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  1. Little update: now the emulator can handle (not perfectly) the basic elements of the playfield kernel of some commercial roms: Pitfall! is one of these (try the attached build). At the moment the emuator can handle the VSYNC, the VBLANK (partially), the WSYNC, the T64, the P0 P1 and P2 playfield registers (but only with the BK and PF colors set at the beginning of every horizontal line), the Replicate/Reflect bit for the second half of the playfield and some of the inputs (BW/Color with OPT1, Difficulty with OPT2 and Reset with PAUSE). The Joy is implemented but is buggy and doesn't work. Try pressing OPT1 running Pitfall and you'll se the screen slowly turn grayscale. To handle the colors I'm using the same line by line palette switching I used for the 256 color image test. Of course the emulation is very slow (3 seconds per frame): the code is not optimized because I change it very often and have to test it with the debugger easily. With optimization it probably can go 10 times faster, but considering it's emulating no ore than the 5% of the internals, it will be slower and slower adding other things. At least I'm learning how a VCS works 😀. To make the testing faster I'm going to add the possibility to select different roms at start (and maybe the possbility to load other more from the RetroHQ SD card). I already implemented more than I could think possible, but don't want to give up now. At the moment I'm going crazy trying to understand the HMOVE register, after implementing it I'll start implementing a basic handling of the the playera and balls sprites VVCS.lnx
  2. There are power banks with 9v and 1000 mA ouput for about 30-40 € (google for them). Never tried one of them and don't know how much can last a charge, but should work.
  3. Nice mod, but I'm worried about the lynx always on, I fried the flash chips of two programmable carts pulling them out with the lynx on. It will work with a common usb charger too.
  4. Retroarch on rpi is one of the best solution to play on a TV, because the retroarch lynx emulator is actively maintained by the community and as perfect sound. I use on a tv the rpi zero where is installed the lynx cart writer and a freeplay cm3 in a gba case with hdmi port. Another setup I'm configuring is a pstv (I bought one at a flea market for 10 euros) with retroarch, but it's an unofficial build and is not maintained (works fine for official games, but hasn't the last fixes for eeprom saves). Lynx emulation on older consoles is usually slow or with sound problems.
  5. I think that this will not allow to connect commercial games, for the same reason they don't work on handy with comlynx emulation (there must be an interrupt based timing sync). 4ttude could work.
  6. No more than 2 game of the compo can stay in the space of a standard 512KB cart, and packing 2 games in a cart isn't so easy. I'm trying to make a cart with two games of mine and there is a lot of code to rewrite. So all of them in a single cart is not possible.
  7. The tree image looks great on my lynx tree_50Hz.lnx
  8. At 50hz my lynx 2 seems can do the job (try the attached rom), at 60Hz i can write only 29 bytes of the palette out of 32: at 30 bytes starts the flickering. So seems it's possible. Could soemone try it on a upgraded LCD? I have only unmoded lynx for the moment. skylyne_50hz.lnx
  9. I see, it only works on emulator, but not on real lynx, anyway it's a starting point for my experimenting. I'll try reducing the colors per line and optimixing the palette leaving some fixed colors. Do you yow how many clocks last the HBL for the 3 refresh rates?
  10. Today wanted to play a little with the HBL interrupt to display images with more than 16 fixed colors, so wrote a little script (using imagemagick) that from a generic 160x102 png first downscales the colors to 256, than creates a set of images (one for every line), everyone with only 16 colors. The 102 images are rendered on the screen and the corresponding platettes are changed at every HBL. Nothing new with this way to show more than 16 colors, only I'm not happy if I don't code things by myself. I was especting to have to apply some postprocessing to optimize the palettes, but surprisingly the images are very good only with the authomatic processing. Here are the first three image I converted. Attached there is the source code too. It's only a fast POC so forgive me the bad coding. I know that I don't need to use tgi to draw the image since I have to disable it to change colors and I also know that I don't need to use all that memory to setup data in memory but it's better to create offline two big arrays (one for image daa and one for the palettes), but I'm lazy 😅 What about it? I'm going to optimize this tool and use it to show nice colored splash screens in my next games. bigtree__colorpic.lnx nebula_colorpic.lnx skyline_colorpic.lnx hicol.zip
  11. @karri could you help me to check if there is a bug or not. I have to fix ol this problem before Carl starts the production of Biniax2 cart. The problem is not blocking, but if I can solve it I'm happier.
  12. Thank you @Igor for updating the roms on tour site. Please, when you have time, correct some incomplete informations about Lawnmower: - In the description add a line in the controls description after INSTUCtiONS line: CHANGE TRAINING LEVEL = OPT1 (in game) - Change game informations: - Lynx SD Save Support YES Change Cartridge Informations - EEPROM (for save data) 93C46 - 1024 bits (128b)
  13. I like very much the 3ds , but I'm waiting it became an obsolete piece of HW before coding again for it. Probably other ten years should be enough. When I ported Handy to the 3ds I didn't know anything of Lynx internals and wasn't so much experienced of the 3ds too (I realized I made some mistakes with handy sound when I ported SDL lib to the 3ds). I would like to update Handy and I think I could have a better sound on the old 3ds, but the toolchain is changed so much that I should port it again from scratch. Maybe one of this days I'l do it adding comlynx emulation over 3ds wifi connection.
  14. all SV2K19 Lynx games and demos, included Lawnmower, released here: Soon on Atarigamer too (I suppose 🙂). I wait your feedbacks to make the phisical release even better.
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