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  1. Well as others have said, you’ll need the paid version of WinRAR and the tool above to facilitate the code injection. This is Intellivision, so you’ll also need to familiarize yourself with blockychain technology. There are many tutorials available elsewhere, but I will say that you must inject the code into a utopian block. DO NOT inject it into a vectronic block.
  2. The Video Game Critic has reviewed a number of homebrew games here, including a recent very positive review of Battlestar Galactica Space Battle (sorting by year will bring the homebrew games to the top of the list).
  3. For those running Super Mario War on a RetroPie, this opportunity actually exists => http://smwstuff.net/[email protected] It’s shockingly fun to stomp NES and SNES characters with those from the Inty era!
  4. Those are actually the images that I’m using now, but I was hoping for something that scaled better on a 1080p display. Not a big deal, just thought I’d ask in case Rev was willing to release higher res images from his archive.
  5. This is very generous, thank you. It gives the RetroPie wing of the Intellivision hoard a chance to finally play Laser Sharks! Any chance you could include high(er) resolution box images here as well?
  6. I had a similar issue with imprecision when mapping 4-way games to an Xbox 360 controller. The solution I settled on was to map directional shooting to A/B/X/Y and then use combo button presses for any games requiring 8-way shooting. The resulting keyboard hack file would look like below (for an Xbox 360 controller), including mr_me's opposite keypad trick which was unknown to me until I saw this post! This approach also works well in sports games requiring 1-9 keypad zone press e.g. Slam Dunk, Spiker & Super Pro Football (4 buttons and 4 combos for 1-4 and 6-9, plus RB as "5"). . ADD_COMBO 0 JS0_BTN_02 JS0_BTN_03 ADD_COMBO 1 JS0_BTN_03 JS0_BTN_01 ADD_COMBO 2 JS0_BTN_00 JS0_BTN_01 ADD_COMBO 3 JS0_BTN_00 JS0_BTN_02 COMBO0 PD0R_KP1 COMBO1 PD0R_KP3 COMBO2 PD0R_KP9 COMBO3 PD0R_KP7 JS0_BTN_00 PD0R_KP8 JS0_BTN_01 PD0R_KP6 JS0_BTN_02 PD0R_KP4 JS0_BTN_03 PD0R_KP2
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