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  1. I cant find this cart in any data base. I understand it is PAL. Is it just a cheap taiwan pirate. Other carts have the same main label with typed top label Go Go home and another one called I.Q. 100. Any information would be grateful.
  2. Greetings from Tassie I tried emulation on pc and I got by on it, but I too missed playing on my original light sixer. So I now always play on my original on a crt tv. I modded it myself with parts from Jaycar. If I can do it you can, I did have to buy a new soldering iron. Picture is best on the crt but on the LED tv it is still OK. I guess it would be hard to get a ntsc crt tv here. Best thing I did was buy a Harmony Encore. Having my old friends around from when we played against each other from 40 years ago is the bees knees. I can’t advise on ntsc or us prices though.
  3. Hello one and all I have had my Harmony encore since late October 2018 and has worked flawlessly. i am one satisfied and happy customer. It is amazing to be able to play so many games on original hardware that i could not possibly have played when i first bought my 2600 back in the early 80's. I am writing this to thank all involved producing and making available this great product.
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