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  1. When you replaced the capacitors, did you clean the circuit board and the connectors with isopropil acohol? Before making costly fixes it's better to try the simpler ones. I don't think it can solve the problems with suzy, but maybe you can be lucky with the screen.
  2. I'll try, I'm very busy with Starblader. Anyway there should be a post where this was already discussed. @karri wrote something about how he used Tiled for the levels of On Duty that has multi layers maps.
  3. For lawnmower I exported the levels in csv format and converted them to binary files with a simple perl script. I'm curious to know if there are other ways that can be used
  4. We don't do it for business, if we have to produce some carts we have to know we can recover the cost and possibly gain few hundreds € to cover the cost for making other games. The donate button doesn't bring money, It's already on itch.io and I have bad feedback from the other Lynx developers too about it. Anyway we will try to keep the price as low as possible. Thank yoo @BadPricey for your feedback.
  5. Thank you. We want to know how many could be interested in buying a phisical copy. If enough we could produce it.
  6. I hope you'll like the great soundtrack conversion made by @miker These are some screenshots ofthe updated gfx
  7. The new version for the Atari Lynx will be released during the next week end. http://www.facebook.com/retroguru/posts/3743481805740577
  8. Any news about the production of the cart?
  9. At beginning I added it for thesting theposition ofthe sprites, that cover the screen without overlapping like in a real LCD game, but I liked the effect (I remember somethig similar happening on G&W games) so I left it. Hint: when you press A or B to start a new game the sprites remain there till you release the button 😉 EDIT: Ok, forgot you don't have the rom, you had to take the images from the video. Next time asl me 😄
  10. Great, as soon as this feature is available I'll use it to make test Final Melee.
  11. @Ninjabba Music and gfx are an open point at the moment. I'll fix some things in the weekend and release to a small group of people an alpha version, so they can play it and give me some feedbacks, but from next week I have to work hard to complete my RG release for Revision 2021. @Fadest thank you, the basic idea was very quick, but spent some time polishing it and designing the workflow engine in a structured way
  12. I have a new request for the Atarigamer site. I would like to release some WIP lynx games of mine for testing (Finel Melee for example), but without sharing the ROM, and since Atarigamer site already gives the possibility to play some commercial roms that can't be downloaded, it could be extended to testing roms. A beta testing page where can be listed homebrews released as preview could be a nice feature, and you @Igor should not worry about loading on your site a lot of alpha end beta versions in the main roms repository, but only wait the final version while the last wip version are in the testing page. As advanced feature to evaluate, the beta testing could be time limited to one month (renewable on request by the developer) so to not leave dead progects there too long.
  13. A modern ARM cpu like the ATMega can do it and much more, and it's retail price is less than 2 €. 40 years ago there wasn't such a technology. Anyway I agree that this new Mario G&W game is really good.
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