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  1. The sound glitch has been fixed. I changed my SD card to a 16GB SandDisk SDHC class 4, the sound glitches are gone. Originally I was using a very old 2GB PNY card. Who knew?
  2. The sound glitch has been fixed, see next post for details.
  3. I've updated my Flashback 9 Gold. The system is beautiful, but I'm experiencing two major problems. #1 - The paddles don't work #2 - A major sound glitch. This sound glitch will happen at any time, playing a game, moving through the menus, even while doing nothing. The sound will increase in volume and then continue with loud distortion, sometimes the sounds simply turns off, sometimes a loud static noise plays. Usually ending the end will end the loud static noise, but when I launch the next game there is nothing but silence. Maybe its because I playing a Flashback 9 Gold? the paddles never worked correctly on this model. I assume most people are modifying a Flashback X, it is a better system? Any help would be great, should I just buy a Flashback X? Thanks, in advance.
  4. Keyboard compatibility? Could someone please tell me how to plug a keyboard into the Retron 77? Maybe I misunderstood?
  5. This is fantastic! I sign your praises, I will be sending a donation. The update with its support of 4 player paddle games is a dream come true, many many thanks. I'm going to now point out an anomaly, I am not trying to be cruel, I just want to point this out. There is no point spending time trying to fix these anomalies, never the less they exist, 4 player modes work great on the ROM versions: - Video Olympics - Street Racer - Breakout Unfortunately, even with the new update, the above mention games in physical cartridge form will not support 4 player mode on the Retron77. The ROMS work perfectly, so in all practicality there really is no issue here, but I just wanted to mention this odd behavior. Again this update is fantastic and I really appreciate the all the effort that went into it.
  6. Just downloaded the ROM from the game description page on AtariMania instead of the massive zip file. Yes indeed it works 100% on the Harmony cart on my Light Sixer You are correct! The same ROM does not work on the Retron77. Players 3 & 4 are drawn on the screen for games 21 & 22 but the paddles are not working on port 2. Also, players 3 & 4 for QuadraPong are not drawn on the Retron77. No point in trying this ROM on the Flashback 9, Video Olympics is included in the built-in game selection, and Flashback 9 has no current paddle support. It might sound like I'm nit picking about the 4 player Pong games, but the truth is my family and I regularly play 4 player Atari games. Ages range from 5 years old to 70 years of age during any given 4 player game, making this a game of three generations simultaneously playing. I always like to use the AVGN joke: a square ball, this was before circles were invented.
  7. Yes, I too downloaded the ROMs from the same place. What emulator/system are you using for the ROMS? Does game 33 run on your set up?
  8. I boggles my mind how many issues are arising with Video Olympics. It would appear that 4 player Video Olympics games (for example games 5 and 33) are not encoded in the ROMS? I using a light sixer. When I play the Video Olympics cartridge (the physical cartridge) there is no problem with 4 player Pong games. When I use the Harmony Encore with ROMS, players 3 and 4 are not even drawn on the screen. I have tried 3 versions of the Video Olympics ROM called: - Video Olympics - Pong Sports - Video Olympics - Pong Sports (Paddle) (1977) (Atari, Joe Decuir - Sears) (CX2621 - 99806, 6-99806, 49-75104) ~ - Video Olympics (Paddle) (1977) (Atari, Joe Decuir) (CX2621, CX2621P) (PAL) On the Retron77 the same thing happens, that is players 3 and 4 are not drawn on the screen. Here where things get weird... On the Flashback 8 Gold Activision edition Video Olympics works perfectly, including all 4 player variations, and I can use my original Atari paddles. YES the paddles work perfectly on the Flashback 8 and so does the game. Plus it look great in HD and plays with no lag! On Flashback 9 Gold players 3 and 4 can be seen on the screen when 4 player game variants are selected, but currently there are no paddles that will work with the Flashback 9. Youtube reviews confirm original paddles do not work with the non-gold Flashback 9. I contacted AtGames, they have told me (repeatedly) that compatible paddles with be available in early 2019. So for now it seems the Flashback 8 wins the Video Olympics!!! - HD picture with no playing lag - supports players 3 and 4 on games like QuadraPong - supports original Atari paddles The problem is Flashback 8 has no SD card or cartridge port. When I want to play three player, "G.I. Joe Cobra Strike" or good old, "Piece o' Cake" it's back to the light sixer.
