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  1. Thanks all for your help on this, is there any word on when FB9 specific paddles are being released (in Australia more to the point)
  2. Atari Nut can't confirm as I only played very briefly some games and then released that the paddles didn't work (just found out non compatible with FB9) so haven't given it a good run and probably won't as I am going to exchange to FB8 gold so I can use my paddles.
  3. Thanks for that, really appreciate the help. Just to confirm will my paddles work with the FB8, I have the chance to swap at my local Target.
  4. Hi All, my wife brought me a FB9 Gold for my 40th last month, works great and love all the memories it brings back. My 2 favs are Kaboom and Super Breakout which work better with the paddle. I brought a set of paddle controls from Ebay to use. When I plug them in and try to use them I get told to switch off my joystick as it interferes with the paddle controls, so I do and I can't use my paddles. Not matter what I do I can't get the paddles to work, all I get is one full turn of the paddle and then the same "switch off your joystick" message comes up. Please help me and tell me what I am doing wrong? I read the manual that said only plug in the paddles after you start a game, which I have done and still nothing. Any helps or tips for a tech tragic would be greatly appreciated.
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