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  1. I have a New 2DS XL and it's working like a charm via TWiLight Menu++. There are several Atari emulators developed by llabnip available under that umbrella as well (2600, 5200, 7800, XEGS). I've already spent some time with the Atari 2600 emulator and it's pretty sweet. It includes a lot of the same type of functionality.
  2. For anyone interested in portable Intellivision play, I recommend keeping an eye on Nintellivision’s progress over at GBAtemp. It already supports the majority of the game library, save states, custom touchscreen overlays and controls, menu based button mapping and control configuration, game manuals, custom palettes, and a ton of user defined options. Llabnip has even fixed several long standing compatibility issues with the original BLISS core!
  3. This looks fantastic! I’ve been thinking about a portable retro gaming device with a larger screen for awhile, but the lack of Intellivision support was always a deal killer. This makes the DS/3DS a much better option. Speaking of the 3DS, is Nintellivision able to scale the resolution to fill the entire screen? One other thought, have you considered adding combo button press functionality for the 4 primary buttons? Jzintv allows this and it is really useful for Cloudy Mountain, TRON Deadly Discs and some sports games. Combos would allow 8-direction shooting using just the 4 primary buttons e.g. pressing A and B together could be set to KP9 shoot SE. Thanks for all of your work on this, looking forward to trying it out!
  4. Meant this list versus the site’s user ID list. Sorry for the confusion, looking forward to getting access!
  5. I’m having trouble as well. Think it has something to do with my username being capitalized on one list but not the other?
  6. I’m not sure how large of a contingent we are, but there is a group of Intellivision fans who play exclusively via emulation and are willing to pay a reasonable price for quality new game ROMS. I’ve purchased a number of unencrypted ROMS from Carl, Dave and Oscar in the past and would love to purchase a few games from Elektronite as well. The $10 per ROM price for those seemed fair, $15 would probably be ok depending, but $25 seems a bit high. I guess my point is that there is definitely a market out there that would not cannibalize CIB or encrypted ROM sales. There are a number of games I’d happily purchase tomorrow were they available as an unencrypted ROM. In the end, I love Intellivision like everyone else here and would like the opportunity to play all the great new homebrews while also supporting the developers who make them possible. Call it blasphemy, but I’d just rather play them with an Xbox 360 controller on my RetroPie than on the original hardware I grew up with!
  7. No problem, good luck with your build. I'm not familiar with the Intellivision Flashback image, but if the theme will accommodate them and you want to go next level, you may want to consider adding video previews and marquees. I've been working on my RetroPie image on and off for the last few year and that was the best addition I've ever made (other than the games themselves). Basically you scroll to a game, a marquee for the game appears at the top next to the system logo, the box art appears for a few seconds, and then a video preview replaces the box art. You can even set the screensaver to play random video previews. It's pretty sweet. This is the general idea, although they're using a different theme (I'm using a modified version of the stock Carbon theme). Most of my other systems are finished and I plan to start working on Intellivision next weekend. I'm not thrilled with the quality of the publicly available video previews for Intellivision, so I'm going to record new 30 second previews of most of the original 125 plus several dozen homebrews using jzIntv's built-in recording functionality. If you're interested I'll see if I can find a way to upload a zip file of finished videos and marquees. Videos will be 480 pixels high and marquees are all sized to fit in a 400w x 110h space. Adding them to a theme is not terribly difficult and I can walk you through the process. You will need an image that's running Emulationstation 2.7.6 or higher. Also, if you lost track of your custom palette settings, unbeknownst to you they were immortalized in the RetroPie docs under the "Using Custom Palettes" section at the link in my original post!
  8. Check out the documentation here. You can use the PSH function to create hotkeys for things like exit and reset. There is also a section that explains how to use the COMBO function to enable 8-direction shooting for games like AD&D and TRON Deadly Discs.
  9. Well as others have said, you’ll need the paid version of WinRAR and the tool above to facilitate the code injection. This is Intellivision, so you’ll also need to familiarize yourself with blockychain technology. There are many tutorials available elsewhere, but I will say that you must inject the code into a utopian block. DO NOT inject it into a vectronic block.
  10. The Video Game Critic has reviewed a number of homebrew games here, including a recent very positive review of Battlestar Galactica Space Battle (sorting by year will bring the homebrew games to the top of the list).
  11. For those running Super Mario War on a RetroPie, this opportunity actually exists => http://smwstuff.net/[email protected] It’s shockingly fun to stomp NES and SNES characters with those from the Inty era!
  12. Those are actually the images that I’m using now, but I was hoping for something that scaled better on a 1080p display. Not a big deal, just thought I’d ask in case Rev was willing to release higher res images from his archive.
  13. This is very generous, thank you. It gives the RetroPie wing of the Intellivision hoard a chance to finally play Laser Sharks! Any chance you could include high(er) resolution box images here as well?
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