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  1. Agacart is great, but for modern homebrews it lacks the eeprom save support. Consider it before buying.
  2. Correct. After the Songbird logo you can select which one to play. The Biniax 1 version is slightly improved respect the free version released on this forum (thanks to Carl feedbacks while testing the game). A reset during one of the two games brigs back tothe main menu of the game. A reset from the main menu brings to the game selection screen. The double cart option is to have two carts and play on two different Lynx in comlynx mode (Biniax 2 only).
  3. Nice, I'll try it.
  4. A little update. Just completed a first basic, but fully playable, version of the Retroguru entry. It needs a lot of polishing and will have only a limited number of tunes for the lack of a chipper expert that can convert the retroguru mod tunes (other tunes will be added after the competition) but the game is already good enough to be presented. So at least one new 2020 title is confirmed. OCEO entry is is very in late, but now I'll switch to work on it on most of my free time. Hope to complete it in time because it's a very promising title. Already implemented a random level generator inspired by the Spelunky algorithm (not copied it, but wrote my own algorithm from scratch after studying how it works), so the game should be classified in the doungeon crawler genre with a platform layout. The idea is to descend several levels (with increasing difficulty and enemies) till a boss level to kill to where rescue something. After this the player will receive some bonus ability and will be free to continue playing in the dungeon indefinitively (but without gaining new points). I will try to complete an alpha version for the end of June without the Boss (endless descend) an I hope to be able to finish a demo verson in time for the deadlne with enough contents to show the potential of a polished full version. With all this work I had to delay the final version of 4TTude and Lawnmower, so it's unlikely that a phisical version will be released in the 2020, but sooner or later it will definitively happen. What are doing the other devs? I'm curious.
  5. Seems there are only few chips left on aliexpress, and at a higher price now (62 €). Maybe someone bought all the remaining stock in the hope to sell them to lynx fans in the future.
  6. https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/architecture-of-the-atari-lynx/
  7. Just received my copies of Xump and Biniax2 Instead of reviewing the quality of the cart and box manufactoring or the games (soon others will do it) I would like to tell about my exerience of publishig a game with Songbird Productions. I started talking with Carl about publishing one of my games at the beginning of 2019 when he contacted me for Biniax, that was the first game I coded (or better ported) to Lynx. After almost two years of coding on lynx have to admit it was a really simple work and poorly coded. At that time I was aware of the fact it wasn't soo good for a commercial release, so proposed Carl to port Biniax2 , that based on the same game concept of Biniax, has a better graphics and an improved structure that makes it more enjoyable. I also proposed Carl to implement a multiplayer mode, that have to admit was a crazy objective at that time because Biniax2 sources has a multiplayer mode only partially implemented, withoun the communication protocol part (AFAIK no other Biniax 2 port has the multiplayer mode) and there wasn't any open source working example of a game using the comlynx connection at that time. It was a long and hard travel in the lynx coding: had to learn again coding in 6502 ASM after 35 years, and had to bang my head against 8 bit way of thinking coming from years of 32 bit coding. Not to say that when I solved all the thecnical problems, had to manage hundreds of fix/changes/improvements requested by Carl. Have to thank Carl, that is a really experienced SW engineer, because the final result is very polished and I could build a solid game template that I use for all my projects now. I agreed with Carl to not release freely the digital rom of Biniax because he invested a lot of his time on this project, other than the moneys for the cart production. I hope the community will recognize all the work needed for this project. As I said, in the other games I coded there is a lot of Biniax2 (Xump release at Revision 2019 was possble for my experience with Chipper made while converting the Biniax soundtrack, and 4ttude had the comlynx mode because it was already done for Biniax). When Retroguru released Xump at last year Revison Game Compo, Carl proposed us to publish it too. It required a long negotiation because Retroguru wants to leave freely available the digital version of its games, that reduces the possible incomes for Carl, but in the end we fond a fair agreement for both. Again it took several months of works to complete the refinings asked from Carl, but now Xump is polished as one would expect from a commercial release. I will definively work again with Carl, he is an important member of the Atari Lynx scene. The only negative thing of Songbird Production from a coder point of view is the high cost of its releases, because this reduces the spread of the game, but this is an already disccussed point and I agree with him that the prices are in line with the cost of an high quality production. I'm considering to publish one of my games on my own in the future trying to sell carts at a low price, just for the sake of trying something new, but I'm aware that I can't produce carts with the same quality of Carl and that in the end probably I'll lose moneys and a lot of time. I think it's good that Carl offers an option to the developers to see one of their games comercially released if they can't on their own, like is also good for the scene that others release their games for free. In the same spirit I hope to collaborate with other game publisher in the future. Meanwhile I hope that Carl will have a good return on his investment on this two games and that people will like them.
  8. Economy shipping time from china is about 50 days. But at least I'm receiving every packets I ordered.
  9. The thread is not specifically about official releases, and since some unofficial/homebrew releases are high quality, can't see why limit the discussion to games released over 25 years ago. The homebrew community is bringing a new life to this console so deserve high respect and consideration IMHO. OCEO has an early prototype of a bowling game. It was discarded as an entry for the last year coding competition for lack of time, Lawnmower was a much faster project. If the Lynx coding competition would not have been "Future", maybe we could have finished it.
  10. A great solution would be to have a SD slot instead of a micro sd, so one could use a wi-fi SD card. People used them to develop on the 3ds.
  11. Probably I will not submit my entry because working on the two projects for OCEO and Retroguru is taking all my time. There is a litte chance I'll make a simple game in the last month (just to try to steal the last place to @karri this year 😁). Retroguru decided to not preview the Retroguru entry, that is already almost finished. We only miss a good music artist for converting the soundtrack mod files to chipper (it's a really too complex job for me this time). If someone wants to join the project, please contact me in PM. The OCEO project started as a minimal game (so it's name: MINIMAL) than turned in a very complex game: originally was a platformer with pre designed levels, but now we are trying to implement procedurally generated maps (heavily inspired by Spelunky). The project is in it's early stage, so don't know if we can complete it, but we have 4 months ... Maybe in some weeks we could preview something.
  12. My copies of Xump and Biniax2 are on the way. I'm very exicited to receive them, only hope there will not be problem with the shipping. I heard of items returned to the sender for the COVID lockdown. Only my packets from china continue arriving every week without problems (I'm a compulsive buyer on aliexpess 😅).
  13. Sorry, I'm still waiting my SD cart, and I'm very busy too, because Italy is starting phase 2 of the Covid lockdown, with a gradual reopening of the production activities, and the workload of my job is returning at it's normal volume.
  14. I had the same behavior in my game version of Karri's template (that supports both EEPROM and SD saves) after there was the update to the SD code with the request of always call the SD init code. As @42bs pointed out it's related to the state of IODIR and IODAT because both the EEPROM and SD code use (and init) them.
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