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  1. PM me your email and I can send you a 19 Mb zip with the roms on my SD cart. There are all the official roms and all the Homebrews that can be downloaded from Atarigamer
  2. I can show them only with a 50Hz refresh. At 60Hz there are some errors in the image.
  3. There is a discussion about HI colors static images here: I added such a splashscreen in 4Ttude.
  4. I repainted all the home during the COVID lockdown. Also watched all the Netflix contents I could like. Really nothing to do last week end.
  5. Last weekend was so rainy here in Rome that I could not exit home. I was so bored that in two days made 50% of a port to the Lynx of an old classic. If there is another boring week end before December I could have a personal entry for SV20. I grabbed GFX and SFX from an open source unlicensed port to windows, but that was ripped fron the ST version of the game. Are unlicensed game conversion allowed at SV?
  6. Teammates from Retroguru should have already replied.
  7. Thanks, I missed that point. I didn't locate the palette because I misunderstood the ASM: the palette was at an indirect addrressing + the Y reg value as offest, I was looking at a offset from the zero page address. What a noob 😅
  8. @karri could you explain me how you found the fixed palette in the cart?
  9. An outrun clone is a thing I would like to do. But can't start new projects now.
  10. Well, in memory the palette is located at 0x1c - 0x3b, the code that sets the palette can be analyzed setting a breakpoint at 0x0837. The palette is set at startup and again every time you don't continue a lost game. The colors are: can't find them in the cart, so could be hidden or compressed. Tracing the code should be possible to locate the data and change it. But I'm too tired.
  11. @SainT in a future update of the firmare could it be possible to have the additional feature to enable both SD access and eeprom access setting the eeprom byte in the rom header to 65 (64 + 1 for the most common eeprom used)?
  12. While fixing Nutmeg to run on the LynxGD cart I realized that it has something in common with Sybil's nightmare run. 😃 Jump and run genre will have bright future on the lynx.
  13. The issue can be considered closed. Updated firefox (windows version) and the problem is gone.
  14. Maybe it works with IODAT = 0xa too. Can you try please? I would like to maintain the compatibility with the old SD cart that needs a sav file on the filesystem, but make the new LynxGD to switch to EEPROM emulation if the sav file is not present.
  15. You are right, in LynxGD_Init() setting IODIR to 0xa instead of setting it to 0 fixes everything. Now I love your SD cart 😀
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