sept to mid oct?
  4. Base 350 games are preloaded ArcadeNet is $20 a month BYOG: Streaming service is a dollar a hour, bought in 10 dollar sets
  5. ANy news on a 4 player 32-50 inch monitor version of this cabinet? I would happliy pay more..........
  6. Is there anyway to map the controls to pc or console? I see the usb inputs are there??????
  7. Nice! I take it that must be the smaller 44 inch version on display correct????
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