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  1. Let me check my old code (summer 2020), I f I remember well I was able to read the SD if the EEPROM emulation was not enabled. I asked a firmware revision enabling to use SD and EEPROM at the same time, but there was no answer.
  2. this is how I'm going to implement bombs they work fine in the left side of the screen or in rows without fixed platform, but there is no time to switch to solid gray near the end of the scanline, so I'll have to design new levels considering this limits. The teleport platforms should be an easy element to add. Probably I will not implement the one-way tiles.
  3. The sound, yes. At least I have It as a TTT export and will be played as soon as I complete to reorganize the code in banks so to have space to place the Tia tracker engine in the main bank. For the floating part I'll try. With a 48 px sprite not only I have to adjust the x pos of the first sprite every frame but I also have to adjust the timing of the drawing routine. I'll try.
  4. Today coded the Retroguru splash screen and a mockup of the title screen (upper part will be also used for the menu). I'm not very good with graphics, but I'll ask some help to the gfx guys of the team to improve the overall look.
  5. As promised here is a simple small video of what I coded so far: Level restarting/changing isn't in the game logic yet. I use the Reset/Select switches for the moment. The code already reached 4KB, so before the next update I have to select the best bank switching strategy to use. Meanwhile @miker made a nice conversions of a couple of Xump music tracks with Tia Tracker. Probably now I'll start coding the title screen and the menu screen with one of the tracks as background music.
  6. The level logic for simple tiles is complete and also added a level timer. I have only to fix the position of the score numbers to have it in center (tried to do it but made a mess witht the timing, probably I'll write it from scratch instead of trying to adapt the code snippet I used). The level drawing is very tricky, so much that adding the bombs on the tiles seems impossible. But I don't give up. Don't know hot to make a video, does Stella has a video recording feature? I could record with my mobile the game on a TV, but I used NTSC colors and I have a PAL 2600JR so the game colors are really ugly on it.
  7. Hello, I use to be active in the Atari Lynx section, but the 2600 was my very first console so last week end decided to try to code something for it, and since I'm one of the coder of the Retroguru Team, I started to port a game of ours that I already ported to other consoles, included the Atari Lynx. I'm not a 6502 ASM expert, but I code in ASM for the Lynx when I need to do things not possible in C, and I know the VCS achitecture because last year tried a crazy project to run 2600 code on the Lynx: obviusly I failed for lack of CPU speed - how I could hope to race a code that race the beam - but at least implemented a big part of the core of the system). What I did do for this new project far was to collect a lot of 2600 code snippets and assemble them to have basic rendering core and enough free ram to be able to complete game logic. This is what I did in a couple of days of work: I added 5 different levels that can be changed with the select switch. The level can be reloded with the Reset switch (losing a life in the final game). The player can run along all the level screen with 4 different sprites (for the 4 directions), now I have to add the logic to remove the tiles after stepping on them and check if xump goes out of the path. Should not be hard because the worst part was to draw the screen, the other things goes in the VBLANK. I should have a tech demo to show in a video in one or two weeks (I also have to work other lynx project so can't code on this every day), but at the moment really don't know how to add the missing elements of the game like the bombs and the one way tiles because I have only two cycles left in the scanline rendering routine of the level. I think the result so far is promising. The GFX guys of the Retroguru Team are complaining that they don't like too much the screen layout, but they grew up in the Amiga era and can't understand the lack of a framebuffer 😉. Every hint to make the playfield look better is welcome. I really hope to make something playable from this. I like to solve coding issues on my own but If I really need help I'll ask here.
  8. Competition Rom is already available as will be the updates when released. A cart release is planned, but the producer we contacted is new to the Lynx market so he needs time to setup everything. We are considering to produce it only for the Europe and find another producer for North America, this way the shipping cost should make the final price too high, but nothing is defined yet. Meanwhile I'm completing the game and adding more thing. But I'm late with my schedule, expecially for the comlynx mode that needs a lot of debugging.
  9. Yes, Biniax2 has the old code that hangs on the new cart (can be considered a kind of copy protection 😅). I already fixed it for my personal use, but the rom for the moment is not intended to be freely released. When I started this project my idea was to leave Carl publish the game on cart and release both rom and sources to the community. Then Carl asked me to not do it because puzzle games don't sell too much and he needs time to return on the investment. There isn't a formal agreement betwen Carl and me about this, but I respect his work and for the moment the rom image will not be shared. I kindly ask the community to do the same and not share digital copies of the game. There are many other games of mine released for free. If there are other games of mine not yet fixed let me know, and I'll do it.
  10. This is possible, but when I experimented the comlynx protocol such configuration was affected by several problems to the sychrony of the game (especially music/sfx start, pause and reset events, other timed events). In the end I decided to have only 1 Lynx to apply the game logic to a game state struct. This is sent from 1 lynx to the others, while the others act only as controllers. Not efficient but much easier to code. I'm curious to know what is the strategy adopted by @sage.
  11. Tunes are made by @miker with Chipper. He has a huge collection of instruments and a lot of experience of atari music composition.
  12. So you are better than me as a Linux admin 😅. Last time I tried do do it, the OS on the target machine was a mess and in the end I reinstalled it, compiled the developement toolchains from scratch and took only the data from the backup.
  13. have you ever tried to restore such a linux disk image on another PC with different HW?
  14. Another advantage of a VM is that if you have to change your pc/laptop (like I did last month) can simply backup the VM files on a USB disk then copy them on the new PC. A backup of a Linux OS installed on a physical disk is not so easy.
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