  9. 4 player Pong blues... What is going on with, "Video Olympics" for 4 player games? The Retron 77 will not play 4 player pong games, this occurs with both the cartridge and the ROM loaded on the SD card: The problem is... ... THERE STRIPED PLAYERS ARE MISSING! I don't understand. "Video Olympics" was a launch title, it is one of the oldest and most beloved cartridges for the 2600, how could Hyperkin mess this up? Not only do the paddle controllers plugged into the right controller port do nothing in 4 player games, the paddle sprites for players 3 and 4 on the screen (denoted by their striped pattern) are not on the screen! How can the Hyperkin not draw players 3 & 4? How can a 2600 clone system not be able to handle Pong? These games featuring 3 or more simultaneous players all work fine on the Retron 77: - Warloads (4 simultaneous paddle players) - Steeplechase (4 simultaneous paddle players) - Black Jack (3 simultaneous paddle players) - G.I. Joe Cobra Strike (3 simultaneous players = 2 paddles & 1 joystick) "Street Racer" will also not function in 3 and 4 player modes.
  10. Yes, I'm very interested in how it works on a Rasberry Pi?
  11. This version of Pac-Man is amazing! Is there any chance of a two player version on the horizon? As far as I can tell the only two player version of Pac-Man is the original 1982 Tod Frye version, maybe I'm wrong?
  12. Flashback 9 paddle update I received the following correspondence from AtGames: "Because the new paddles for the Atari Flashback 9 use a new, more precise technology, the previous generation and original Atari paddles are incompatible with the Atari Flashback 9. Paddles for the Flashback 9 console will be available early 2019."
  13. I would like to start a thread about the current state of paddles, in the world of HD playing. Here is what I know about the state of paddles as of Nov 3, 2018: I would be really great if someone would report on the paddle functionality of the Retron77. AtGames manufactured paddles, wired: AtGames sells Atari replica paddles on their web site for $29.95 plus shipping. I own these paddles, they feel great and work perfectly with the 2600 and Flashback 8. As per the AtGAmes website they are compatible with many other flashbacks, but not the Flashback 9. AtGames manufactured paddles, for Atari Bast vol 3, wireless: These paddles will only sync to the enclosed dongle. They feel and work very nice. Unfortunately this dongle game system has many problems. I owned one, then returned it to Walmart. Problems: Sound: sometimes there would be no sound Sound: when the sound worked is was horrible. Pong with bad sound is not worth playing. Play: this system lacks difficulty left, and difficulty right switches. According to the AtGamesBlast web site the controller has difficulty switches, but in truth it does not! Game selection: there are only 13 cartridges emulated on the dongle, not 20 as advertised. 3 and 4 player games, according to my correspondence with AtGames if you want to play simultaneous 3 or 4 player games (black jack, video Olympics, warlords) a special set of paddles, made by AtGames, must be used, unfortunately AtGames sells no such paddles. Flashback 8 Pros: Paddle games on this system work great, no lag, nice game selection Flashback 8 works with original Atari paddles and the AtGames paddles Cons: The Flashback 8 system can not play cartridges or additional games via SD card slot. Flashback 9 (Paddles will not work with this system) Problems: According to a Youtube video posted by, "John Hancock" paddles do not work with this system. John Hancock states in this video that AtGames will release special compatible paddles. There is no mention of this on the AtGames website or in the intructions included with the Flashback 9 system. Flashback 9 Gold (Paddles will not work with this system) This system has a dedicated paddle games menu! I own this system here are the Problems I found: Original Atari paddles do not work on this system. AtGames Atari replica paddles do not work on this system. The enclosed paper instructions simply state, "Please plug your paddle controllers into each controller port on the game console." This does not work. SD card paddle games do not work Before playing a paddle game there are instructions on the screen to plug the paddles into the console after the game starts, still the paddles do not work. This is a big disappointment, the paddle games worked great on the Flashback 8. Hopefully AtGames will release download to fix this problem. There is no mention of special compatible paddles on the AtGames website. There is no mention of special compatible paddles on the Flashback 9 Gold instruction sheet.
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