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  1. I've just installed it but I must have made something wrong because my Tv can't see the Composite searching among the sources for it with the Atari turned on even. What I've made is to use another device that uses Composite, select the Source with the Tv (it found it fast) and then to connect and switch on my Atari 400 instead. It showed something on screen, but awful. It was working though. If I insert the Video chip again, the RF connection works right like before and everything's fine. And it's not my UAV Rev D. that fails as I had another as do-it-yourself kit that I've mounted and I've tried both with the same results. The jumpers seem to be ok. I guess that it has to be something very wrong to not show the Composite Source even. Do I also solder a ground cable to the board?. If so, where do I take it from?. Attached a photo of the second board I've tried: the do-it-yourself one. Edit: I have to say that I've made a mod soldering 4 cables and I'm using a new board to have 48K. I've tried the BattleZone cart and it was working although it's shown very very badly with the UAV board by now. I'm sure that it will look nice using RF.
  2. Ups. Yep, I don't see how I ordered this bare board. I'll have no problem to solder the cables directly to the board, but I'll have to buy those pins and the jumpers.
  3. "Remove the chip marked “TC4050BP” and put the new Video mod board into the socket." Well, my UAV board doesn't have any pins to insert it into that socket. I would like to have a link to order them somewhere like Ebay, please. Thanks @BazWhite. And I also would like to get an Audio Companion board.
  4. +1. Same here with my Atari 400. I can't see how can I connect anything with just one image showing what it can be the first step?
  5. I've been watching again the video where I heard about it (Youtube video "Atari 400 Retrobriting Disaster & Fix? + A/V Upgrade | Win A Desolderer!" ), and it's the Audio Companion (AC) made by Bryan. I don't know anything about it. Edit: I've just found the thread here http://atariage.com/forums/blog/695/entry-14392-all-about-the-audio-companion/ Offtopic: BTW, Perifractic didn't find a kit of caps for the Atari 400 and in fact there wasn't any available, but I contacted Console5 and they made and sold a kit for me with the right -radial and axial- caps https://ibb.co/tH50zhC
  6. I've also sent a PM as I want one for my Atari 400. But I'm wondering also about a card that I've heard that improves the sound, but I don't know where to search for it.
  7. Just to tell that I don't mind waiting for the board as I remember that he told that he would look about this after Christmas when/if he can find the time. As there isn't any other option for an Atari 400 I just will wait
  8. Hi Bryan. I've just registered here after seeing your great board. I've also sent you a PM. I hope you are well. Thanks a lot.
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